Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Character: Fighter] [0:09:27]
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Completion Date June 14, 2015
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Runner Paul 'The Reverend' Miller
Tag Character: Fighter
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Optimizations to my previously rejected QFG1VGA Fighter. Cuts time by more than 30 seconds.

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This run was done on the release of the game, with a few settings changed to the DOSBox configuartion. As previously agreed on in my other accepted runs, the configuration file changes XMS and EMS to false to prevent unavoidable crashes which would not allow for single-segment. The video output from "Overlay" to "OpenGL" to allow for FRAPS to make the recording.


Of course, I want to thank SDA for hosting such a great service. It is always my first place to check for speed runs, and the community is always super friendly and helpful. No trolls on these forums that I've encountered. :)

I want to thank Crow! for his advice on a route/strategy change after my first rejected Fighter submission to SDA.

I also would like to thank my wife, for the inspiration needed on running this class to come up with a good strategy. In particular, I kept trying to kill the Kobold to save the bear. My wife caught my frustration, and tongue and cheek suggested I kill the bear. She was right. :)

Also, as a minister, I have to give credit to God for giving me a little extra leisure time to practice the series of games I enjoy.


Points allocation in character creation emphasizes magic, throwing and weapon skill. The reason for this is a dependency on throwing, rather than climbing or magic, to do the two major events in the game: the Spirea Plants, and the Bear. More in those specific areas. Magic is used for Open as well as Calm. Weapon Skill allows you to hit the bear consistently and end the fight almost immediately (without dying to stamina loss).

After I gain control, of the character, I switch the Speed to HIGH. Not changing Detail to low saves a little time. I set movement to Run for obvious speed reasons. I purchase Open spell from Zara's shop, and then head over to the General Store to get two flasks. Using the TAB key to open the inventory, I am able to get the money pouch ready to purchase which saves a few extra seconds in the Magic Shop. Clicking the hand twice on the door to the General Shop avoids dialog with the centaur.

If you collect Rocks outside of the Potion Shop, they collect fast. I am specifically picking up 14 times for a reason. First, it pretty much guarantees my Throwing skill to be strong enough to get the Spirea Seed on the first try everytime. Second, it brings the bear down to one or two hits with the sword. Really, you only need to pick up 11 times, but 14 gives you a buffer to make sure you do not step right into the bear and end the game. Picking up 14 makes it so that I get the "you-are-no-longer-overweight" dialog which is my cue to attack. It is a safety-strat that only costs about two seconds at best. You can kill the bear with less throws, but you almost guarantee you will build your Agility to over 25 which makes the Faerie Circle do the "slow" version of the dance. Even then, the 25 Agility ceiling is tight enough using this strat that sometimes you end up with a "slow" dance anyway.

I head to Erana's Peace to get Calm and the Flowers.

Killing the bear was originally my wife's idea, as stated in the Credit section. The major change here is that rather than using potions acquired through returning the Ring, I rest for 30 minutes to give myself just enough Stamina to kill the bear (thanks, Crow!), then run immediately out to get the Spirea seed, and make sure I hear the phrase for the Ogre's Cave. The seeds are still the biggest troll of the entire game for speedrunning, and continue to give me nightmares, but it worked out fairly nice here. It seems like you must see the Seed spit once before you can target it with a Rock, and even then, the character only throws the rock on certain cycles. I rest for 60 minutes, and head to the Stables to kill more time and Stamina to be able to rest again. One more 60 minute rest makes it night.

I immediate run to the Meeps and get the Green Fur next. I rest 60 minutes just as I reach them and the game transitions to night. This allows me to get the Fairy Dust, which shows off the "fast" version of the dance.

By waiting until night, you do not have to chase the White Stag to get to the Dryad either. I sleep by the Dryad's tree to skip to the next day, but I move closer to the tree when I do so that when I awake, the Dryad scene immediately fires and gives me the next ingredient for the Dispel Potion. After getting the last ingredient (Flying Water), I head to the Potion Shop to make the Dispel Potion.

I run down to the Antwerp and cast Open to reveal/open the lock on the secret door. This door is a little frustrating on the RNG as well, but not nearly as bad as the Spirea Plants. Clicking the mouth icon on the character/door uses the secret phrase to allow you into the Cave. I rest for 60 minutes in here, thinking I will not have enough Magic Points which is incorrect. It is a reflex from running the "major skips" category which does require a rest. It does not eat up more than two or three seconds. The fact that there was no RNG encounters in the run MORE than makes up for it. I cast Calm on the Minotaur, head for the door casting Open on the way.

This section is pretty straight forward. You have to wait for specific moments or else the room will kill you, and you MUST wait for chandelier to fall on the Stooges to open the door. Not waiting results in a Game Over.

This went so smooth; I am happy with this Yorick's Room. Using TAB is much faster to get out the Dispel Potion, and there is no reason to switch to running to exit the room. Switching to run actually costs about a second more because of the menus than simply walking the short distance to the end of the game.


Better input, optimization of time/agility/throwing/stamina management of the bear fight, and a bit more speed on the Spirea Seed, but with no RNG encounters of any kind in this run, those might amount to ten seconds or so.