Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (pc) (pc) [100 %] [Segmented] [DLC] [4:05:30]
Run Information
Completion Date Feb. 18, 2016
State Published
Runner Fran├žois 'Fed981' Federspiel
Segments 122
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IGT 4:05:30
122 segments
exact category is 100% w/ DLC & no SSD

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Run Comments

Welcome to the speedrun of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, 100% synchronized, in 4 hours, 5 minutes and 30 seconds. It was recorded between November 12th, 2015 and February 18th, 2016.
I wish to address many thanks to MAGLX, Ectortutu, the whole team from TheHiddenBlade, the SDA team, and all people who supported me when I recorded.
Nota bene: the in-game time isn't increased during the present parts, nor everywhere you can't pause and watch the stats, for example all the loading screens. The run was recorded on PC with a Logitech controller, with almost all the settings put to the maximum (except antialiasing). The resolution I chose was 1600 by 900 and I recorded at 60 frames per second.
Category note: as my previous any% run, since I wasn't using an SSD, Ezio couldn't gallop with a horse in Rome, so it should be treated as separate category. In this game, 100% means to fully synchronize the DNA; this includes the main memories with their optional objectives, but also the war machines, the secret locations, the templar memories, assassinations, guild memories and courtesan memories. The Da Vinci's disappearance DLC isn't included but it still allows to get 10 hidden gun bullets instead of 6.
The main difficulty in the planning of this run was the money. In a single-segment run you would get it on different occasions, in addition to looting and selling the shrunken head on the way to La Volpe in sequence 3. Here instead, I use the gambling game available in the guild. Another big issue is that it's much faster to do the side memories using the replay mode, since it allows you to warp, but then you don't get the corresponding reward.
Anyway, in my opinion, what you will watch is the most optimised order of the memories, within 122 segments appended to 13 videos. There are two ways to end a segment: first by quitting to Windows (only when a checkpoint is registered) and second by going to the main menu, which makes the game to save. To perform warps or reload a checkpoint inside the replay mode, I switched outfits (between Altair's and the traditional one).
One last thing before going into details: the hyperblending glitch. I use it a few times in the run, and it allows you to go everywhere while staying hidden from the guards. Basically, you have to blend with a group of people and get on a non-standing surface (ladders, water, horses, any climbing element, etc...). Given you stay on those non-standing surfaces, you will be hidden; if you walk (without high profile) out of the group but still trigger the glitch, it's then called superblending.

Part 01 / sequence 1 and present 1

Segment 001 (0:13 – 1:09)

Nothing really fancy in that first segment, there's basically a QTE followed by alt+F4 to skip the discussion between Lucy and Rebecca.

Segment 002 (1:09 – 1:58)

Again nothing special in there, Ezio meets Mario and gets out of the vault.

Segment 003 (1:58 – 07:00)

Now this one is much more interesting ; already at the start Mario has to go through the cardinals and it doesn't always happen like that! But the most random part is the battle, and what you see in the video is the fastest I got, despite the hit taken. You have then to follow Mario closely (otherwise he slows down) and finally climb the tower before him. As you can probably notice, I reached the top at one of the first frames possible. The rest of the segment is only the arrival at Monterrigioni and the first save warping.

Segment 004 (07:00 – 9:22)

Once more this segment only deals with the cannon practice, and ends with a save warping right after the memory.

Segment 005 (9:22 – 10:01)

The horse is actually scripted to run away from Ezio until he spends enough time nearby. This is why I try to stay as close as possible from the start, but I got the horse stuck in the tree, which was very convenient. I also use a save warping after that.

Segment 006 (10:01 – 15:21)

This part isn't much interesting after all, since it almost only features autoscrollers and skipping cutscenes.

Segment 007 (15:21 – 16:29)

Originally this part was meant to be merged with the previous one but the fight can go wrong on many occasions so I decided to dedicate a segment for it; it was then very efficient thanks to the killstreak mechanics including the double kill technique. At the end, turning away doesn't loose time because you can't shoot the brute until he gets past the doorway.

