Serpent in the Staglands () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Resets] [0:27:51]
Run Information
Completion Date July 9, 2015
State Published
Runner 'Varstilone'
Tag Resets
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

Estimate for time is 41:59. I think time should start at the click of start game and end at the prompt to overwrite previous endgame save data. It is a single segment run. The long load times are not due to my computer but rather a painful quirk of the game itself.

RNG was kind, I only had one random encounter on the map on the battle with the Captain went faster than normal. The one death I had wasn't quite ideal but still despawns the enemy and it would have been slower to fight him before initially taking the raft and fighting the captain/slaver.

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