Assassin's Creed II (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [New Game+] [5:10:31]
Run Information
Completion Date June 22, 2016
State Published
Runner Fran├žois 'Fed981' Federspiel
Tag New Game+
Segments 116
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Run Comments

Welcome to the speedrun of Assassin's Creed II in 5 hours, 10 minutes and 31 seconds. It was recorded between April 3rd and June 22nd (2016). Also, this is my second run of this game and that category, although the first was now five years ago and did not feature any save warp.
I wish to address many thanks to MAGLX, Ectortutu, the whole team from TheHiddenBlade, the SDA team, and all people who supported me when I recorded.
Nota bene: the in-game time isn't increased during the present parts, nor everywhere you can't pause and watch the stats, for example all the loading screens. The run was recorded on PC with a Logitech controller, with almost all the settings put to the maximum (except antialiasing). The resolution I chose was 1920x1080 and I recorded at 60 frames per second thanks to an SSD (but that doesn't modify anything in the gameplay).
Category note: this run is tagged new game plus since I get extra throwing knives available (25 in total).
There are two ways to end a segment: first by quitting to Windows (only when a checkpoint is registered) and second by going to the main menu, which makes the game to save. Another possibility is to press alt+F4 but it's only worth in a few present part places, during loading times extended by some dialog or similar things.
One last thing before going into details: the hyperblending glitch. I use it a few times in the run, and it allows you to go everywhere while staying hidden from the guards. Basically, you have to blend with a group of people and get on a non-standing surface (ladders, water, horses, any climbing element, etc...). Given you stay on those non-standing surfaces, you will be hidden; if you walk (without high profile) out of the group but still trigger the glitch, it's then called superblending.

Sequence 01

Segment 001 {0:05 - 3:17}

Not much in there, only a little bit of QTE.

Segment 002 {3:17 - 7:05}

The major issue in this part is the fight in the parking lot. Here I think I got lucky and especially fast, despite a few hiccups.

Segment 003 {7:05 - 12:38}

Now this part is mainly discussions with the different present time characters.

Segment 004 {12:39 - 17:35}

The fight at the start (after the cutscene...) went pretty well, again apart from a few minor hiccups. Also then, I got quite lucky with the guys beating me until low health.

Segment 005 {17:35 - 22:50}

Once more nothing special in this one, the strategy hasn't changed in years.

Segment 006 {22:51 - 27:31}

Here we have a little bit of parkour and very easy beating up, everything went fine.

Segment 007 {27:32 - 29:24}

This is the first save warping from the run, leading really close to the palace. The feather mission was pretty much flawless.

Segment 008 {29:24 - 33:32}

Quitting and reloading here allows to punch Maria to the destination, which is faster than only walking. After that, I start the delivery mission up to the pigeon coop.

Segment 009 {33:32 - 34:18}

The checkpoint in this memory actually restarts right next to the palace, which is pretty convenient to get to the last objective.

Segment 010 {34:18 - 37:37}

There is another warp to the palace, leading to the "Jailbird" memory. In this one, the climbing to Giovanni's cell went really well.

Segment 011 {37:38 - 37:59}

And here is one more warp, to get the codex page and further towards the palace.

Segment 012 {37:59 - 38:12}

This part is dedicated to warps.

Segment 013 {38:13 - 39:10}

Not really much in there.

Segment 014 {39:11 - 41:22}

Here the checkpoint puts you further towards the next objective. Also, the battle was really fast on the way to Uberto.

Segment 015 {41:22 - 44:12}

Once more save warping brought me closer to the execution memory, and the escape was pretty much the fastest you can get.

Sequence 02

Segment 016 {0:05 - 1:26}

A little bit of free running to start this sequence.

Segment 017 {1:26 - 1:53}

After a save warping, some more free running to another warp point.

Segment 018 {1:53 - 7:30}

The start of this memory if very boring, but you always need to stay focused for the end of it. Here everything went fine.

Segment 019 {7:30 - 12:51}

Again quite long cutscenes in this part, but everything was fine.

Segment 020 {12:51 - 16:20}

There I managed to get rid of the alert before reaching the mission checkpoint, which is pretty convenient. Also I landed really close to Uberto from the rooftop, which is nice given all the rest went also fine.

Segment 021 {16:20 - 17:18}

At some point I was extremely tired of farming the notoriety-loosing segment so I decided to make on with this cutscene.