Segment 008 (16:29 – 20:51)

I didn't slow down at all in the first part, and the same for Claudia in the second part, so this is pretty much the fastest you can get.

Segment 009 (20:51 – 25:37)

There's nothing special to comment, only a whole bunch of unskippable cutscenes and a bit of easy freerunning.

Segment 010 (25:37 – 32:05)

This part becomes more interesting. After the first broken bridge, if you pull the lever too early, Lucy can get stuck on the moving platform and the only way to continue is to reload the checkpoint (which is at the start of this segment); I was probably lucky in the video. The jump from the second broken bridge is also quite hard to perform quickly.

Segment 011 (32:05 – 37:40)

In this segment I get the circuit boxes in the most optimised order, according to me. Also, you can't shorten the animus training session, so you basically have to wait for it to end. I use alt+F4 to skip what Shawn says before the next sequence.

Part 02 / sequence 2

Segment 012 (0:05 – 1:34)

Using the first hit of the sword combo is much faster to go to the doctor, but you need to avoid killing people on the way. I end the segment right after the cutscene at the viewpoint.

Segment 013 (1:34 – 4:26)

In this segment I had to be lucky with the pickpocket, and I finally was! And then, I reached the final checkpoint as soon as possible, and the fight was very quick.

Segment 014 (4:26 – 5:47)

There is nothing special about the assassination itself, but I have to say I was very lucky with the horse spawn. I jump from it to perform a save warping.

Segment 015 (5:47 – 8:39)

The warp brings me next to Machiavelli, which is very convenient. I tried to punch him with the sword as much as possible, because that makes him go faster, but using the fists avoids alerts with the patrols.

Segment 016 (8:39 – 10:14)

I wanted to create a segment for that because grabbing and throwing the Borgia captain onto the scaffold can be very tricky, first due to the mechanics of gameplay, and second considering all the guards around. I finally managed to kill him and climb the tower very quickly.

Segment 017 (10:14 – 12:11)

Discussing with Machiavelli is the occasion for Ezio to pickpocket people before he gets robbed himself... Anyway, I caught the thief quickly and the segment ends with a save warping.

Segment 018 (12:11 – 15:00)

There is again pickpocketing with Machiavelli, and even more money from the Borgia courier. You may wonder why I'm calling the horse so late ; that's because it spawns differently depending on your position and camera angle. The segment ends with a save warping.

Segment 019 (15:00 – 16:05)

This fight can be very bad if you don't know what you're doing. The followers of Romulus may use their fists at the start (which you can't counter), they can throw knives if you try to run, and they're quite fast. Anyway, that went very well thanks to a bunch of double kills, and at the end cutting their throat instead of switching weapon.

Segment 020 (16:05 – 20:11)

In this segment there's a bunch of little freerunning tricks that allow to save small amounts of time, but they're all adding up. The biggest one is the shortcut that triggers a safe path before the last room: you don't have to actually perform the action but only to be within a certain area. Also, for some reason, I always got frame drops in the room with the lava.

Segment 021 (20:11 – 20:56)

Now that is the most critical part of this secret location. The jump to the balcony is very precise in terms of angle and position on the wall, and you really have to start jumping from the highest altitude in order to reach the ledge.

Segment 022 (20:56 – 22:27)

Hopefully there are no guards in this area so I could punch Machiavelli with the sword, which is much faster.

Part 03 / sequence 3

Segment 023 (0:05 – 1:11)

In this segment, ending up with a save warping, I bought only 8 bullets in order to have enough for the fight with La Volpe, but also to save money for the gambling part.

Segment 024 (1:11 – 1:34)

This one is only dedicated to warp between points. In a single-segment run you would then loot the chest that contains the shrunken head on the way.

Segment 025 (1:34 – 4:10)

The fight there was extremely fast and lucky, and I managed to bring the thief back to the checkpoint quite efficiently as well.

Segment 026 (4:10 – 5:15)

Once again I'm getting more money as a start for the gambling part. This segment also requires luck because of the spawning position of the official ; there everything went well.

