Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero (EGA) () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Character: Fighter] [0:05:35]
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Completion Date Oct. 14, 2015
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Runner Paul 'The Reverend' Miller
Tag Character: Fighter
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This is the original EGA version of the game. My previously accepted runs were for the VGA remake, so this is a totally different category/game.

I estimate the time to be 5:35 based on the timing used in Renault's 2007 run. While unofficial and never submitted to SDA (other than the forums for discussion), it is the best known run for the EGA version of the game and was the fastest (until now :D). He starts timing when the Sheriff says "Good luck" and ends when you click to exit the Brigand Leader's room.

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This is run on the official settings, which sets DOSBox to a fixed 10,000 cycles. Actually, it is the DOSBox configuration files, but run on an older version of the game. This run was done on version 1.00 of the game, which was known as Hero's Quest I. It was later changed to Quest for Glory by Sierra in subsequent versions and on through the series due to a copyright issue. The release is version 1.20.

The only change to the DOSBox configuration file is to output to OpenGL instead of Overlay to allow Fraps to record.

The reason it is run on version 1.00 is because there is a specific exploit that eliminates having to save the Baronet and allows immediate safe entry into the final area of the game. This knocks off a good two minutes or so which is explained in detail below.


Of course, I want to thank SDA for hosting such a great service. It is always my first place to check for speed runs, and the community is always super friendly and helpful. No trolls on these forums that I've encountered. :)

Renault's 2007 run was the major inspiration to running this game, and the completion and acceptance of the other categories made me want to finish out the cycle. I was thrilled when I first saw Renault's run, but was disappointed as very few people ever went back to try and improve on it despite it being a fantastic game. After trying to duplicate his attempt, I realized his keyboard skills far outpaced my own and shelved the idea for the VGA version. Once the VGA runs were done, it was a matter of taking what I had learned and applying it to the earlier version, as there were a number of optimizations discovered. Running the VGA version and routing that one adjusting the route for this EGA version very easy. A little bit of practice getting my keyboard skills where they needed to be for this game, and here we are.

There are a number of differences between this and the VGA remake done by Sierra a few years later, and where those places occur I will mention it through the scene by scene commentary.

Finally, as a minister, I have to give credit to God for giving me a little extra leisure time to practice the series of games I enjoy.


I feel that this is the fastest route barring the discovery of a newer glitch or a way to avoid the Fort to transition to night. The major differences in class routes have to do with saving the Baronet, and since this is not done at all, this poses a different kind of problem with the different classes.

The Thief and Magic-User routes are COMPLETELY identical in Any%. Here is an example of what I mean:
The Thief spends points to get 5 Magic, raises Climbing to 35 and leaves 5 extra points once this is done (usually for Strength).
The Magic-User spends points to get 35 Climbing (he already has magic) and leaves 5 points once this is done (usually for Strength).
Because their skills are identical for purposes of the route, what is done with the Thief can be done with the Magic-User with absolutely no difference in action. It would be boring to submit an identical run to this with the Magic-User.

The only difference in route is with the Fighter, who does not have enough starting skill points to get both Magic and Climbing. This is easily fixed by spending points on Throwing instead, but that changes the opening route slightly as he cannot climb over the back-alley wall. However, once the Fighter gets some Rocks and easily obtains the Spirea Seed with his 45 Throwing skill, the route merges and becomes identical from there at about the 1:00 to 1:30 mark. The difference in time is likely only about a maximum 20-30 seconds, and might end up being closer to even. The four minute area is pretty dependent on Strength, and since the Fighter has higher Strength, it might end up being even. Even climbing out of the Fort when the game transitions to night requires no Climbing skill.

This is strictly a version 1.00 problem because you can skip saving the Baronet only in this version.


Points allocation in character creation emphasizes magic and throwing. Throwing will be at 45, which is consistent enough for one attempt at the Spirea Seeds. Magic is for the Open spell and the Calm spell.

I begin by pressing the + button on the keyboard to max the game speed. Once I gain control of the actual character, I buy the Open spell by heading to the left of the screen and then over to the General Store to buy two flasks (one for Fairy Dust and the second for the Flying Water).

I head into the tavern to get thrown out twice. This changes the time to "sunset." I guess the idea is that when you make Crusher the Bouncer mad, he roughs you up for a while before throwing you out on the front door. This is key.

In later versions, you need to save Baronet before noon to hear the password for the secret cave. Since the early part of the day is no longer necessary, the only thing I need daylight for after my purchases is to catch the Spirea Seed. The plants don't spit at night.

I head out of the front gate of town and get some rocks on the way for the next part.

The next obvious difference between the EGA and VGA versions is the use of keyboard for almost all movements. The screens north/south and east/west don't always line up right, so getting caught on bushes is common. It is almost always quickly fixed. It's more difficult with doors, but at least with the doors there isn't the constant threat of RNG encounters with monsters. They are far more frequent in the EGA version, and nearly impossible to avoid when the game speed is turned up to the highest. Luckily, there are no encounters.

I reach the plants, throw the rock and knock out the seed and head out.

Getting the Flowers and Calm goes straight forward.

The next thing is to transition to night. When you type "rest" it only advances 10 minutes at a time. In the VGA version, you have the option to rest for 60 minutes at a time. This makes resting in the EGA version tedious, but also has the unfortunate side-effect of not allowing enough time to pass for night to actually start. Luckily, the stables scene can skipped by simply pressing enter again after saying "yes," and climbing out of the Fort can be done even if the character has no Climbing skill at all, as demonstrated here.

I run to the Meeps through the special goblin arena, because that elimiates a few screens for bad RNG encounters.

The Meeps give me the fur, the Faeries give me the dust, and I sleep at the Dryad's Tree and get the Acorn. Running straight east, I get the Flying Water and head north and get the Dispel Potion. Fast and uneventful.

Once I reach the Antwerp and the secret entrance to the Brigand's Fort, you have to position yourself VERY specifically to find the keyhole. I have no idea why it is so specific, but once you find the keyhole it is a matter of unlocking the door with the Open spell and forcing the door with Strength. You build strength with every attempt and do not lose stamina. The exact strength needed to open the door seems to be RNG affected, either by how much you randomly gain with each attempt or whether or not it actually opens. This was great RNG.

The biggest time saver is here, where I type "hiden goseke," which is the password that I shouldn't know because I never listened to the Brigands after saving the Baronet (because I never did). This only works in version 1.00, and was patched out in every other version I tried.

I cast Calm immediately to prevent the Minotaur from moving too far to the right. He just travels back across to the rock to sleep, so the closer he is to it, the faster you can get to the next action. Cast Open, open the gate and enter the Fort. The Fort area goes quick.

This section is pretty straight forward, with little difference from the VGA. The triggers for each event are pretty specific, and when the game speed is turned up, you do not really have to wait between the next actions in the text-parser. You also do not have to wait for the chandelier to fall on the Stooges like in the VGA version.

This area is dangerous at this high of a game speed. In particular, the false last door falls quickly and kills you if you do not get out of the way. By mentioning Elsa in the EGA version, Yorick disappears. If he doesn't disappear, he trolls you with all kinds of trash that stuns you and pretty much makes everything impossible to do in time. Once you get through the door, the end is pretty much a guarantee. I throw the Dispel Potion. Once I exit through where Yorick was the timer stops.


Better controls, but even then, I doubt there will be massive time saves unless there is another glitch that appears. This was pretty much the best RNG I could have hoped for in this scenario.