Neo Contra (ntscus) (ps2) [100 %] [Single Segment] [2 players] [0:20:12]
Run Information
Completion Date Sept. 17, 2014
State Published
Runner Kyle 'Mr. K' Halversen
Runner Sean 'MURPHAGATOR!' Murphy
Tag 2 Players
Verification Thread
Run Comments

Ng 100%

New game Neo-Contra uses only the characters and weapon sets that are available from a clean file, which means we have only Bill and Jaguar for characters and weapon sets A B and C. Bill, controlled by Mr K, and Jaguar, controlled my me (MURPHAGATOR!), have no differences other than their color, so K uses Bill since he is the true Contra hero while I just dabble with this silly entry to the series. It also made our colors more consistent for the NG+ run.

Weapon set C is used primarily because of the spread gun, which has both high utility due to the area coverage and high damage output by point blanking enemies to hit the entire spread. The secondary classic fire shot is unfortunately useless compared to the spread gun and is used only briefly during autoscrollers. The lock-on lighting is a nice weapon since, while it has low damage per shot, it gets a large number of locks and hits nearly instantly instead of spending a lot of time traveling to or even circling around targets. Lighting also generally avoids hitting walls or unintended targets on its path to the intended target.

To complete the category, we have to seek out and destroy all of the preset targets. Many random enemies can spawn but can be ignored if they are not in our way. K and I coordinated who would persue which target to go through the stages as efficiently as possible, and Im happy with the results. As a rule of thumb, I cover ground enemies whenever possible while K takes out airborne threats since ground enemies tend to be more threatening. I had significantly more experience with the game than K, so this plan of attack gave us the most leeway to move agressively without losing frequent attempts.

Mr. K's comments:
This run took place during the third Contra Conference and it was my first Contra run on a non-Nintendo console. My loyalty to Contra runs very very deep.

Most of my comments here will match my comments about the other runs. I picked up this game in a very short amount of time and I did so for the sole purpose of doing a co-op run with Murphagator. The game is significantly easier with two people, although we had a very small window of time to work on the run. Murph runs this game single player and I'll defer to him for most of the explanations.

Of call of the categories, this is definitely the most interesting and it serves as the best representation of what the game has to offer. I was definitely the most proud of this run of all the runs that we did for this game.