Segment 027 (5:15 – 6:27)

This is where Ezio is literally throwing the dice. Two games are needed to reach the 18k florins that are needed for the rest of the game, and only a few combinations are possible for that (two winning rolls and two chance rolls for each throw). In the video, after triggering the guild memories, I got the lowest amount possible but still enough, and I used alt+F4 to end the segment.

Segment 028 (6:27 – 7:18)

This segments only consists in using the tunnels and a save warping, to go towards the barracks.

Segment 029 (7:18 – 7:29)

Another path between warps.

Segment 030 (7:29 – 11:23)

There is nothing really special to comment, except I got very lucky with the horse on the way back to the barracks. The segment ends with a save warping right after triggering the assassination contracts.

Segment 031 (11:23 – 11:45)

On the way to rosa in fiore, I used a save warping from the hideout.

Segment 032 (11:45 – 12:26)

Again this is a path between warp points, so the alert doesn't matter.

Segment 033 (12:26 – 16:39)

The fight against the cento occhi shows an efficient way of using the throwing knives, with both the special throwing technique and double kills. I was also lucky to not get detected by the nearby patrol. And once again, the segment ends with a save warping, after triggering the first set of courtesan memories.

Segment 034 (16:39 – 17:44)

This marks the end of sequence 3, together with the start of sequence 4.

Part 04 / sequence 4

Segment 035 (0:05 – 1:29)

At that point there is plenty of money to get full ammo and the crossbow. Also, because it's on the way, I start a nearby courtesan memory.

Segment 036 (1:29 – 3:07)

As always, it's faster to hit her with the sword, but it's not always possible since patrols wander around. Also, the game doesn't count a target as dying when you use poison and then a punch, which is very convenient in this memory.

Segment 037 (3:07 – 3:58)

I wanted to create a segment there because of the patrol cycle (the one to the north-east of the herald). Luckily I got the guy punching his friend on camera ; that hasn't any effect on the time but it's quite funny. And this part ends with a save warping.

Segment 038 (3:58 – 6:51)

This is where the serious business starts ; I tried to kill the minimum amount of guards to not get detected, and also to slow down as little as possible. After the short unskippable cutscene, you are able to jump immediately, but you would get detected every single time, thus I climb a little before actually going down.

Segment 039 (6:51 – 8:10)

As you can notice, it's possible to fire very quickly with the crossbow by interrupting the reload process, for example by sprinting or jumping; and that was useful to not get detected. Also, shooting in the area around Lucrezia is enough to catch her attention, which is much more convenient than climbing.

Segment 040 (8:10 – 10:04)

At the start, the second wave spawns as soon as you kill one of the agile guards; in the video they are 2 but they can randomly be from 1 to 3. I let Lucrezia run by herself for a bit, then I go trigger all the guards, and finish the battle with a ranged weapon to catch her right away. I didn't use many bullets because I had to save them for later, and also because Ezio often shoots Lucrezia when you perform double kills.

Segment 041 (10:04 – 13:13)

Restarting the memory allows to despawn the guard right before the haystack checkpoint. In addition, killing two of the running guards causes a glitch and the remaining one doesn't have any AI. I timed several combinations of fights and parts where I carry Caterina, and this appears to be the fastest I found.

Segment 042 (13:13 – 15:00)

This part can be tricky because you want to get your notoriety to zero, which requires an official to spawn in the area (and not flee), but you also need the killstreak for full synchronization. On top of that, what you see in the video is insanely lucky since the alert stopped almost at the top of the stairs, and it took me a second or two before I noticed.

Segment 043 (15:00 – 15:13)

This segment is once more a path between warp points.

Segment 044 (15:13 – 16:55)

Surprisingly, the most annoying part of this memory is to get to the first fight, because of the people on the way. The combination of crossbow and double kill makes the fights a lot faster, and more consistent. The segment ends with a save warping.

Segment 045 (16:55 – 18:14)

Nothing much interesting to say there, it represents pretty much the fastest you can get. It's also ending with a save warping.

Segment 046 (18:14 – 20:00)

Apart if you turn left to go on the main street, which is a detour, you can't call the horse earlier than what I did.

