Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas () (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Normal] [1:09:02]
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Completion Date June 1, 2016
State Published
Runner Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Segments 6
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Shoutouts to HoboWithAShotgun for persisting with his Console run of this, I wouldn't have picked it up for the PC without him. If he found tricks I will state it when I explain the trick. If I don't state it chances are I found it.

Mexican Border [0:11:26]

After a helicopter ride I get to do stuff,
head down the alley and kill the first guy rounding the corner, continue onwards following the road , throwing a flashbang helps me not get killed immediately, you can either go straight forward here or take the alley to the right , I take the alley out of

preference but they both take the same amount of time ( you either go 'up then right' or 'right then up' = same distance) out of the tunnel i throw a regular grenade behind me and head into the building.
Killing the guy on the first floor silenced should stop the guy coming down the stairs but the first guy made noise so I had to deal with both.
After exiting the building via the ladder I kill the guy on the roof (he will kill me otherwise) and absail down the building, once on the ground I follow the guy for a bit then throw a grenade which kills him and one other guard leaving one hiding behind either

the left or right car (this time the right) aiming down the scope of the p90 generally results in MORE spray so short un-scoped bursts as used to kill people.
throwing the flashbang into the courtyard disables the guy on the ground and the one on the balcony a third guy appears from the left but gets dropped quickly, second guy does not drop and nearly kills me but I get away, round the corner somehow the guy on the

balcony survives after killing the one on the ground I vault over the fence and am surprised that I don't get killed by Mr balcony, I continue on.
Into the church area I throw a grenade meant to kill everyone however it does not so I spray one Guard down then run for it towards the gate.
Normally in this mission you are meant to do a long sequence (like 3-4 mins long) then exit through this gate, however I just set up a shield warp and use it to climb over the gate and continue onwards. Shoutouts to HoboWithAShotgun for finding this) when I enter

the alley I throw a flashbang grenade through a hole in the roof of the next building pre emptively flashing everyone inside making clearing easy.
Entering the next building I expect someone to be behind the door I open, however they are not so I just end up wasting bullets and I continue to the rope.

After the loading screen I have teammates! who I tell to stand elsewhere or they tend to block the equipment box I open it then cancel out of it as this replenishes my Grenade / Ammo supplies which I need to continue.
Heading out the door it's pretty much a long straight line from one end of the train yard to the other most enemies can be ran past, I set my team to infiltrate so they only fire if fired upon this allows us to pass through without making the enemies aware of us,

I kill two guards on the ground then take the staircase up to the top floor where I set up the next Shield warp.
You may be wondering why I go so far into the room before setting up the shield warp that is because I need to land on the train car beneath to be able to stay alive and this is the first location where you will do so (also shield warping from a lower location on

the stairway kills you.) once the warp is complete I turn 180 and head to the next shield warp location, normally this area would be full of enemies however because I skipped the hostage room I skipped them spawning also.
after setting up the next shield warp on the wall I run to the far end of the tracks and zip down then perform the Shield Warp itself, the reason I do not enter the door to enter this area is because that triggers enemies spawning by shield warping I skip them

spawning and I can run through without worry.
Continuing in I drop down under the trains and flashbang before using the ladder killing one terrorist and flashbanging the other two so they are stunned while I rope down into the next section of the mission. (note the small wait at the bottom of the rope is to

get the 'Breach in' Command otherwise you will jump away from the wall once more wasting time)

More loading, the tunnels are pretty easy if you know how to handle them well, clearing out the room Irena is in goes kinda of ...meh I kill the first guy then I accidently over throw the grenade and I have to spend an entire clip killing 2 terrorists luckily my

team came in behind me to shoot the 3rd or I would have been screwed.
After the door breach I ignore Irena and go to setup the hardest Shield warp in the game this works about 1 in 50 attempts even if you do it from exactly the same places and it's late in the mission so doing full re-attempts of the mission for this trick hurt my

soul, anyway I get it and it allows me to keep my weapons and skip about 1:30 of cutscene, having my weapons (mostly my grenades) makes the next set of tunnels a cakewalk only annoying thing is the persistent repeating of "Logan, she will only speak with you" but

yeah, tunnels go great the last room in the tunnels can kill you pretty quickly however by making sure I kept 1 flashbang it goes nicely the final guy behind the boxes almost never gets flashed (as he didn't here) so he gets shot instead, on we go.

