The Great Escape (pc) (dos) [Any %] [Segmented] [Easy]
Run Information
Completion Date April 30, 2012
State Rejected
Segments 18
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Run Comments

This is my first speedrun that I send to SDA
Here's individual level comments.My run seems to be almost perfect just 2,3 errors in some levels
but just small mistakes. I don't know why but I had some FPS issues in certain levels.

I discovered a trick when you spam the running button, if you can't hear the footsteps
of you character, nobody can hear you. I use this trick a lot of time in the run.
There are other trick like when you climb up some objects, if you turn the camera fast and press action
it will skip the animation but it's a bit hard to do, so I almost didn't use this trick in the run.
The punches don't make me run faster.

Level 1 - Bomber Raid (1:45)

This level is an introduction level you just need to run, take object and press action.
When you have the turret you must kill 6 ennemy planes. Return burn the code book
and go take your parachute.

Level 2 - Winter Breakout (4:17)

In the beginning, I run to kill the german guy outside the hut.
Now, I can run in the camp without any risk, I just need to avoid the watchtower.

Level 3 - The Castle (3:00)

I talk to the guy and I saw the grid as fast as possible.Normally, you must re-talk to him if you want to escape without be suprised
by the guard be he didn't see me ! I just need to run take the uniform, the key and the Meat hook. I switch off the light in the Castle and escape.

Level 4 - Struggle in the mountain (2:11)

This level is just run, run and run. I must have 3,4 health kit if I want to finish this level.
I must avoid the most possible german's bullet to have the most possible health.
The Health kit don't regenerate your life instantly but slowly. So I must manage them.

Level 5 - Burn the Code Book (3:12)

I run to take the wrench and I punch the guy before he alert the ennemy. Repare the vehicle and drive
to the railroad. I must approach the most possible the tank, but if i'm too close, I die.
The rest of the level is run,run,run...

Level 6 - The Cooler King (2:50)

I go take the hook and I run to unlock the fridge door, the guy gave me a "Stamp of the german army"
I run avoiding the guards to get the Ink and Paper. This level is very strange, if you are to fast to talk to the britannic officer,
the game crash... So I must wait a little moment before talking to him.
I return in the other hut and wait the game allow me to talk for the diversion.
Nothing special for the rest of the level.

Level 7 - Infiltration (4:20)

In this one I used in the beginning the spam-running trick to approach the most possible the guard.
After taking the "Transfer orders" I strangle the german officer and run to the truck.

Level 8 - Delousing Breakout (6:01)

This level is one of the most boring I think, in the beginning you must take the german uniform under the hut
and go to "german section" of the camp to take a knife. This knife is very hard to take without being seen by guards.
It work 1/10.When I take the german pass, normally if you don't answer to the german officer he alert the camp but he didn't see me
leave the room.
Later in the level you must accompany two britannic officer out of the camp. I must wait them because they walk.
Then nothing special in this level. I just did a small error when taking the train's paper I went to the wrong hut, I loose 2,3 seconds.

Level 9 - Reconnaissance (4:30)

This level is just run,run... But in the beginning I take a health kit who will help later in the level.

Level 10 - The Great Escape (3:10)

Normally, in this one in the beginning you must talk to the blond guy for a diversion in the first hut I go,  but he is useless.
When I open the door the guard come to the hut to find the problem, I run behind him using the spam-running trick. I strangle him and I go the the german section
avoiding the watchtowers.
I take the Wrench using spam-running trick, small error the guard hear me and get up, so I must punch him.
Nothing special after that.

Level 11 - Last Train Home (3:53)

In this level you must give order to "Blythe" he is blind so he need your help.
I took him to the back of the train, hide him in the bathroom.
The rest of the level is run, punch etc...

Level 12 - Behind Ennemy Lines (3:30)

In the beginning I run on the far left of the railroad to avoid being crushed by the train.
I run using the spam-running trick to strangle one guard.
Later in the level, after crawling in the ventilation ducts, normally you must to turn the valve to avoid being seen by the guard just behind the door but
if you run on the far left after you open the door he say nothing.

Level 13 - Airfield Escape (5:30)

I think this level is the most boring in the entire game.
In the beginning I run to the guard to strangle him using the spam-running trick
and I run to take the german uniform.
Later, to take the valve key, I must turn around the guard to be behind and strangle him.
Little error when taking the truck key on the german officer in the watchtower.
In the end of the level when taking Blythe, you need to be with him near the plane to finish the level
But I don't know why he was going somewhere ...

Level 14 - On the Run ! (3:25)

Nothing special in this one just run and run.

Level 15 - Resistance Collaborator (2:59)

The beginning is a bit tricky, I run and crouch before the guards alert everyone.
After passing the first 4 guards the rest is pretty simple. I just strangle the german guard in the wood camp and run to take Dynamit and run to the level end.
I don't know why but I can't skip this cinematic.

Level 16 - Ambush! (5:59)

This is an action level you must kill everyone on the route and place the dynamit on the bridge and explode it.
The rest is run to get the documents and escape.

Level 17 - Full Throttle (2:12)

In this one, you must find a motorcycle, So I put the wire on the poles.
I try to take the motorcycle as fast as possible and after it's just drive to the end avoiding the ennemy.

Level 18 - Jump to victory ! (2:14)

 This level is like the previous the hardest difficulty in this one is avoid the german biker. It's almost impossible
they're more faster than you. Otherwise, you just have to drive to the end of the level avoiding obstacle and ennemy.
After an unskipable cinematic the game is over.

Final Time : [01:01:03]