Segment 022 {17:18 - 17:36}

This took many attempts to get, but it basically represents the best case that could be happening.

Segment 023 {17:36 - 21:03}

After a warp we get to escape with mother and sister, and they really tend to get stuck with people so I desynchronized many times. In the end what you can see was fine.

Sequence 03

Segment 024 {0:05 - 2:00}

A little bit of cutscenes and very easy fighting to start this sequence.

Segment 025 {2:00 - 6:00}

It's-a-me, Mario! The fight wen really well and so did the discussion / shopping part.

Segment 026 {6:00 - 10:26}

As you can notice the checkpoint actually reloads right next to the villa, which is quite convenient. During the fight against Mario, he was actually quite slow to attack even though I taunted, but I think it's good enough.

Segment 027 {10:26 - 11:58}

This part only deals about the trip leading to Mario in San Giminiano.

Segment 028 {11:58 - 15:09}

Now this part is not the one I'm the most proud of. The reason is that I couldn't reproduce what I got in the 100% run, which is the first battle stopping right as it starts. Nevertheless, I managed to kill enough guards at first in order to stop the battle really early. Also, all the rest of the segment went well, including picking up the codex page on the way.

Segment 029 {15:09 - 21:31}

After some cutscene we get to kill the first Pazzi and the aiming is quite hard because it's both horizontal and vertical at the same time. Also we have there the best quote from Mario when he "talks" to the dead target.

Segment 030 {21:31 - 23:07}

Starting on the ground here saves a little bit of time to get all the codex pages, and I actually get all four in the same segment, but ending it right after the last one.

Segment 031 {23:07 - 27:26}

This part is only some cutscenes and renovating the tailor to get the knife belt for sequence 4.

Segment 032 {27:26 - 28:10}

Here comes another save warping, leading closer to the fast travel station towards Firenze.

Sequence 04

Segment 033 {0:05 - 5:14}

Apart from the fact that you can assassinate the first dummy before being prompt to, which is not even new, there really is nothing special in this part.

Segment 034 {5:14 - 7:21}

As always, I was trying to get as many little speed tricks as possible but the path can't really be shortened anyway.

Segment 035 {7:21 - 14:09}

Everything went pretty well, including the part where you want to kill the feeling guard. The fact that the gate doesn't close actually relies on higher framerate (>30) which explains why I never got it  on camera in previous runs.

Segment 036 {14:09 - 14:28}

Quitting right after the end of the previous memory allows to skip the cutscene with La Volpe, and that is very nice!

Segment 037 {14:28 - 14:42}

This part is dedicated to save warping.

Segment 038 {14:42 - 14:57}

And this one as well.

Segment 039 {14:57 - 18:46}

Now here comes a memory I was afraid of. Finally, the fight went very well (because many things can go wrong there) and Lorenzo went quickly to the checkpoint after that.

Segment 040 {18:46 - 22:00}

As you can notice the lock-on system can do weird things sometimes, but in the end all was good. Liberta!

Sequence 05

Segment 041 {0:05 - 2:45}

This part is only a discussion with Lorenzo and performing a warp.

Segment 042 {2:45 - 2:57}

One more time, some save warping here.

Segment 043 {2:57 - 3:06}

And save warping again.

Segment 044 {3:06 - 9:36}

Nothing particular in this part, but we still have to go through this introduction to the sequence.

Segment 045 {9:36 - 12:37}

The low assassination is necessary here, otherwise the surrounding guards would glitch and the alert would never stop. In the next assassination memory, the smoke bombs are really helpful to not get detected at all, which allows to quit as soon as possible to perform a save warping.

Segment 046 {12:37 - 13:03}

For once, this warp part looks a little bit more efficient because of the galloping horse.

Segment 047 {13:03 - 15:46}

The original plan was to use throwing knives but it's actually so random that I decided to use the hidden blade instead. After some optimal use of the fast travel, I take the other codex page in San Giminiano and then use a save warping.

Segment 048 {15:46 - 19:08}

One of the most difficult part of this segment was actually the jump towards the cables at the end, but also the start of the climbing part on the tower, because the angle and position has to be very precisly set. The target usually goes down the ladder after some time but the free running strategy I use there is faster and that's why I use the hidden blade assassination.