More loading, this is a brand new trick for this mission which currently no-one else knows about you set up a shield warp after the first door then climb the rope , once at the top warp to your stored location and you have skipped the entire ending section of

this mission simply walk to the end with no enemies around you and it's job done.

(one must also celebrate by wall T-bagging.)

Calypso Casino [0:11:32]

More Helicopter rides!, Once on the ground I run past Mike and Jung because I don't need to listen to their shit. First guy is just run past because he spawned behind a wall like a good boy, second guy near the car ... well I waited too late to throw my flashbang

but he didn't kill me so that's something, the third guy spawns at a random time so normally if I'm going to die here it's because of him, didn't, all good.
Continuing on the small uh ... 'Alley' I suppose ... on the right has anywhere from 6 to 8 people spawn trying to just push through is a terrible idea so I kill off 2 then keep throwing grenades / shooting until everyone is dead (I nearly killed myself with the

last grenade but it was around the corner so I lucked out.
I grab some more ammo while telling Mike And Jung to move forward and kill people, when I'm back near them I throw a flashbang to where I know it will stun people. the front of the casino fight is about as random as they get terrorists will randomly spawn

wherever the game sees fit to put one there were some VERY close calls on this part with me needing to take cover because the game screwed me over twice in quick succession. once the majority were killed I order mike and Jung to set up explosives, one guy

remained near the back who could have killed mike or Jung so I shoot at him to make him hide. THE C4 WILL KILL YOU THIS TIME! DON'T STAND NEAR IT! so I don't, I kill the guy in the corridor because he's killed me in the past trying to sneak by, last room is

scary 2 flashbangs keep people at bay however even then I get shot at pretty bad but just manage to get away to the next section.

Loading! Passing through the first part of this casino is just run and gun no point trying to sneak it doesn't work + it is slow! would have been nice if I kept some grenades for the room with the equipment box in but spraying and praying seemed to work well

also, I watch the right hand set of doors because sometimes more terrorists will spawn from there while you are using the box, they don't so I am happy, Mike and Jung get downed so I reload the checkpoint at the elevator shaft to revive them (I don't need them

but they wouldn't last until the next loading screen) I kinda messed up the menuing because I wasn't prepared to need to do it but it's a small time loss on a mission that was going VERY well.
I make them move so they don't block my route then I climb down, a flashbang in the next room disables everyone long enough for me to pass through, similarly in the second room, Was happy to see noone behind the double doors (dark corridor) but if they do or not

is random terrorist at the end of the corridor dropped quickly, into the main room I head up the stairs and set up the first shield warp of this mission, heading back down stairs and onto the platform it forces me through a locked door avoiding a lot of killing

Immediately after the shield warp I set up the next one, keeping my shield out until I am through the 3 single doors is quicker than switching weapon and having to wait to open any one of those doors, moving through the corridors and up the stairs I stop at the

equipment box the get some ammo (namely flashbangs) then continue into the main atrium luckily I am quick enough to avoid everyone on the ground floor and most the people after that, I use a flashbang to stun the one guy on the 4th floor, If I killed him more

people will spawn in the room where the metal stairs are and they ALWAYS killed me in previous attempts, once I am up the metal stairs I'm at the right height to do my next shield warp which skips an entire hostage situation and gets me to just before the end of

this section.

Loading! This is the quickest section of this mission, this is supposed to be a lengthy gunfight with you battling with people from one end of the casino floor to the other ... but nope ... set up a shield warp, kill the first terrorist so he doesn't cause an

ambush, get to a height where you will not die from fall damage, shield warp, shoot a door, throw a flashbang, kill 2 more terrorists, and done.

