The Typing of the Dead: Overkill (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Bitch] [1:17:27]
Run Information
Completion Date July 9, 2016
State Published
Runner Steve 'Elipsis' Barrios
Segments 9
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I have completed my "Bitch" difficulty IL table to finally stand alongside my "Motherfucker" difficulty from a couple of years ago. All ILs are WR at time of submission.

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Run Comments

General comments and information about speedrunning TotD:O in addition to what was previously published with my Motherf***er run from 2014.

Difficulty Matters:

The difference between a "Bitch" speedrun versus "Motherf***er" is quite noticeable.  This is due to the phrase length and complexity increase throughout both the main level and boss fights.  It is functionally impossible to execute the typing required to save some of the boss cycles on other difficulties that are seen on the Bitch difficulty.

Even More About RNG:

I discovered an agitating amount of RNG on the "3 word" mutants that first appear in Carny.  There are a total of four possible animations that trigger after each successful attack, two out of the four (the left and right hook) take less than a second - whereas in contrast one of the four animations (the knee) takes at least four seconds.  This means that the "perfect" encounter with one of these mutants happens one out of every eight times, and that the battle can have anywhere from ~3 to 12 seconds of animation time added to it depending on RNG.  For the purposes of competitive IL times, this can lead to a reset all by itself, and is very frustrating.


In many cases, it is optimum to kill rather than save survivors.  Quite a few of them have "thank you" animations that waste more time than it takes for the mutant to walk to them and deliver a lethal blow.  Some of these situations are not black and white, and can depend on mutant phrase and movement speed (also somewhat random).  As a generalization, it is generally best to let them die, and you will see instances of deliberate hesitation in this run to allow them to claim their victims.

Papa's Palace of Pain [0:07:25]

It was the boss of this level that proved to be a real nightmare and serious grind.  There is a pretty important (8 second) cycle skip possible if and only if you can manage to get in 16 yellow phrases and 4 gray phrases.  I had many a run die to not meeting these requirements, and was finally able to put Jasper down on optimum cycles at the end of this effort.

Naked Terror [0:08:01]

You'll notice a long section of me doing nothing early on here, as I discovered that  "Red Shift" (the phrase of the mutant in this run) is the last mutant in a long stretch who you actually have to kill to progress the game.  Given that I was making many attempts at this, I ignored the optional mutants to avoid the increased risk of RSI.  The next thing to note is the "Terrible" sign, which instantly kills all 3 mutants below and saves more time.  There are some challenging "throw skips" seen later in this run.  Mutants who throw projectiles will waste a couple of seconds even if you kill them right after they launch the attack, but if you can kill them before this things will advance immediately.  "okokok" and "Salty Air" were two mutants who I saved a couple of seconds each on by dispatching them very quickly.  There is also an extremely hard throw skip that RNG helped me out on by giving me the word "In".

Coco & Sindy also have the potential to kill a run with random animations between phrases that can waste time.  The worst of those thankfully did not take place here, allowing this run to take the IL WR.

Ballistic Trauma [0:09:56]

Both this level and boss fight are reasonably straightforward.  You'll see a throw skip on "Sunshine", and a standard issue fight with Screamer.

Carny [0:11:49]

This is probably my least favorite level, it is very long and has a lot of randomness to it.  There is also a minute plus section where the characters are literally on-rails, and there is nothing to be done at all.  (You can kill the mutants to avoid taking damage, but it won't speed up the run.)  The highlight of this run is my triple throwskip with "wtf" "skin" "fireman" - which will almost certainly never happen again.  This level also introduces the miserable RNG component of the aforementioned three word mutants.  In this run, I managed to get 2 out of 3 fast animations on the first mutant, and all 3 on the third - overall a very fortunate run.

This is not the greatest Nigel & Sebastian fight unfortunately, as I have done it a few seconds faster.  I was actually one phrase short of entirely missing the fast one-dive kill, which would have cost me an enormous amount of time (20-seconds) and meant that the run died here.  Fortunately, I finished him off just in time, preserving this run's amazing main-stage time.

Creeping Flesh [0:07:35]

This is a short and sweet level, with the biggest challenge coming during the Meat Katie boss fight.  You can cause her to skip an entire phase of her pattern if and only if you managed to get four gray words in after *every* chop.  Missing even one of these will cause her to waste another 15 seconds.  I was just barely able to do this here, but doing so lead to a fantastic time.

Scream Train [0:10:22]

There are a ton of reasons to reset this level, but fortunately they all take place in the beginning.  There is an early three word mutant, follows by many possible throw skips ("monsoon", "jerk", and more) on the linear train section.  These mutants add up to the possibility of a big time save and I was extremely happy with this run going into the second three word mutant.  Unfortunately, I only got 2 out of 3 possible fast animations on him, preventing the run from being quite perfect.

There isn't much to speak of against Crawler, as the bug takes approximately the same amount of time to kill each playthrough unless you make a catastrophic mistake.

The Fetid Waters [0:11:57]

This level requires a lot of raw typing speed and the optimum survivor strats are rather nebulous (I experimented with both save and kill runs).  I also discovered an intentional damage boost strat here that glitches into a minor sequence break.  You'll see this when I type "owls" and move on from the other mutant even though he is still standing.

The big decider here is Lobber.  You have to get two gray phrases against him multiple times during the fight to guarantee that he only goes through the "lob and puke" sequence twice.  Speedrunner ArcticRevrus demonstrated that it is (barely) possible to get three gray phrases here, and if this could be done consistently it may very well be within the realm of possibility to do this in *one* "lob and puke" cycle, which would save a massive 45 seconds.  Things went well enough in this IL, although I was a far cry off from that theoretical next-level time save.

Jailhouse Judgment [0:12:05]

This is another agitating level with three (!) different three word mutants, and survivors that waste 20 seconds if you save them.  Only 1 in every 512 runs is going to give perfect RNG here, which is a grind that my tendons won't hold out for.  In my run, out of a total of 9 animations, 3 of them were big time-wasting knees.  However, execution on the main level was well-beyond my standard performance, leading to a much improved time of any previous efforts.

Even on the easiest difficult, it is relatively likely to take a hit from Brutus.  A good run will get all the gray phrases possible (which is three) , and prevent him from going into the "summon" or "he's charging" patterns more than once.

Overkill [0:10:10]

The titular level of The Typing of the Dead: Overkill is thankfully reasonably consistent.  You'll see a damage boost early on as I intentionally *don't* type "dung" and let that mutant clear the stage for me.  Even on Bitch Difficulty, the game gives reasonably long phrases on the final level.  There are some throw skips and other more traditional time saves, as well as one three word mutant who gave me pretty average RNG this time around.

Mother is a real treat, and puts ones mashing speed to the test.  That's right, the final boss of the game relies on mashing wildly on the keyboard.  Apparently I am exceedingly fast at this, and manage to put her down before she enters parts of her cycle that most other runners seem to have to put up with.   There is also a 10 second "instruction skip" timesave discovered by Seak1NG that is *not* featured in this IL due to it... well... simply not working properly on my machine.  (Not sure if it's a patch version thing, or what.)  Of all the levels in my IL table, this is the one I am mostly likely to come back and try to improve.