Segment 047 (20:00 – 23:17)

The segment is here because of the fight, happening after a tailing part. I finally had the superblending glitch after a failed attempt, and the battle went very well, despite I had to wait the crossbowman for a second. It's ending with a save warping once more.

Segment 048 (23:17 – 26:09)

The climb leap glove represents a serious amount of money and has to be taken into account in the calculations. About the mercenaries: they are quite slow and you have to wait before sending them to the fight, but don't need to actually fight for full synchronization, the assassin recuits did it in the end.

Segment 049 (26:09 – 29:07)

The remaining bullet was kept to shoot the explosive barrels, which is faster than running both to and from them.  Also don't gallop straight forward with the horse in order to dodge the machine shots.

Segment 050 (29:07 – 32:35)

This part isn't very difficult but it's quite long and I wanted to not miss any shot, and that's what's happening in the video. It ends with a blind save warping.

Segment 051 (32:35 – 33:54)

This short segment marks the transition between sequences 4 and 5.

Part 05 / sequence 5

Segment 052 (0:05 – 2:33)

Munitions are actually needed in this sequence, but only a few of them. This segment basically only deals with the way to the senator.

Segment 053 (2:33 – 5:06)

I'm waiting at the beginning because one of the guards is always attacking, thus preventing him from taking damage. After that, I tried to grab the senator to make him finish his sentence, otherwise you have to wait for it to finish at the checkpoint. In the end I managed to get him very quickly to the final checkpoint, without raising any alert.

Segment 054 (5:06 – 10:16)

There's nothing particular to say about this segment; only that using the fists make the bodies to stay on the rooftops instead of sliding down to the street level. Also this is where the climb leap glove becomes worth buying.

Segment 055 (10:16 – 15:46)

This jump is one of the hardest in the game, because you have to blindly aim for the flag down there, and in addition because you catch the ledge if you don't try to grab backwards. The rest of the segment is quite easy.

Segment 056 (15:46 – 17:27)

There you can watch a resurrection, where the screen says “desynchronized” but the cutscene is actually triggered, and you can skip it to get to the next part. You can also notice that superblending can be very convenient. The segment ends with a save warping immediately after the memory.

Segment 057 (17:27 – 17:53)

I was very lucky to get a horse right at the start to get to the next warp point.

Segment 058 (17:53 – 18:35)

The last memory of this sequence starts exactly where Ezio spawns, which makes this warp even more worth using it.

Part 06 / sequence 6

Segment 059 (0:05 – 1:27)

This is where I perform the glitch with the assassin recruits. The idea is to start replaying a memory, activate the ultimate guild cheat (providing 12 recruits at the best rank, which the game shouldn't save), then actually start the memory and exit the replay mode. You can also quit to the main menu but the game has to save somehow, and I had to get the smoke bombs anyway (they are mandatory for one of the side memories). And using the last memory from the previous sequence is extremely convenient because the warp (after activating the cheat) brings Ezio at the starting position, and you don't have to skip a cutscene to make it begin.

Segment 060 (1:27 – 3:56)

The save warping puts you closer to the hideout, so you can reach the tunnels faster. As you can notice, the smoke bombs are very useful to close the gates, and I was extremely lucky with the arrow storm. This segment ends with a save warping once more.

Segment 061 (3:56 – 5:38)

I managed to get the superblending very quickly by taking a bit of time to call the horse from the correct camera angle. This allowed me to shoot the guards efficiently with the crossbow (switching with the hidden blade to reload faster). Also, the recruits were very efficient for once; I was hesitating for a short moment before ending the segment to perform a save warping.

Segment 062 (5:38 – 7:55)

I do this templar memory here because its start and end are at very convenient places for this sequence. Nevertheless, this segment required a lot of retries because I wasn't sure how to deal with the guards near the big gate. In the end, everything happened according to the plan and I even got the target to glitch so I could swiftly assassinate him. One note about the horse: it stays at the start if you skip the introduction cutscene fast enough, as in the video, but it disappears every time you tear down a poster. The segment ends finally with a save warping.

