Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Easy] [0:05:50]
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Completion Date June 26, 2016
State Published
Runner 'Daegon'
Segments 16
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The run has been on YouTube for a while now:

I've also posted it on

There are 16 segments, edited together they result in a time of 5 minutes and 45 seconds

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Run Comments
Before starting:
- I show you the options used: Easy mode means more exp and character points to spend, although it could've been done on Hard as well with little differences; Fast Turn Based on start means I can jump right into FTB running, see this for more info:
- I make my character: custom portrait of my avatar, name Daegon, race Half-Elf, background Sheltered Childhood
- I distribute 2 character points in the Fire college, 2 character points in the Conveyance college (for Unlocking Cantrip) and 1 point in Persuasion (for ridding of Lukan without going through combat)
-I sell the suit I start with - mages don't wear suits - and buy myself some decent robes instead, I also buy a Light Fatigue Restore potion and place it in the toolbar which isn't visible on the interface yet but still functions
-I skip through the cutscenes, and the run starts just as Virgil's dialogue is initiated
Segment 1:
-I hit A which is the hotkey for last action used, by default this is set to the Pick Pocket skill on start which effectively skips Virgil's dialogue. It is a variation of this exploit:
- I enter FTB combat mode and run to the world map exit, skipping the Molochean Hand assassin along the way (since he managed to spawn in, Shrouded Hills is marked on my map now)
- I travel to Shrouded Hills
Segment 2:
- I run to the Wise Woman and buy a Potion of Haste, which in hindsight I didn't even need later on but it still slightly helped getting through Kerghan's Castle
- I rush through Lukan's dialogue, he gives me some gold and I'm set to leave. Before exiting on the world map, I skip another Molochean Hand assassin via to the aforementioned exploit.
Segment 3:
- Travelling to Tarant (which isn't even marked on my world map) without any encounters on the way. This is what segmented speedrunning helps with, among other things
Segment 4:
- I get to the railway and travel to Vermillion Station
- I talk to the Ticket Seller and buy a ticket to Black Root
- I go north of Tarant on world map and set a marker which I will need later on for this exploit:
- I talk to the Mage's Caboose Conductor and travel to Black Root (segment doesn't end here yet because reloading a save will remove the marker I set earlier from the world map)
- Once in Black Root I rush to the mage's shop and wait until evening + 2 more hours for the doors to her bedroom to unlock (creepy, I know)
- Inside I wait until morning for her to return to her original standing point
- I use a Fate Point on Spell at Maximum and cast Unlocking Cantrip on the vendor's chest. Because the fate point I just used gave me 100% Magickal Aptitude for that one spell, the chest is unlocked and I can take the stuff I will need later: some fatigue potions, Body of Water scroll and a Mage Staff (50 mana pool when equipped). I was originally going to identify the staff using a Divine Magick scroll found inside the same chest so I can use Dweomer Shield for the battle before Kerghan's Castle, but realized that would prevent me from casting any spells.
- I wait again for the door to unlock, and run towards the world map
- Because of the marker I set earlier, I can now glitch over the ocean to Thanatos
Segment 5:
- I travel halfway between Land Bridge to avoid random encounters
Segment 6:
- I travel from that point onward to Land Bridge
Segment 7:
- I equip the staff, cast 2x Agility of Fire and use a Potion of Haste
- I rush to Nasrudin's Resting Place and use a fatigue potion along the way
Segment 8:
- I sleep just outside Nasrudin's Resting place at the world map to get rid of my buffs and restore mana/fatigue
- Character point allocation and fight against Nasrudin with 3 summoned Orc Champion
Segment 9:
- Sleeping in the Void to get rid of summons and restore mana/fatigue
- Buffing with some Agility of Fire to make this part faster
- Running to Arronax's Prison
Segment 10:
- Skipping through Arronax's dialogue for exp
Segment 11:
- Character point allocation and toolbar placement

Segment 12:

- Sleeping before Kerghan's Castle in preparation for battle

Segment 13:
- Fight against 2 guards outside Kerghan's Castle:
- I summon an Orc Champion to distract them while using Entangle and Wall of Fire on each guard, buffing myself with Essence of Intellect along the way so I can sustain more spells
- I move away for a bit so their summon doesn't instakill me
Segment 14:
- Running through Kerghan's Castle while buffed with 3x Agility of Fire and Potion of Haste
Segment 15:
- Skipping Kerghan's dialogue with the toolbar dialogue exploit
Segment 16:
- Battle against Kerghan:
- I summon 3 Orc Champion to deal damage while he attempts to fight back with summons. I entangle the summons which I suspect will be targetting me and the rest switch target on Kerghan (bug)
- Once Kerghan enters his regenerative shell, I use Body of Water on him which removes the invulnerability flag, allowing my summons to kill him - yes, neither the Vendigroth Device nor Kyriggird's Falchion are required!
- Run ends when Kerghan's death cutscene triggers