Tomb Raider II (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Tomb Raider II: The Golden Mask] [All Secrets] [0:31:53]
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Completion Date Sept. 23, 2015
State Published
Runner 'RadxxRyan'
Tag Tomb Raider II: The Golden Mask
Tag All Secrets
Segments 11
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I have encoded the run itself, with anri-chan. All 11 segments are linked together in one video with LQ, NQ and HQ formats available.

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Run Comments

I'd like to thank the SDA staff for accepting and hosting this speed run. This is my second run that I've submitted to SDA. The first was a glitched run of TR3. I had never played The Golden Mask until about a year ago, but I'm actually very satisfied with this run.

This is a run collecting all 12 secrets, while using no glitches or bugs of any kind. The shortcuts used in this run primarily include curve jumps, with the hardest one coming in the first level. There are 4 full levels in this game with 11 total segments. I completed this run on the PC and used FRAPS for recording. If you'd like to see more of my Tomb Raider speed runs, check out RadxxRyan on YouTube. Enjoy the run.

Level 1: The Cold War - Time: 7:34

Jumping over the snowballs at the start is easier than it looks. The crows are extremely annoying in this level but I got very lucky they didn't follow me when I reached the very hard curve jump.

The first save is done in order to focus on perfecting the curve jump. In the ice cavern, you must pick up the large health pack in order to access the very bottom of the room with the 3rd secret. Picking up the secret triggers the gunmen, who can shoot Lara while she climbs the long ladder. I had to keep trying this segment until they decided not to follow me.

The last segment of the level mostly deals with escaping the snowmobile thug. Picking up the large health pack triggers the 2nd bad guy who is holding the Cabin key. You may notice the video freeze for a split second when Lara swims toward the exit. This happens when the in-game music is changing suddenly. You'll notice several more times during the run. Unfortunately, I could not find any fixes for that. But since it happens so quick, it wasn't much of a bother to me.

Level 2: Fool's Gold - Time: 7:19

Upon exiting the water, you'll be ambushed by 3 thugs, 2 dogs and 2 flamethrowers. However, if you first enter through the door on the right, you can re-close the doors and trap most of the enemies there.

Killing the snowmobile thug in the 2nd segment is necessary because of having to backtrack for the 2nd secret. I then take his vehicle to quickly mow down a few enemies and take out another guy on a snowmobile.

In the last segment, you pretty much have to be lucky not to get torched by the flamethrowers since you cannot see where they're positioned. I picked up the shotgun shells at the end because you get 3 boxes of them in one pickup.

Level 3: Furnace of the Gods - Time: 9:47

In the rat room, I move the block to access 3 more boxes of shells, which gave me just enough ammo to defeat the Guardian in Kingdom. At about the 20 minute mark, it looks like Lara just barely touches the deadly molten gold but she doesn't die. Not sure why, but it might be due to Lara springing off the ceiling and the game didn't react in time to "kill" her. I picked up the M16 clips in order to kill a couple leopards in the next level.

Once again, we must deal with more crows. They are even more annoying this time; they will push you off the ledges if you aren't quick enough. And yes, they will follow you almost to the last damn room. Once you flood the room with water, they cannot follow you anymore. And if they get near the water, they just die. Also, if you are lucky and extremely quick, you can flood the room and make one of the gunmen literally drown. Jumping over the rolling blade without taking any damage is very hard; you have to jump just as the blade starts rolling toward you.

Level 4: Kingdom - Time: 7:13 (Manual Timing)

The final time for this level is not given. I got 7:13 by adding up times for the first 3 levels, then subtracting that from the total time displayed in the Final Statistics screen.

First half of this level is fairly easy. Lot of back and forth with the switches and cages, which is unavoidable. I decided to save the game a couple times halfway through because of the curve jump and then the series of careful jumps around the central lava pool.

The large health pack I pick up is needed in order for the door down the hallway, to open. In the room where I pickup the final secret of the game, there are only a few spots where the lava is not deadly, which is why I am careful with the jumps. The jump around the corner at 32:42 is actually not that easy. If Lara bumps into anything there, the Yetis will get a hold of her. The battle with the Final Guardian was perfect.

Final Statistics:

Time Taken: 31:53
Secrets Found: 12 of 12
Kills: 20
Ammo Used: 587
Hits: 403
Health Packs Used: 5.5
Distance Travelled: 5.86km

As a reward for collecting all 12 secrets, the game unlocks the bonus level, Nightmare in Vegas. I've completed a speed run of that level as well, but since it is a bonus level, it is not part of my actual speed run, so you will only be able to view it on my YouTube channel.

A big thank you to all my fellow speed runners. I'm happy to say another run is in the books. Hope you enjoy this run! Until next time...