Segment 063 (7:55 – 13:36)

This memory is nothing else than an autoscroller, thus everything will happen well if the recruits don't screw up.

Segment 064 (13:36 – 15:32)

It's possible to kill the target with an arrow storm, but that would require a supplementary segment and it doesn't really save time at all.

Part 07 / sequence 7

Segment 065 (0:05 – 0:24)

This sequence starts with a save warping right away.

Segment 066 (0:24 – 1:49)

Here I bought munitions and the poison upgrade for a side memory coming later.

Segment 067 (1:49 – 3:44)

This fight is probably the most annoying of the entire game. In the end, I think I made a good use of the munitions and, moreover, the recruits were particularly useful in this attempt.

Segment 068 (3:44 – 4:57)

As in all this memory, I managed to follow La Volpe despite the slow horse kindly offered by the game. Also, once more, I made a good use of munitions and arrow storm to get rid of all spawning guards.

Segment 069 (4:57 – 7:07)

There is a long horse trip but in the end I was ahead of La Volpe, and close enough to trigger the checkpoint. As you can notice, this time, arrow storm was enough to finish the memory.

Segment 070 (7:07 – 14:26)

Despite what I thought at first, it's not faster to get a horse at the start after all. Anyway, for this memory, the hyperblending glitch is very useful, but one has to be careful about the recruits. Indeed, if they use munitions instead of their hand weapon to kill the targets, the full synchronization is lost.

Segment 071 (14:26 – 18:45)

It's a shame that you have to go run to the last rifleman, but it's a good thing that all the freerunning part went well, especially reaching the checkpoint with the other recruits. I once killed someone else than Micheletto by accident, that's why I'd rather lock on him.

Segment 072 (18:45 – 21:22)

Catching the thief early by calling the horse requires a bit of precision in terms of timing and camera angle, but it's faster than using throwing knives to slow him down. And according to me, what you see in the video appears to be that fastest way to reach La Volpe without swimming.

Part 08 / side memories 1

Segment 073 (0:05 – 8:13)

The first segment with side memories has been quite difficult to record, because it features a secret location that can be quite annoying. In the end, all the freerunning and fighting parts went really well; in particular I've been lucky to dodge most of the knives. Then there is a thief memory and an assassination, obviously done there, as well as the tank memory war plans. I restarted the assassination memory in order to reset the guards; I do that a couple of other times in the run too.

Segment 074 (8:13 – 18:00)

This war machine memory is probably the most hated. It features a tailing part, some fighting, freerunning, and only then the difficult part with the tank. As you can notice I end up with efficient fights (using lots of munitions) and full synchronization with the tank. This is the first time that I use the outfit warping near the end of the memory, since reloading the checkpoint brings you much further away. I was also making use of a glitch where the machine can't take any damage if you get past the desynchronization barrier.

Segment 075 (18:00 – 19:28)

In this memory you always loose the horse at the start, so I had to use a different camera angle to call a good one (spawning at a convenient location).

Segment 076 (19:28 – 21:42)

I get rid of the horseman at the start since he always triggers an alert later otherwise. According to me, this is the fastest way of fully synchronize this assassination, since I finish close to the next one, and the arrow storm doesn't often get the last three guards, so I'm using the crossbow. Then, after an outfit warping, the next memory went very well too.

Segment 077 (21:42 – 26:22)

After buying poison vials and an outfit warping, the next templar memory went well; in particular I was lucky to loose the alert very quickly. Now the memory with the thieves and the cento occhi is really hard to do fast because of all the randomness involved; nevertheless, this one was very good. The thieves punched several of the guys, Ezio didn't get hit, and none of the targets died because of the poison. After another outfit warping, there's the biggest technical issue of the run: Fraps failed to separate files while recording and one of them was corrupted. I finally managed to retrieve it and the only drawback is a bit of sound and a few video frames missing. Then, the other templar memory went well: the target doesn't move until you actually identify her and you can exploit that with the camera angle.

Segment 078 (26:22 – 32:49)

With the help of an outfit warp (which doesn't save the horse unfortunately) I start the secret location that is made like a maze. Everything went very fine there, including the many little freerunning tricks (but each of them still saves some time).

