Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent () (xbox) [100 %] [Individual Level] [Normal] [Co-Op] [1:01:56]
Run Information
Completion Date June 9, 2016
State Obsolete
Tag Co-Op
Segments 14
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

This is Double Agent for the Original Xbox played on the 360 through its backwards compatibility.

I think these are Individual Levels or whatever SDA defines these as since the equipment given for each level appears to be static.

The difficulty levels are: Normal, Hard,Expert, and Elite

There are 14 levels:

1_Iceland-The Ruins
2_Iceland-The Thermal Base
3_Iceland-The Foundry
5_Jail-The Insertion
6_Jail-The Break in
7_Jail-The Blackout
8_Jail-The Riot
9_Jail-The Breach
10_Kinshasa-The Front
11_Kinshasa-The Chemical Depot
12_Kinshasa-The Old Mine
13_Kinshasa_The Canyon
14_Tanker on the way

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Run Comments

Watch us stealthfully punch guards, break lights, and sit through unskippable interrogations. There won't be comments for all the missions since there is not much to write about.

  • Iceland The Ruins:[04:27]

    There is not much we can do about the unskippable lambert speech. Not only that, the guard's interrogations can't be skipped otherwise the objective gets canceled. You'll see this happening a lot in the later missions

  • Iceland The Thermal Base:[06:20]

    I suppose lambert having a hissy fit at the end could have been avoided

  • Jail The Insertion:[02:48]

    Tangibility got stuck on the table since it decided to have a seizure.

    Setting a massive explosion isn't supsicious at all.

  • Jail The break in:[03:58]

    Flashbangs and smokes everywhere

  • Jail the blackout:[03:41]

    We could actually go faster after the elevator first drops but its very unreliable at times. So we decided to wait it out

  • Jail the Riot[03:32]

    The guard at about 3:20 is scripted to die. The obnoxious part is that if you knock him out before the script happens, it apparently registers as a kill on the stat screen.

  • Jail The Breach:[02:45]

    Why is this even a mission? There is barely anything to do.

  • Kinshasa The Chemical Depot:[04:41]

    This mission was a major pain in the ass to do. Now Tangibility was supposed to be shot by the turret, but I guess it hates me more.

  • Kinshasa The old Mine:[03:24]

    Sniper shots and mines detonating aren't suspicious at all

  • Kinshasa The Canyon:[05:38]

    This mission was difficult but for all the wrong reasons. It is just a long drag through the mountains. Now at 4:00, Tangibility cannot into zipline so I had to take the controller and do the jump myself.

  • Tanker on the way:[07:02]

    The first red mercury device appears to spawn in a random location. But the other two appear to be static, also that wiff at the end was ugly but we didn't want to start over because of it.

Iceland-The Ruins [0:04:27]
Iceland-The Thermal Base [0:06:20]
Iceland-The Foundry [0:05:32]
Iceland-Sabotage [0:05:04]
Jail-The Insertion [0:02:48]
Jail-The Break In [0:03:58]
Jail-The Blackout [0:03:41]
Jail-The Riot [0:03:32]
Jail-The Breach [0:02:45]
Kinshasa-The Front [0:03:04]
Kinshasa-The Chemical Depot [0:04:41]
Kinshasa-The Old Mine [0:03:24]
Kinshasa-The Canyon [0:05:38]
Tanker on the Way [0:07:02]