Loading! This hostage situation went incredibly well, going against the best judgement of everyone in the world I attempted to break through a incredibly risky window, surviving only because I went into bitch mode and hid behind a terrorist (so the guy on the

left didn't kill me) after those two are done with it is pretty easy to clear the rest of the room my team will have entered the room and gone near the hostage clearing the higher part of the room which leaves me killing everyone that enters through the large

doorway, I throw a flashbang then a grenade which was meant to kill everyone however it did nothing but a second grenade did the job , a third grenade clears the remaining 2 or 3 terrorist coming from the door, 1 terrorist spawned behind me scaring the shit out

of me but he also dies, I grab the hostage and we take our leave.
after getting the hostage 1 enemy will always spawn down the end of the exit corridor, no big deal the 2 terrorists in the next room are more of a problem because they hide but some flanking gets them killed, I restock my grenades and head down the stairs taking

a less direct but safer path to enter the main room killing both guys on the ground floor then going back through the small room prevents me being ambushed by terrorists above.
Killing the last guy on the ground floor allows me to safely throw a flashbang up the stairs to stun the 3 terrorists that spawn, I kill 2 as I pass on purpose because if I kill all 3 3 more will spawn exactly in front of me and I will die without a doubt, so I

run past and let Mike and Jung kill the rest because they are CPU controlled and have more health than I do, after that it's a run to the end of the mission with the hostage, some talking, a helicopter, done.

(Van T-Bagging + Axe Girl for victory.)

Downtown Vegas [0:10:03]

I HATE THIS MISSION! After a more helicopter action I throw a flashbang through the window to stun the enemies in the room below then quick rope down and out of the lower set of double doors and directly in through the next set of double doors into the first of

the main rooms, the first two terrorists drop quickly however the third who should have been behind the large wooden ..thing at 1:31 wasn't he was further down the room jumping over a glass railing so I shoot him while he is doing that, after this a large group

of terrorists will spawn from the exit of the room I throw some grenades to clear some out by which time my team has arrived to dispatch the rest, If I was to go on the left side of the divide terrorists would keep spawning and very likely kill me so I head right

where after killing one terrorist none seem to spawn.
I had a slight hesitation after going through the door (for some reason my brain thought I was at a later part of the mission *Derp*) I then follow the corridor around to the right and enter the second main room (technically a courtyard this time) at the far end

I need my team to be with me so I open the door and fire some rounds at a terrorist who kills me 90% of the time if I happen to die at this point, sadly I miss him so I send my team in before me to tank some bullets, then run to the end throwing a flashbang

because (normally) there is a terrorist at the top of the stairs however this time he was nice enough to not show up so I simply ran to the quick rope ending this section of the mission.

Loading! after the loading screen I head left and order Mike and Jung to prepare to breach the room and I wait around the corner until they can accept my order, I then kill three terrorists while running through the scene allowing Mike and Jung to kill the rest,

Jung gets downed but after I hear Mike say "threat neutralized" I order him to help Jung, The talking with the hostage doesn't require you to be near her it just starts automatically after the last terrorist in that room had been killed, I use this time to get

ahead of terrorist spawning (about 9 or so of them from what I remember) which saves a good amount of time fighting.
Heading out into the street armed with a single flashbang I've been desperately trying to save I kill 2 terrorists behind a news stand then take the right road around the back of the buildings, throwing my last flashbang prevents near certain death at this point

the terrorists who spawn from the gate to the alley do large amounts of damage very quickly so taking on more than 1 (un-stunned) at a time is deadly, I get hit more than I am comfortable with so I pause for a moment in the alley before the next 2 terrorists

spawn it's maybe 2 seconds wasted by being careful but it's better to be safe than dying because of impatience.
after the last two terrorists are dead I spray the steps ahead of me because in my previous attempt (that got this far) I was killed by a terrorist hiding in one of the corners shooting wildly would have made any terrorist doing the same this time hide behind

cover or get further into the corners and crouch(which is why I checked both corners behind me also) no one was there this time so I'm free to the quick rope.