Part 09 / side memories 2

Segment 079 (0:05 – 1:49)

Ezio sometimes struggles really hard at freerunning, thus I'd rather take a bit of time on a few occasions.

Segment 080 (1:49 – 2:51)

The purpose of this segment is to trigger the next set of assassination memories. Surprisingly you have to touch the door for it to be registered.

Segment 081 (2:51 – 4:40)

Restarting this memory allows to be much closer to the first target, which is very convenient.

Segment 082 (4:40 – 5:58)

As you could probably hear in the last part I became fully notorious, but choosing the memory “When in Rome...” in the DNA brings its level to zero, even if you don't actually replay it. The idea of the next memory is to bait a group of targets in order to kill all of them with an arrow storm, which you can't do otherwise.

Segment 083 (5:58 – 7:23)

It's much faster to let the guy run by himself, rather than carry him all the way to the checkpoint. Nevertheless, you still have to carry him once in order to complete the memory.

Segment 084 (7:23 – 8:13)

This segment is only about buying munitions and triggering the second set of the guild memories.

Segment 085 (8:13 – 10:10)

The horse can cause many issues with the guards and/or the narrow path if you're not careful enough; that's why I didn't jump from it.

Segment 086 (10:10 – 15:07)

After an outfit warping, I start the secret location in the colosseum. This one is very interesting because it features a bit of fighting, freerunning and also the chase that ends with the galloping horses. The main shortcut takes place when the target uses an elevator and you have to go through a lot of people, you can actually go above instead.

Segment 087 (15:07 – 22:26)

The first memory of this segment is one of those boring tailing parts; I perform an outfit warping right after it. The guild memory, on the contrary, is very interesting because you have to kill the first guy precisely so that his body slides down on the street while you loot him. Also, the fact that you can assassinate him from the rooftop is a glitch and has to be performed really early in the cutscene. The last memory went really well, especially getting the horse back after the second kill.

Segment 088 (22:26 – 25:09)

There can be a real struggle in this race but I finally managed to find consistent ways of going fast everywhere; the assassination after that is literally a walk in the park.

Segment 089 (25:09 – 27:50)

After triggering the second set of courtesan memories and an outfit warping, I started immediately with one of them, which went really well.

Part 10 / side memories 3

Segment 090 (0:05 – 9:43)

This segment was very difficult to record since many things can actually go wrong. Giuletta can get stuck with a horse, and the alert triggered at the end of the memory can last extremely long (despite the help of hyperblending). Initially, I planned to call assassin recruits for the guards to the left of the next target but it appeared that what you see in the video is much more consistent. After another outfit warping there is again a long tailing part, where I loot a chest... Why? Because I can! I also reduce the notoriety. In the last memory with the courtesan, I lost a tiny bit of time after the first target but that is nothing compared to loosing time due to inefficient recruits, or randomly spawning guards. That one happens in the video but there isn't much time lost after all.

Segment 091 (9:43 – 10:26)

There I did nothing else than triggering the last set of guild memories.

Segment 092 (10:26 – 12:48)

I think I was very lucky with the arrow storm to get what you see in the video.

Segment 093 (12:48 – 14:52)

It's very funny to see how the cento occhi come to their death once I assassinate the first of them; anyway, it allows to quickly finish the memory.

Segment 094 (14:52 – 18:51)

Again I reach the colosseum race after an outfit warping there. According to me, hanging on the ledge and then jumping backwards is the fastest way of getting down to the ground level, even faster than using the parachute. There's another outfit warping on the way to the templar memory after that.

Segment 095 (18:51 – 20:59)

Looking up only from the haystack triggers the target's escape with a very convenient path so I can assassinate him and start the war plans memory right away.

Segment 096 (20:59 – 33:39)

Now this war machine memory can be extremely annoying, first because of the first part that is boring itself, but also because you can get detected quite easily by the guards on the way. In the end, everything went very well, in particular the naval battle with the machine. The outfit warp after the first ship brings you much closer to the others.

