Myst (pc) (pc) [100 %] [Single Segment] [0:24:18]
Run Information
Completion Date Dec. 18, 2015
State Published
Runner Robert 'Gelly' Gelhar
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

The statID includes loading times, but it probably adds, at most, 30 seconds to the run. Record those and reduce the time if you wish. All times referenced in these extra comments are with loading times included.

Important times pertaining to the run:
Blue pages collected at-
4:45 (Channelwood)
10:34 (Selenitic)
21:13 (Mechanical)
23:44 (Stoneship)

Red pages collected at-
7:38 (Channelwood)
15:40 (Selenitic)
22:03 (Mechanical)
24:59 (Stoneship)

White page collected at 25:38

Page handed over at 26:26

Thank you very much for your time.

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Run Comments

realMyst is an updated free-roaming version of Myst, a puzzle point and click from 1993.
The basic premise in a 100% run is to collect the four red and blue pages from each 'age' - Channelwood, Selenitic, Mechanical, and Stoneship - and then win the game by freeing Atrius from the green book.
As seen in an any% run, winning the game is quite a quick process. The 100%, however, requires a lot of time to return back to already-tread places, and even then still requires a lot of routing and optimization to get a good run.
There are two main glitches utilized in this run. One is a "double speed" glitch, made possible by moving forward by both holding left-click and the WASD keys.
The second is a way to skip watching forced animation sequences with quick movement through the mouse.
By unlocking your view on certain animation, you can prepare running to the next section a lot faster.
I absolutely love this run and dearly hope that my time is crushed so that Myst runs can be as fast as possible.

Thank you very much, SDA,

Robert 'Gelly' Gelhar.