Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (ntscus) (xb360) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Casual] [Co-Op] [1:09:04]
Run Information
Completion Date June 8, 2015
State Published
Runner 'TaktikalZef'
Runner 'Ozu'
Tag Co-Op
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

We timed the run at 1:07:54 using WSplit. Actual timing may vary, based on precision of splitting. Time starts when you see "CHECKPOINT REACHED" at the end of the initial loading screen and ends when Nowak is shot and killed.

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Run Comments

Taktikal Zef (Player 1, left side)
Ozu (Player 2, right side)

This run is executed in an offline session of the unpatched Xbox 360 version of the game. The unpatched 360 version allows the shield glitch which is essential to the run.

-Type05 (ACOG and rifle scope)
-Desert Eagle (extended clip)
-Incendiary Grenade
-Flashbang Grenade (Ozu uses Smoke Grenades instead in Act I)

-Shield Glitch: Attempt to go into cover on a wall while changing to the shield weapon. Then move to another position, equip another weapon and press the cover button. This will cause you to warp to a spot that has the same horizontal position as the first position, with the vertical position and player orientation as the second position.
The reason this works is because the game has no animation for going into cover while equipping the shield.
-Iframes: Whenever a player spawns in after a death, he is invulnerable for a few seconds. In this time he is immune to bullets and grenades.
-Momentum: Continuing through a checkpoint area without stopping can result in certain enemies not spawning or behaving properly, often causing them to disappear as one approaches their trigger. Reloading from the checkpoint will cause all of the triggers to function normally and cause more enemies to spawn.
-Mike-Jung Warps: Bishop tells Mike and Jung to hold at the beginning of an area and then goes sufficiently far, then orders them to perform an action (diffusing a bomb, lining up on a door), causing them to warp to P1's location.
-Cutscene Invincibility: Self-explanatory
-Shoulder Bump: Both players line up on an outward-facing corner. One player peeks out from the corner in a crouched position, the other player peeks out from the corner in a standing position, then releases the cover button. This moves the second player onto the first player's shoulder.

-Timing begins when the message
appears on the screen and ends the instant Nowak is shot and killed.
-Splits are divided when the screen fades to black/white at the end of each act.

-Player 1 must be alive for a checkpoint to actually be triggered (even though the message will display if Player 2 reaches it first).
-Holstered weapons don't affect movement speed/ sprint capacity.
-If sprint is depleted, actions such as throwing grenades/reloading/opening doors do not lose time.
-Turret enemies, shield enemies, and rappelling and fast roping enemies can't be flashed.
-The best way to use the Desert Eagle is to briefly stand still right before shooting an enemy (stutter stepping).
-Opening the Loadout menu in the chopper switches the player's weapon to their primary weapon.
-Each enemy spawns with the same weapon every time.
-Enemies can shoot and kill the player even if their animation does not show them pointing the weapon at the player.
-Flashbangs blind players for much less time than they blind the enemy. An enemy will always be fully flashed if at all affected by a flash bang.
-Enemies can cause other enemies to become aggroed.


Nothing to do in the briefing room except position Zef so Monroe walks towards him, shortening the distance between him and the trigger which causes Nowak to move.

Ozu kills enemy in first room to allow Zef to run through quickly.
Must kill both snipers to proceed. Ozu kills self to catch up to Zef.
Zef kills two enemies outside with a grenade
Two guys inside following room must be killed before the next enemy room is reached, or else the next enemies will be aggroed.
Flash enemies in room because it's safer than trying to fight them
Sniper in next open area must be killed before Zef approaches rope to prevent aggroing enemies at the bottom of the rope.
Zef kills two enemies before breaking glass, Ozu cleans up last enemy
Zef banks flash to allow team to advance quickly. Must always kill guy on other side of the door, who's position is different depending on how fast team enters door.
Zef switches to incendiary grenade. Ozu kills two enemies to allow Zef to set up first sheild glitch of the game. This allows the players to skip the hostage room into the beginning of 1-2, and this prevents many enemies from spawning.

Because the hostage room was skipped, there are no enemies in this scene until the very end.
Ozu kills self to catch up to Zef and uses iframes to pass through exploding gas main.
Zef reloads as soon as Ozu passes checkpoint for final room to cause Nowak and Keller to spawn with us.
Zef throws incendiary to kill two enemies in room, then orders Nowak to diffuse the bomb. Zef throws more incendiaries to kill turret guys on the other side of the metal screeens. Ozu throws smoke grenades to cover Zef as he revives Nowak, and kills turret enemy on upper level. Alpha team is supposed to revive Nowak but player can revive them much faster if they can avoid dying.

