Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (ntscus) (xb360) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Hard] [New Game+] [DLC] [Character: Simon] [0:13:45.07]
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Completion Date March 29, 2016
State Published
Runner 'Wizdaddy'
Tag New Game+
Tag Character: Simon
Segments 2
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Just an update to Chapter 10 for the DLC IL Table for Simon.

In-Game Time of 04:50.64

Simon's palette is modded, but makes no impact on the gameplay whatsoever.

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Run Comments

Fuma’s Helm
Berserker Mail
Sonic Boots
Retro Cloak
Fool’s Tablet
Fool’s Tablet
3x Mousse Cake
The speed from Sonic Boots trumps the couple of extra points of damage from the Fuma’s Greaves. It also doesn’t make a difference which set of mousse cakes are used since they all provide 4 INT with different variations in Luck and MND: Berry – 8 LUCK; Mint – 4 LUCK + 4 MND; Mango – 8 MND. MND increases magical defense, but I die in one hit later after the first 20 seconds anyways, so the stat’s irrelevant.
B = R. Fire Bomb
Up B = R. Boomerang
Side B = R. Boomerang
Down B = R. Dagger

Origins [0:04:50.64]

Previously, I had a time of 05:09.XX with Simon and part of the motivation in getting that run was to prove PJ wrong that Fool’s Tablets were worth it after all regardless of always being poisoned from them. Thanks PJ! :P
After a getting in a time of 04:48.17 using Julius, I decided to challenge myself and see if I could get under 5 minutes with Simon and boy was I surprised how much time I saved. Besides better mini-boss fights and not messing around with killing the Ravens & Ghosts in Stage 5 (Death’s Lair) as much, I saved the majority of my time from The Count himself. I did so by winging it with spamming R.Boomerangs via slot rotation and saved around 14 seconds. I used the Mousse Cake right away facing The Count so I could maximize the R. Boomerang damage allowing for less hits and as such a faster fight. Dracula transformed only after two cycles and a big part of that is the damage difference between the Whip’s 87 Damage and the R. Boomerang’s 112 Damage (After Mousse Cake Consumption), a 25 point difference.
Overall, I’m very happy with this run and don’t plan on revisiting it despite the few hiccups in missing the fast corner boosts prior to the first boss & delay in throwing the R. Fire Bomb against the second mummy due to execution error. Only way I’ll come back and take a crack at it is if someone else beats it XD

The Legend of Fuma [0:03:37.66]

This chapter’s much more tame to run compared to 10 with hardly any RNG besides Chimyriad, Ryukotsuki, and somewhat Oxocutioner. It’s too bad I got greedy in the beginning section hitting the flame pillars, but was able to compensate hitting that third corner boost at the very least.
Looking back, I think it might be slightly faster to double whip (Whip + Fireball) Oxocutioner like PJ did in his run although I know that fight would’ve definitely gone quicker if I aimed the R. Fire Bomb a little more to the right allowing the hits to rack up and finish him off more swiftly.
Chimyriad I could’ve finished off a tad earlier with BDC’ing R. Daggers as opposed to jumping over him when he charged at me had I realized how little health he had left.
For Decapiclops, the pathway leading to him was nigh perfect (Sans Fast Corner Boosting of course) except for the tiny little botch right by his door. As for the fight itself, it was pretty close to if not perfect. It’s important to note had I not consumed the Mousse Cake right before the fight, I would’ve done 74 damage per dagger as opposed to 79 a piece. Reason why this is important is because I hit him for a total of 26 Daggers (8 sets of 3 Daggers + 2 extra) and doing the math, 26 * 5 points in damage difference is a total of 130. That means it would’ve taken two more daggers to kill him wasting more time in the end without the mousse cake.
The long stretch to Ryukotsuki was pretty clutch especially with the two faster corner boosts I was able to pull off. Now for the boss, it’s optimal if he throws his projectiles at you in his first form as opposed to either teleporting/jumping, but it’s all based on luck much like the final form. The second form is nothing to take seriously; just throw a R. Fire Bomb on his hit box then get behind him and spam R. Daggers. For the final form, I got very lucky he went for the double punch in the beginning and kinda blew it because I had some poor spacing on throwing the R. Boomerangs, which could’ve resulted in his death. I got even luckier he decided to go for a punch AGAIN by doing his Chimyriad attack and was able to kill him as a result of it. Seriously though, this boss is completely random and if he decides to not punch for 25 seconds, it’s definitely in the realm of possibility, which is why many times players will probably be resetting even if they get a perfect leadup to him.

In conclusion, I thought PJ’s submissions were a little outdated and thought I’d bring to light Simon’s potential a little more on the harder chapters when playing normally or if you’re fresh meat and new to the game altogether =P