Loading! I move along the tunnels and for the first time in this run I actually use my shield for the reason it was meant lol the shield is annoying because you have no crosshair while moving and your gun isn't one that sprays so you need to be accurate with

having only your own judgement of where the exact center of your screen is therefore I miss 2 shots but kill everyone else all-in-all it went well.
I swap back to my pistol only to move quicker then I order Mike and Jung to stack up at one door while I move to the other, once in place I order the entry and open my door only for it to be closed by a terrorist on the other side lol room clearing is almost

entirely by Mike and Jung at this point, one terrorist puts up a fight but eventually falls, moving into the upstairs corridor i hear a terrorist behind me so i spray in his direction then cover like a bitch behind a box while moving toward the door once through

it i assume Mike and Jung will be near enough to deal with him while i use the equipment box to restock.
The next room is my most hated part of this mission there is a lot that can go wrong and there are a lot of different positions the terrorists can be placed in after running through the small control room and out onto the catwalk I throw a flashbang grenade to the

left to stop me being shot on my way down the rope, once down I throw another against one of the yellow control panels which makes it land in the right place to effect every terrorist, I get TERRIBLE luck with the guy being right there as I throw my flash bang

quick reactions prevented death, I pause to kill everyone who has been stunned rather than running to the end of the room because If I stop to kill people there two more terrorists then have line of sight on me and .. I die, so playing it safe I kill everyone

early then move forward.
One terrorist is still running down the tunnel at me (to my surprise I only had 6 bullets to kill him with) I take cover on the left side of the tunnel because there is a terrorist above who cannot shoot down at you from there (there are pipes in the way) I throw

a Frag grenade to the end of the tunnel to kill the terrorist there who has ridiculously good aim once you're inside the smoke. the next terrorist can either spawn where he did or up the steps to the right and when i play he is normally up the steps so I was kind

of startled, I order my team to cover by the door because I don't want them to mess up the next section. (They have before)
After climbing the ladder I equip my silencer and navigate the corridors there is a more direct path through the rooms but terrorist are in the way so it takes longer, I kill the one guy so he doesn't kill me sadly the terrorists in the next room hear him and

shoot at me after I set up the shield warp, the shield warp use to be done differently but I didn't like how it took so long from set up to performing so I re-routed it to use a closer and quicker locations on both the lower floor set up spot and the upper floor

activation spot (you also have less chance of dying) this takes you into the room with the next checkpoint skipping fighting.
I reload the checkpoint mainly to get my team back with me but it also has the added effect of removing and terrorist who might have been chasing me, I need ammo and grenades so I order my team to get out the way of the door because they LOVE! to block that

doorway on my way out, once outside I order Mike and Jung to the ground while I deal with the terrorist on the balcony I also get myself killed by someone so I order Mike and Jung to where I think the shot came from and I go to meet them, turns out they don't

look behind themselves as one terrorist is happily camping by a car (it's was only the fact he shouted something in my right ear that I even looked there) after everyone is dead around the van I order Mike and Jung to deal with it.
After ordering them to look at the van I set up a shield warp which is mainly required if for some reason I am stuck at the far end when every terrorist is dead, I run down to the far end while Jung and Joanna talk and set myself up in position to get some quick

kills the first terrorist I kill is on a spawn point and he only respawns after the 3 terrorists running at the far side have been killed, there fore I kill him, throw a grenade, kill him, throw a grenade, kill him, throw a grenade, I nearly die because of I

THINK!? the guy on the scaffold but I can't be sure ... after some panic hiding I kill the rest, I miscalculated my warp and do it when there is one enemy left but he showed up quickly and at this point I didn't care once he died I can't fail this mission.

Mike and Jung destroy the van, a small portion of wall T-bagging to celebrate, lovely!

Vertigo Spire [0:04:38]

This mission got destroyed, on the roof I immediately set up the first shield warp then flash and quick rope into the room killing a few terrorists on route to preserve my health, I head down the stairs and perform the shield warp (saves getting killed and a hell

of a lot of fighting) after the warp I run through the bar area and to the outside I throw a flashbang to stun the terrorist and shoot at one who was unaffected, I then just run to the rope and lower myself down.

