Contra ReBirth (ntscus) (wii) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Hard] [2 players] [0:13:52]
Run Information
Completion Date Sept. 20, 2014
State Published
Runner Kyle 'Mr. K' Halversen
Runner Jeremy 'DK28' Doll
Tag 2 Players
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Run Comments

Contra Rebirth Co-op Hard Any%

Thank you to SDA crew for the amazing site and all your hard work. There can never be enough praise for keeping the site up and being awesome!

This run was originally brought up as a contribution to The Contra Conference 2014. Mr K wanted to give it a shot and I felt like taking on a new game, so here you go. The game is pretty ridiculous and hard difficulty doesn't make matters any better. Be that as it may, I really enjoyed playing this with Mr K!

Stage 1 - In a word, Homing. Homeless finally found a home and is pretty much OP in this level. There is so much going on, but you don't need to see cause Homing can. My first strat I figured out here was using the second platform to get more bullets on the boss and killing it before it leaves the screen.

Stage 2 - Homing/Spread continues. Part way through, I have to dodge a bomb and pick up the N power-up. Yes, there is a power-up that gives you the Pea Shooter. Anyway, I figured out how to one cycle the Boss by using Homing as he jumps over us. This gives just enough damage to kill him before he starts phase 2.

Stage 3 - The bugs fly in from the foreground and are supposed to go to a corner. I got the best spawn ever and it killed me in the middle. Shenanigans. Mr K actually thought he died during the llama herd, but actually grabbed the bottom. Epic. MURPH helped here by suggesting getting Laser for the Ninja Mid-Boss. I then decided to also keep it for the stage boss as it penetrates his shell. Gold.

Stage 4 - Just watch this stage. It was deathless. Enough said.

Stage 5 - Much like stage 1, Homing is ridiculous here. The Crawler herd had so many close calls I can't believe it. The Queen put up a fight, but still dies. The Garbage Final Boss is garbage. But all in all, this was still a great run for what this game has to offer.

One of the best things was actively routing this game as we were still doing attempts. Contra Conference FTW! Be sure to listen to Track 2 which was the live audio while playing, it's priceless.