Part 11 / side memories 4

Segment 097 (0:05 – 8:18)

This part required quite a lot of retries, since the guards patrol that you see next to the elevator can get stuck and, that way, you always get detected if you try to kill the target at the first occasion possible. Also, many little things can go wrong in the secret location; in particular, the trick after climbing the statue. It's possible to get up right away but most of the times you would need a few jumps to get the precise position. There, I got it at the first jump, which is why I continued despite the small mistakes. The whole part in the cathedral went really well too; I even managed to skip the cutscene with the safe way to climb.

Segment 098 (8:18 – 11:27)

This segment begins by triggering the last set of assassination memories, and I immediately start one of them after an outfit warp. Restarting it allows to spawn much closer to the targets, and using the special attack of heavy weapons is faster than watching the whole finish animation. Also, you have to taunt the brute to disarm him, and you have to wait for the second hit of the papal guard.

Segment 099 (11:27 – 12:23)

Once again, restarting the memory allows to be much closer to the targets. As you can notice, arrow storm makes it very easy.

Segment 100 (12:23 – 20:17)

There is the main reason why I bought the smoke bombs; indeed, the smoke bomb from the recruits is nothing but consistent, so I'd rather throw it by myself. Now the bomber memory can be very tricky if you don't practice it. It starts with punching the architect prior to identify him, which can go wrong for several reasons (but it's always the same guy, if you're wondering). Then, you have to stay hidden from the guards and people are randomly spawning so you might be unlucky there sometimes. The freerunning part is pretty fine after that. On the contrary, you can crash or get hit quite easily with the machine, but everything went finally well, despite the weird mechanics involved in gaining altitude with fire.

Segment 101 (20:17 – 21:38)

In this part I receive the parachute from Leonardo (after destroying all war machines) and I use the tunnels to rosa in fiore, outside of the replay mode. At the same time, I also trigger the last set of courtesan memories.

Segment 102 (21:38 – 23:40)

As you can notice this memory is definitely a walk in the park...

Segment 103 (23:40 – 26:04) is that one, except riding a horse this time (and an outfit warp on the way).

Segment 104 (26:04 – 29:16)

I figured out that only Ezio has to stop the alert, and that the haystack was actually inside the checkpoint area, so it was very convenient to use it. Nevertheless, the mercenaries have to fight against only two guards, and those have to be from a secondary wave, which is why I killed the first three of them.

Part 12 / sequence 8

Segment 105 (0:05 – 2:05)

You have to be very fast from the start to kill the first guard on the top, otherwise you would have to wait before the assassination or sending a recruit. When I was recording this I was a bit afraid of being detected without a smoke bomb but everything was all right.

Segment 106 (2:05 – 3:44)

Concerning either to the freerunning or the use of munitions, I think this part was as fast as it can get. For example, you can't kill the first rifleman earlier than what I did, otherwise you would get detected by the two guards nearby.

Segment 107 (3:44 – 6:08)

In this memory we definitely have multiple occasions to notice the advantages of the parachute. On top of that, I was very lucky that the alert ended right before the nearest position where you can end the memory; and that is basically where I turned around before reaching one of the last assassination memories.

Segment 108 (6:08 – 6:54)

This time, the horse was nice with me so I could ride it as soon as possible in the right direction. By the way, this short segment ends with a save warping.

Segment 109 (6:54 – 8:43)

Here I start with a save warping but, instead of getting out of the game, I start replaying the previous assassination memory. After an outfit warping, I restart the last assassination memory in order to spawn right next to the targets. It's still needed to climb, somehow, but then the parachute is very useful once more.

Segment 110 (8:43 – 13:38)

This is the beginning of the last secret location: there's usually a cutscene with the beggars nearby but you can skip it by disturbing them. After a short tailing part, there is some freerunning that isn't really difficult, especially because you have to wait a little while for the cardinal before the checkpoint. If you go immediately, he will fall down and the checkpoint will not trigger; the segment ends at that point to save a few seconds.

Segment 111 (13:38 – 15:59)

As you can see I often got some frame drops in this part, but that hopefully doesn't affect the gameplay. If you include the cutscene time, it's faster to kill the cardinal by throwing him off, rather than using bullets for example.

