Survival Kids () (gbc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Resets] [Ending 1] [0:06:12]
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Completion Date March 26, 2015
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Runner 'MeGotsThis'
Tag Resets
Tag Ending 1
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Survival Kids has 8 different endings to finish the game. This run only complete the fastest ending - Ending 1.

My setup uses a Gameboy Player through a Framemeister to Extremecap U3.

This is the same run done on twitch as

The retiming from LiveSplit (not RTA from the stream) is 6:12.4.

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Hello. You can find my live reaction here:

The route used here is very much based around the TAS found here:
Now if you find where I turn too early and hit a wall, the reason is that it was too early. Typically any wall I want to enter using half my sprite. That causes my character to move at a slight diagonal instead of entering using my full sprite and moving at 90 degrees. You can see some of the forced diagonal movement at 1:54-1:56.

1:14 - Here I use a built-in save and restore to skip a cutscene here. Because of that, I can move about the island without losing any health stats (Hunger, Water, Fatigue) and time of day does not advance.

2:11 - Here I merged the Tree Bark and the Stick I recently picked up to get a Kindling. I do it here so that the same Stick I picked up will respawn since I used that item and pick it up again.

I do need to sleep to get to the next day because to access the next area, I need to advance a day.

4:00 - Here I do the same skip as earlier but I'm skipping the event where I go to the adjacent area. This allows me to go out of bounds and access another event/warp to go to a different area. That warp is normally blocked until it is cut down.

5:47 - The radio call is RNG based. So luck has it that I get it in the first call.

6:06 - The scene where I create the SOS sign. The cutscene skip over that boulder where it allows me to access the beach.

Thank you for watching my run of Survival Kids!