Loading! okay so I found a way to skip everything in this mission except disarming this bomb which is what you see here. The set up on the roof gets the right X/Y coordinates to land me outside the bomb room sadly Mike and Jung will not instantly appear out of

nowhere so I need to backtrack to the previous checkpoint to be able to reload it and get them back. (only they can disarm the bomb, if I could I would :\) After reloading 6 terrorists need to die outside the room and they do, I tell Mike and Jung to get ready to

breach and I run around the outside (shoutouts to HoboWithAShotgun for the room clearing strat) throwing a flashbang inside which allows me to kill everyone inside pretty nicely after ordering Mike and Jung to take care of the bomb I have a long time in which to

set up the next shield warp then wait for the right moment to do it. The right moment to do it is when the Objective marker disappears when I am standing at the door on the top floor at which point I then warp and make my way up to the roof which makes the

helicopter appear earlier ending the mission quicker than going the standard route.

The line by Jung "this will get us up to the chopper" is the indicator that the door has opened for the standard route, by which time I am already on the roof.

I forgot to wall T-bag :( shame on me :(

Dante's Casino [0:09:52]

Helicopters are fun, once on the ground I head down the right ramp shooting at the terrorist who comes around the corner, 2 frag grenades kills some people and also do a nice job of making others retreat so they don't shoot me as I head to the ladder one

terrorist survives close to the ladder shot I have to kill him otherwise I'm dead. At the top of the ladder I shoot the barrels above, set up a shield warp and use my shield to tank some shots while getting 2 perfect shots on the terrorists who would make my life

hell when i am mounting the rope, after breaching the window I immediately shield warp and you can witness how "assisted" the aim of enemies are in this game as they are automatically shooting me in my new position, I throw a grenade to kill / panic the terrorists

behind me and set up the next shield warp.
This next shield warp serves 2 purposes: #1 it skips having to go around and #2 it prevents all Terrorists from spawning for the rest of the route down, after the shield warp I use the quick rope down and after a little navigation I set up yet another shield warp

which skips more walking around the structure it also leaves me very low on health, which means I have to walk a certain distance (nearly) blind but I managed to do so perfectly.

I Reload the checkpoint to get Mike and Jung back with me to clear out people behind me as I try to rush through the rooms ahead, first room went pretty well 1 terrorist decided to hide so I flanked and killed him, second room the flashbang through the window

makes the enemies in that room look towards the sound of breaking glass then stuns them, one enemy in this room will not be flashed and will usually be crouched behind the wooden crate so I dispatch him myself and let Mike and Jung kill the rest. The third room

nearly went horribly wrong I mistimed my grenade throw and entered the room earlier than I should have which luckily didn't kill me, the last guy hid but some spraying took him down.
After using the equipment box to restock on grenades I enter the next room killing the terrorist behind the door and running to the far end throwing a flashbang to stun the terrorist who spawns this time around there was another terrorist behind him (sometimes he

is sometimes he isn't) so he dies too.
I attach my silencer for the next room so that no-one else gets alerted until the door is breached by the enemies when I reach the top of the stairs , I exit through the back most door because it's quicker to run than fight, in the hallway I forget to set up

another shield warp which would have saved 10 seconds or so ¬_¬. Into the main room I throw a flashbang to stun the one terrorist but have to kill the other due to an unlucky spawn position, I go right instead of left because going left is MUCH harder to do

without dying the right path is longer but safer.
Into the room with Gabe (Fuck Gabe!) I run past him and set up a shield warp which saves me about 4-5 minutes of fighting various people for the rest of this section, the shield warp passes me through a locked gate and allows me to run to the checkpoint with 0


Loading! one of my main concerns in the next section is Mike or Jung getting killed so I tell them to stay somewhere reasonably safe where they can also protect me for a while, I run down the steps and kill 2 terrorists so that I can set up another shield warp

this one will only work if I am standing on the cement bags in the first room which is why I backtrack so far, after the warp I run to the box and re-stock before heading to the fast rope and to where Kan is being held.
I found out, that if you don't clear this room it doesn't matter Kan is under 0 threat (the terrorists will not shoot him) and also it removes the need to talk to him at all (if you clear the room your team insist you talk to Kan and if you don't Kan dies and you

fail the mission) so I throw a flashbang into the room then just use the ladder to exit and continue onwards the next part goes ... worse that it could have been but I didn't die so I'm happy I get lost in the smoke and walk past the stairway I need to use to

continue the mission while getting shot at by a terrorist I cannot see...
In my eagerness to escape death I run past the equipment box only realizing this when I open the last door and I'm in a courtyard ... crap... luckily for me I'm ahead of the game and far fewer terrorists have spawned in the next area, heading into the casino 2

terrorists take a few shots at me but I get by without much issue, The double staircase here is terrifying for me I've died so many times in this location that I panic before anything has gone wrong, this time around I deal with said panic by throwing frag

grenades EVERYWHERE! killing almost everyone the final guy nearly got me 1 more hit and I would have been killed... phew.