Segment 112 (15:59 – 16:28)

This is a very short segment leading to the last set of memories.

Segment 113 (16:28 – 18:22)

Starting this memory from the main menu allows some horses to spawn, which doesn't happen if you simply start or restart it. In the end, the alert stopped pretty much as soon as I went out of the Vatican area.

Segment 114 (18:22 – 20:37)

These memories where you hold the apple are purely based on luck. In this one, I was lucky to kill the two groups of targets in two blasts, with only the health reloading time in between. I decided to include the next tailing part in this segment as well.

Segment 115 (20:37 – 21:55)

In this memory I was extremely lucky to: avoid stumbling due to the rifle hit, kill the first two seekers in one apple blast, then the next ones with arrow storm (since it's actually random too), and also all the papal guards in one blast.

Segment 116 (21:55 – 23:15)

That battle ended very quickly thanks to the use of two apple blasts and an arrow storm too. Nevertheless, starting this fresh from Windows helps other guards to not spawn after you kill the first ones.

Part 13 / sequence 9 and present 2

Segment 117 (0:05 – 3:30)

As you can notice, the beginning of this memory is quite easy; for example, you don't need to fight all the guards at the start, since the cannonball damage is scripted anyway.

Segment 118 (3:30 – 7:10)

Like in the previous part, you can avoid all the fights if you bypass some triggers; here for example, I use the streets to the left to reach the next checkpoint. The fight against Cesare is very easy with the knives and all the bullets that become available with the DLC.

Segment 119 (7:10 – 10:07)

This segment is dedicated to some unskippable cutscenes, and a short running part.

Segment 120 (10:07 – 14:58)

Despite the present part isn't taken into account for the in-game timer, I wanted it to be as optimised as all the others. In the end it was the case, especially considering all the little shortcuts and freerunning tricks.

Segment 121 (14:58 – 18:55)

You have to be careful in this part because you may get stuck at the horizontal bars, and you may not jump high enough between the vertical ones. According to me, it's faster to not use the poles from the platform on the top.

Segment 122 (18:55 – 38:31)

There are some parts in this last room where I wish the movement was more optimal but it doesn't get much better than that. Then we have the long unskippable credits before looking at the menu for the in-game time.

Final stats:


- synchronization (%) 100.0
- time played 04:05:30
- distance covered (m) 61223


- deaths 0
- favorite weapon hidden blade
- enemies assassinated with the hidden blade(s) 210
- air assassinations 14
- double air assassinations 0
- longest execution streak 15
- enemies killed in fight 517
- enemies poisoned 11
- enemies shot with the pistol 51
- enemies shot with the crossbow 53
- disarms 3


- height climbed (m) 1198
- distance covered on ground (m) 24915
- distance swam (m) 255
- distance covered on horseback (m) 21085
- distance covered on gondolas (m) 288
- distance covered with parachute (m) 46


- time spent blended 00:09:07
- times notorious 12
- borgia couriers killed 0
- courtesans hired 1
- mercenaries hired 3
- thieves hired 0
- courtesans guild challenges completed (%) 36.66
- thieves guild challenges completed (%) 24.72
- mercenaries guild challenges completed (%) 44.2


- money earned (florins) 99778
- money spent (florins) 74066
- fight winnings (florins) 0
- fight losses (florins) 0
- hazard game winnings (florins) 15590
- hazard game losses (florins) 0
- paintings collected 6
- weapons collected 2
- armor pieces collected 1


- borgia towers cleared (%) 16.66
- shops rebuilt (%) 12.96
- landmarks owned (%) 0.0
- borgia flags removed (%) 2.97
- feathers collected (%) 0.0

Assassins guild

- call assassins triggered 51
- enemies killed by assassin recruits 237
- assassins recruited 12
- assassin recruits killed 0
- contract assignments completed 0
- assassins sworn in 0


- memories fully synched 51
- memories of christina completed 0
- assassination contracts completed 12
- thief assignments completed 10
- courtesan assignments completed 10
- memories relived 0