Segment 049 {19:08 - 25:52}

This is probably one of the most boring memory of the entire game. Hopefully I did it quite quickly.

Sequence 06

Segment 050 {0:05 - 7:08}

There we get to watch some cutscenes and then... an autoscroller.

Segment 051 {7:08 - 13:09}

The gondola acts really in a weird manner after getting to Caterina but here I managed to turn around without loosing too much time.

Segment 052 {13:09 - 17:43}

Despite its appearance of free running race, this part is nothing else than an autoscroller, given you do it fast enough.

Segment 053 {17:43 - 20:28}

There we see the use of alt-F4 quitout, in the next two parts. Now this one is actually some mix between an autoscroller and a tailing mission... and the parkour at the end doesn't even look fast.

Segment 054 {20:28 - 21:29}

And that one concludes the second present part.

Sequence 07

Segment 055 {0:05 - 6:31}

Once again we get to do some auto-scroller, but hopefully that didn't released my focus for the bit of running at the end.

Segment 056 {6:31 - 13:26}

Here is the first time that morale comes into play, since the double assassination together with the death of one other guards, made the others to flee in the first battle (and later one guard after killing a brute). In the rest of the memory, what you see in terms of "battle" (more precisely assassination streaks) and Rosa's positioning represents pretty much the best you can get. And then, once again, some autoscroller, in which I got rid of some notoriety.

Segment 057 {13:26 - 19:50}

This part basically consists in a bunch of cutscenes but as you can notice I saved quite a bit of time by not performing the vertical jump, but rather climbing on the building to the right.

Segment 058 {19:50 - 21:47}

The first target killing looks somewhat messy but it's approximately the best you can get when arriving this early to him. For the last target, the aiming requires a bit of luck and practice but here it went fine.

Segment 059 {21:47 - 27:05}

I was there supposed to buy the caestus together with munitions, but the munitions were finally planned another way, so I totally forgot about the caestus in the end. Anyway, this memory happened very smoothly, including the free running, double assassinations and also the use of morale. As you can notice, I performed an outfit change in order to get rid of the notoriety, which is very convenient because it almost doesn't loose any time. Last but not least, the thieves were quite efficient for once.

Segment 060 {27:05 - 28:22}

Nothing special in there, only some neat parkour with Altaïr's outfit, which stays for the rest of the game.

Segment 061 {28:22 - 31:24}

Loosing the alert between the first two chests can actually be very random, but in this attempt it all happened well, including the gondola part.

Segment 062 {31:24 - 37:52}

I definitely find that the death of the last archer, followed by the direct jump to the checkpoint, are things of beauty. Pretty much everything went well there.

Sequence 08

Segment 063 {0:05 - 1:05}

This part is dedicated to save warping.

Segment 064 {1:05 - 12:21}

The most important thing in this memory is to not fall asleep, and also to get as close as possible to the next one before the last cutscene.

Segment 065 {12:21 - 17:11}

There you have to always show the way for him to not fall or use a longer one. One advantage is that he runs very fast (like an agile guard), so you can get much further, at least on ground level.

Segment 066 {17:11 - 20:49}

This part isn't really complicated, again a bunch of cutscenes and trying to destroy the flying machine as fast as possible.

Segment 067 {20:49 - 22:46}

That memory might be one of the most spectacular of the run, both recording and watching. In the end, everything happened according to the plan and very quickly.

Segment 068 {22:46 - 27:44}

After a warp and some efficient climbing I start using the flying machine for real. If you don't touch any button then it will fly straight forward for a long while, as you can notice in the video, thus allowing for a big shortcut in the bonfires. I bumped into a guard during the escape after the assassination but in the end this attempt was very good.

Sequence 09

Segment 069 {0:05 - 3:30}

Once more this is an introduction to the pistol and the Carnevale sequence, which means long cutscenes and easy objectives.

Segment 070 {3:31 - 4:02}

This part basically consists in getting a codex page between warp moments. I actually discovered quite late that it's better to get it there, rather than in sequence 7 with the thieves.

Segment 071 {4:02 - 9:02}

I thought at first that I would need to restart the memory in order to change the guards cycle, but as you can see I was fast enough to not get any trouble killing the murderer. The rest of this part is another autoscroller.

Segment 072 {9:03 - 10:16}

I'm not sure about the point of this memory since stealing is the most efficient way to get those ribbons. Also, I think the order I did there was the fastest you can do.