Loading! Mike and Jung are back! which is good cus I need them for my first strategy mainly because I want them to draw fire away from me, which doesn't seem like it is happening to begin with but eventually they do, I push my way along to the end of the room to

the breached door on the left from which 3 enemies spawn immediately, knowing this I spray first not allowing them to get a shot off (the last guy seemed to be focused on Mike and Jung actually) heading up the stairs I shoot the 2 terrorists positioned by the

door and move on to set up a shield warp.
This shield warp allows me to get onto the ground floor and into the seating area without causing more terrorists to spawn from the door to the left of the stage (where I run through) this means I only have to avoid fire from 2 or 3 terrorists instead of about 8,

once through the doorway I set up the last shield warp for this mission and continue into the back stage room keeping my shield out because it's much safer to clear this room and the next hallway with the shield. onto the stage I head directly for the ladder I

was getting shot from behind and hoped that the boxes on the stage would obscure me from view while I climbed luckily for me Mike killed the guy on the stage anyway allowing me to climb up.
After the climb a shield warp gets me through the locked door and allows me to reach the roof, I need to wait for particular dialogue before exiting onto the roof itself or when I use the Helicopter the game will softlock, after the short wait I finish the


Nevada Dam [0:21:31]

Longest mission of the run, get comfortable, I HATE! this mission, HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE! THIS MISSION, it's too long, has too few equipment boxes in it and just generally sucks. enjoy!.

you can just skip to 1:35 unless you like Helicopters, getting out of the helicopter I head for the wall and jump over to give me more cover to my left I run along the bridge and throw all my frag grenades to kill terrorists then run forward to set up a shield

warp which skips disarming a bomb and waiting for talking. After using the quick rope I reload the checkpoint set up a shield warp and then perform it to clip me through the wall, terrorists get killed 1 in the main room 1 at the bottom of the stairs and then the

two in the hostage room, Mike and Jung can risk being killed this early in so I leave them downed and end this section once the game allows me to activate the trigger.

Loading! I tell Mike and Jung to stay and ignore the hostage (he won't follow you by default) this allows me to set up the shield warp without attracting too much attention too early, I clip into the rail then wiggle myself to stand on top of it and then I drop

down onto the wall and then the power generator, I have to wait a few seconds to get full health back (you'll see the screen clear then go a little fuzzier in IQ/XQ) otherwise I will die from the next drop. I then run to the end and climb the step to reach the

checkpoint (this saves having to fight people then wait for the hostage to do stuff, it's quicker.)
After reloading the checkpoint we make our way back down the steps and have to fight some people outside who are actually really easy to kill when you know what they are likely to do and where they are, I tell Mike and Jung to examine the controls while I set up

another shield warp then hide and wait for 4 terrorists to pass by, this lets me know it's safe to warp and enter the building without a fight. After going up the stairs I flash over the wall to stun the first guy and he is killed, into the second room is THE

HARDEST TERRORIST TO KILL EVER!!!! he will instantly kill you in one shot, he will take 6 bullets then do the same again he will, open the door of the first room instead of coming out of the little room he does here and instantly kill you, If I could remove an

enemy from this game it would be this Douche!. anyway with some crafty crouching skills I dispatch him and move onwards to the checkpoint.
I reload the checkpoint to regroup and to prevent Mike and Jung being killed at the control panel this room can be a little random but the premise is the same each time move Mike and Jung to a good 'Lookout' point then kill everything before heading down the

steps, once down the steps set up a shield warp and warp over the gap avoiding more fighting. After the shield warp it's a run to the far end of the room throwing a flashbang at 2 terrorists who I fully expect to just shrug it off (as 1 did here) so I have to

kill him. Down the stairs I kill the first guy and was meant to sneak past the second however he starts firing and alerts everyone below to my presence so I have to improvise what would normally be a strategized situation, all-in-all it goes well and I hurry my

ass to the quick rope.

