Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [0:43:36]
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Completion Date Oct. 7, 2012
State Obsolete
Segments 25
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This is a segmented run to beat the historic segmented world record of this game. The run beats the current segmented record by over 10 minutes. This is the pure speedrun without the use of glitches.

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Run Comments

Welcome to my segmented run of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. Before I begin my commentary, this run currently beats the historic World Record of the original any% glitchless run in 56:42. The run in RTA beats the game in 43:36! This means I managed to beat Allantois's time thanks to some new routing.

I decided to do this run after sending off a segmented glithced run in SDA using the Death Delay Glitch. But since then, the major skips category has been improved thanks to Dooty TASing the game and some of the tricks from his original glitched TAS run were useful for a normal runthrough of the game and because of this, it has lead me to beating the segmented glitchless World Record.

The Oddworld series has been one of my favourite childhood game franchise since I was three years old along with Mario, Pokemon, Meetal Gear Solid and Crash Bandicoot. In 2009 when I saw Lostraniero91’s segmented speedrun, a few years later I thought to myself that I could beat his time. Lostraniero91 did a segmented run on the PS1 version and got an in-game time of 50:55 and I got an RTA time of 46:09 which makes mine faster.

Some of the tricks include:
-Exploding a mine with Abe’s head.
-Clipping a Scrab through the floor.
-Avoiding Slog killing whilst in possession of a Slig.
-Using grenades to get rid of Slogs.
-Faster Mudokon passwords.

I have been running all versions of Abe including Oddysee, Exoddus and New ’n’ Tasty and I feel like Oddysee and New ’n’ Tasty are the best games to speedrun from the series. As the Oddworld franchise is reaching 20 years next year, I think this run would be the perfect run to celebrate 20 years of Abe and I and all Oddworld fans out there will be looking forward to Soulstorm, especially when OWI release some footage of the game. Maybe one day I will send a glitchless speed run of New ’ n’ Tasty on Hard Mode and a run of Soulstorm and Abe's Exoddus bad ending% in a single segment.

I hope you enjoy my run. Any questions? You can contact me on the SDA forums.