Segment 073 {10:16 - 12:50}

Once you understand the trick, the parkour is no more a problem, neither is the opponent, even at the third flag.

Segment 074 {12:50 - 13:06}

This part is one of those dedicated to save warping.

Segment 075 {13:06 - 15:53}

Again, once you know the route and all the little tricks (consistently please), this memory is way easier than at the start. Also, going on the bridge towards the ending is definitely faster than diving.

Segment 076 {15:54 - 19:16}

I was here surprised to deal less damage than planned, but that was because of no caestus. After all, everything went fine, including the knives fight at the end, especially considering how the different opponents can glitch and get stuck before joining the fight arena.

Segment 077 {19:16 - 25:21}

It's funny how you can get detected right after stealing the mask without even getting detected... Also, this is one of the places where superblending is actually useful, and I take advantage of it, because using the pistol is actually slow in the end.

Sequence 10

Segment 078 {0:05 - 2:44}

This introdution to the sequence is only a little bit of cutscenes and running in the streets.

Segment 079 {2:44 - 3:01}

This part is dedicated to save warping.

Segment 080 {3:01 - 3:44}

And we've got some more save warping, together with the use of fast travel stations.

Segment 081 {3:44 - 8:02}

The battle against the four guards went well, including loosing the alert with the last one, which is done by stopping near him for a short while.

Segment 082 {8:02 - 9:43}

As you can notice it's possible to free the mercenaries without even fighting once, but getting the codex page requires a tiny detour so that the guards start an alert with the allies and not with Ezio.

Segment 083 {9:43 - 12:52}

This memory can be quite painful from time to time. The assassinations have to be performed in such a way that the alert doesn't start too early, and also the guards have to move a certain way in the case they start fighting.

Segment 084 {12:52 - 15:10}

The checkpoint where I quit saves a little bit of time, also I wanted to have the last assassination memory in a segment as short as possible. The way to the top of the tower isn't really fluid but what I did was pretty quick still.

Segment 085 {15:10 - 18:26}

The video can't say by itself the number of things that can go wrong, but there are actually many. In the end, this attempt was really good!

Sequence 11

Segment 086 {0:05 - 3:33}

This way of punching Leonardo is awesome because you can get the codex page almost as the dialog ends, and the place can be used for save warping too.

Segment 087 {3:33 - 3:54}

That part is dedicated to save warping.

Segment 088 {3:54 - 10:28}

I'm not sure what to comment exactly here, this must be the worst tailing mission of the entire game. Nevertheless, everything happened well; in particular, I didn't loose any time at the codex page, since the guard is actually waiting at the next checkpoint if you're too slow.

Segment 089 {10:28 - 13:14}

Again, nothing really interesting there but I wanted a separate save for the battle against Rodrigo.

Segment 090 {13:14 - 17:54}

The third and last part of the fight may look messy but that attempt was actually very fast. Also, as you can see, it's better to not lock on during the second part, given you're lucky with the guards positions.

Sequence 12

Segment 091 {0:05 - 4:27}

Quitting the game directly avoids some dialog, which is good in a speedrun, obviously. And as an introduction to this sequence we get so watch a cutscene (that avoids bad save warping) and we participate to a moving cutscene.

Segment 092 {4:27 - 6:42}

As you can notice it's possible to avoid all the fights there by going all the way around. But you also have to stay quite close to the allies for them to continue running.

Segment 093 {6:42 - 9:02}

This part can be quite tricky if you want the allies to go as fast as possible. You can avoid almost all fights but not the one at the codex page location, also they went quickly through all the events, which doesn't happen all the time.

Segment 094 {9:02 - 12:19}

Now this memory is probably the one I was the most afraid of. It can be extremely random as you can guess, but here eveything was fine and fast. Last but not least, I ended really close to Caterina to start the next memory.

Segment 095 {12:19 - 15:11}

You might think saving the girl that way was a waste of smoke bombs but that's really worth the time. Anyway, all the rest went also well.

Segment 096 {15:11 - 19:52}

Nothing extra fancy happening in there, but it was the best occasion to get those codex pages.

Segment 097 {19:52 - 23:59}

Galloping with the horse may sometimes be dangerous since you can fall down after bumping into 7 people, thus I had to be careful at some places.