Loading! Congrats you are just over 1/3 of the way through this mission! after exiting the room I head towards the fray taking cover behind the car on the left I order my team to take point behind the car on the right (which they didn't do ¬_¬) I get badly shot a

few times and have to duck back down so I don't die, Moving forward we can clear out more terrorists this room is notorious (for me) for killing Mike or Jung so I play it careful to avoid that once the room is cleared I need to change my Primary weapon because I

have 49 bullets in my P90 luckily I get an MTAR 21 which is my next favorite weapon and should keep me going for the remainder of the mission.
Mike and Jung love to block doorways! have I mentioned that!? the next room goes without a problem, the second room well... having a full clip normally helps unfortunately I returned behind cover exactly when I reach 0 ammo but not actually realizing that I tried

to kill the terrorist at the end of the room with an empty clip lol, anyway he dies and I kill the remaining terrorist around the corner.
Through the door you enter the inside of a bunker like thing, I order my team to the outer room so they can draw fire away from me and I open the door to kill the terrorists standing right outside. How Mike and Jung are not Killed by the barrel that explodes I

don't know ( it might have been behind the door? ) anyway I run through into the next area and the most difficult room in the game (for me anyhow) This room sucks! I hate everything about it, the darkness, the enemies skill level, the amount of enemies, the fact

it has two layers, the fact that when you're nearly out there is one guy still shooting you from somewhere.... anyway! after some fumbling around , Mike getting downed, and me tanking a million shots with my shield we escape the room and move on.
Next part is a lot of running until the staircase where I wait for my team before entering the room this again is so they draw fire away from me and I can cross the room (kind of ) safely, I nearly forget to reload the checkpoint.
I reload the checkpoint to force spawn points for the next section if you run through without doing so terrorists will be all over the place and most the time you'll end up dead, clearing the first room goes ok I was worried the second terrorist wasn't going to

die, back out in the hallway I order Mike and Jung to go forward (again drawing fire) they seem to have a blind spot for the terrorist at the end of the hallway for some reason , but neither died so .. oh well, no biggie.
Moving on it's time to save some hostages which goes well 3 terrorists die then the last just hides long enough for me to kill him without him firing a shot, I leave the hostages and run straight past, clearing the next set of room was VERY close at times with

me putting myself in danger a few times lucky for me I didn't die and once again I use Mike and Jung as bullet sponges so I can make a dash for the door.
The next room took me a while to figure out a good strategy for because Mike and Jung would normally die what you see is the result of many different methods, killing 2 terrorists first then sending Mike and Jung in allows them to clear out the upper floor

without dying because of the guy on the balcony, entering the doorway I nearly die once more getting damn lucky allowing my team to do some shooting Jung gets downed and I help him up because it's quicker for me to do it and I need both of them with me after I

shield warp and enter the hanger. Before doing that I use the equipment box the re-stock on grenades and ammo ( someone in the background's audio glitches and he says "what?" a lot) I enter the Hanger from the far door this allows me to throw a flashbang then use

a storage container for cover, I then set up the last shield warp then run up the stairs to perform it (this skips a cutscene with Irena Shoutouts to HoboWithAShotgun for finding this one) I run into the door to make sure the checkpoint has been hit (I lost

another run here because it hadn't been ¬_¬) I then reload.
Last part with Irena involves clearing the room and then shooting her in front of the elevator, the room before her could have gone better but at this point I was thinking 'Better safe than sorry', Irena nearly fucking killed me! my spraying did the opposite and

missed her completely but she falls in the end, we listen to some radio chatter then we end the elevator.

Loading! final bit! I found out if you cover on the right wall next to the elevator doors you can clip through it, then if you run straight up the stairs no one will have spawned saving about 2 minutes of fighting people and other crap, your team plants the bomb

you run to Jo, kill some people (I could have killed them faster but it doesn't matter Mike and Jung need to move all the way down to the van also) talk to Jo, done and done.