DLC Quest (pc) (pc) [100 %] [Single Segment] [0:07:34]
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Completion Date Sept. 30, 2016
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Runner 'StiWii Rage'
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Single Segment 100% in 9:21.741 IGT
https://youtu.be/zc_USxEQ88E (raw file on hard drive)

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Run Comments

Hello and welcome,

I bought DLC Quest in early October 2015, after seeing it on YouTube. So i just played casually through the game. Then I saw that I missed two achievements. I looked up and now I had a goal. Playing through DLC Quest 100% in under 12 minutes. After a few hours in, I got a 11:58. I was not done! So I played a little bit longer and after around 5 hours in total speedrunning this game my best time was 11:46. Now I learned how to High Jump. And my first run with this new knowledge was a 10:28. I was hyped and started to grind more. 12 days and 26 hours later, I had a 9:50.933. With that I was 1.8 seconds faster than the current record. My sum of best showed that I could save at least 5 seconds more. With every new time I got, there was still time to save. Nearly one year later. I am presenting a 9:21.741. This is still not the perfect run. Sub 9:20 is possible, but I’m done for now. Until someone else comes close to my time, I will try to get Live Freemium Or Die on this site.

The two main tricks I use in this run are:

1.    High Jump: done by pressing the jump button twice. Second press must be around 7-9 frames after the first press.

2.    Double Button Spamming: you can skip text and buy things from the shop with the A and Start button. By spamming both buttons repeatedly, you can save a lot of time.

There is one more trick, that I didn't use in the run: the Double High Jump a frame perfect trick with which you could save another 0.8 seconds. Right now this trick is way to hard, comparing the time you can save. But maybe, we will see this in the future?