Sequence 13

Segment 098 {0:05 - 4:46}

I use money to attract people out of Machiavelli's way so that he doesn't get stuck. Also I got lucky to get, not one but, two groups of people to avoid the alert with the guards around the corner after the checkpoint, thus I was a little bit out of focus at that place.

Segment 099 {4:46 - 8:11}

The first assassination is quite straight forward but the second one needs an explanation. Once you're far enough from the target, the bridge is no longer loaded and so the targets falls into water. This is called "there is no spoon" and comes from TheHiddenBlade website (as other things I surely forgot to mention).

Segment 100 {8:11 - 10:02}

One very difficult thing with this memory is that the target moves after taking the first hit, thus I have to wait for a short while. Also, the escape requires a little bit of luck and good positioning, since the bells cutscene makes you spawn a few meters ahead of your last position.

Segment 101 {10:02 - 11:23}

The "Port Authority" memory is one of the rare places where hyperblending can be used, and here it's particularly powerful.

Segment 102 {11:24 - 11:44}

This part is dedicated to save warping.

Segment 103 {11:44 - 16:31}

This is perhaps the longest part of the sequence. Nothing is really complicated but quite a few things can go wrong.

Segment 104 {16:31 - 19:42}

Nothing particular to say there, except everything went well. Also, the game actually saves the position all the time, including when Ezio is in the air.

Segment 105 {19:42 - 19:57}

That's another part dedicated to save warping.

Segment 106 {19:57 - 22:17}

I never managed to get the kill directly, whatever height Ezio was standing (with the help of the nearby step). So I had to do like this: bait the doctor with the death of a civilian in front of him. Then comes the last codex page of Firenze and some good use of the fast travel stations.

Segment 107 {22:17 - 22:36}

Once more, this part is dedicated to save warping.

Segment 108 {22:36 - 24:12}

I tried many times to kill the fleeing guard before he gets on the rooftop but no success.

Segment 109 {24:12 - 24:54}

In this part we have some save warping together with fast travel warps.

Segment 110 {24:54 - 28:25}

There is actually nothing to comment in the last part of this sequence.

Sequence 14

Segment 111 {0:05 - 3:44}

A good thing with the ammo management in this new run is that I didn't need to buy more in the last sequence. I really wanted to put the codex pages in order faster than my previous run, but I couldn't; what you can watch is still almost as short though.

Segment 112 {3:44 - 5:15}

I believe that the way I killed the first four guards is the fastest you can do. I could perhaps activate the lever silently but they would start an alert anyway.

Segment 113 {5:15 - 7:08}

The horse riding can be very tricky sometimes, because both the guards and some obstacles can block the way. After that, as you can notice, you can loose the alert to activate the lever; the red alert will come again but you can quit and reload then.

Segment 114 {7:08 - 9:29}

Nothing really special here, only that's a place where superblending is useful, since the guards won't notice you for a few seconds after swiftly exiting a group of monks.

Segment 115 {9:29 - 19:43}

Reloading the checkpoint for the battle allows to get Rodrigo closer, which is convenient. Also, at the very last battle, I managed to get the pattern I wanted (which cuts his sentences almost every time), but the lack of caestus made me loose a few seconds (only!), so in the end that's totally fine.

Segment 116 {19:43 - 24:29}

The ultimate fight against Vidic's men went very well; as you can notice their weapon is much more efficient than the hidden blade could be.

Final stats:

- synchronization (%) 61.26
- time played 05:10:31
- distance covered (m) 40284

- deaths 0
- favorite weapon double blade
- enemies killed in fight 194
- enemies assassinated with hidden blade(s) 81
- air assassinations 3
- double air assassinations 1
- disarms 3

- height climbed (m) 968
- distance covered on ground (m) 28687
- distance swam (m) 107
- distance covered on horseback (m) 3289
- distance covered on gondolas (m) 462
- distance flown (m) 508

- Monteriggioni restored (%) 3
- Monteriggioni's value (florins) 5695
- Monteriggioni's population 132
- renovations completed (%) 0
- shops completed (%) 19
- collections completed (%) 23
- equipment collected (%) 7

- money earned (florins) 194918
- money spent (florins) 28562
- time spent blended 00:02:33
- times notorious 24
- Borgia couriers killed 0
- courtesans hired 1
- mercenaries hired 3
- thieves hired 4