Ozu kills self at beginning of stage to catch up to Zef. Zef orders Mike and Jung to hold to prevent them from suddenly dying (which occasionally happens at the beginning of 2-2).
Ozu kills one enemy and Zef kills one enemy.
Zef throws flashbang to blind two guys, because killing them will cause sniper to appear on fire escape outside the room, as well as other enemies on the roof. Skipping enemies on roof prevents enemies from spawning in room that Zef fast ropes into. Ozu allows self to be killed to catch up once again.
In red room, Ozu checks the right side to make sure an enemy is not present which will cause Zef to die as he runs up the stairs, then checks the left to kill enemy.

Zef fast ropes down roof while Ozu stays on top to cover him. Zef shoots enemy around corner, then flashbangs two groups of enemies to allow safe passage to next fast rope inside
Ozu kills self as Zef passes through a door. This will cause him to spawn inside the nightclub with iframes, making that room easier. It is important that Zef not aggro the enemies on the fast rope into the nightclub kitchen because this will cause them to kill him before he can get out.
Zef throws flashbang to blind two enemies that spawn, and Ozu spawns in and runs ahead with iframes.
Zef throws flashbang to blind enemy taking cover on slot machines.

Zef tells Mike and Jung to hold to prevent them from killing enemies that would spawn three guys running into the garage. Ozu throws flashbang ahead to prevent two enemies from shooting Zef and Ozu.
Zef throws incendiary to kill two enemies behind van (for safety). Ozu and Zef throw flashbangs to allow them to get to the checkpoint safely, then the team reloads at the checkpoint (this is to prevent a door in the next area from glitching and being unopenable).
Ozu throws flashbang because killing two guys behind barrier causes three to spawn in front of the steamroller. Zef kills self to set up an iframes trick.
Ozu throw two flashbangs which blind two guys (killing them will just spawn more guys). Zef spawns in and sprints past turret guy using iframes.

Zef throws flashbang to proceed safely (killing them causes more enemies in the next area to spawn). This flashbang must be timed to explode after the enemies are done walking forward, otherwise they will not be flashed.
Ozu throws flashband next to van to flash in an enemy while Zef runs forawrd to the checkpoint trigger. Zef reloads the checkpoint to cause the hostage to teleport forward and open the gate. Zef puts himself in a position next to hostage to allow him to move forward into the next area slightly. Zef tells Mike and Jung to move to a certain area to make them move quickly in the direcction of the door they must breach. The team moves into the sight of the camera to initiate Mike's breach charge animation.
Ozu throws flashbang left. Zef shoots window and climbs through while Ozu kills two guys which must be killed or else the mission fails.
Ozu kills shotgunner on the right while Zef sprints ahead, throwing flashbang to stun enemies as he runs throw the room.
Team reloads after checkpoint trigger to prevent a door in the next area from glitching and being unopenable.
Zef and Ozu kill enemies as fast possible to cause two guys to open a door. Team then throws grenades at the two enemies and runs to next room.
Zef throws flashbang into next room to make enemies easy to kill. Team kills these enemies to end level. (It is possible to place an incendiary grenade to kill all three enemies without killing hostages)

Team reloads to get both members as well as Mike and Jung to bottom of rope. All enemies in the area must be killed to allow Zef to order Mike and Jung to search van.
Ozu and Zef leisurely kill three enemies in room. Team must wait for dialog with Lawrence to finish before opening door to next area.
Team throws flashbangs to stun three enemies.
Zef throws flashbang forward, as high as possible to cause airburst flash. Ozu throws flashbang diagonally to stun remaining enemies.
Team loads at checkpoint before rock wall room to prevent a door from glitching and being unopenable.
Team kills lone enemy behind doorway and Zef runs to locker room to set up shield glitch. Ozu kills as many enemies as possible to allow Zef to activate shield glitch at top of second rock wall. Ozu throws flashbang to blind enemies at top of second rock wall.

Ozu kills self to set up iframes for next area. Zef tells Mike and Jung to hold to set for a Mike-Jung warp later on.
Zef banks flashbang off of window to stun enemy on balcony. Zef and Ozu throw incendiaries accross bridge to clear enemies.
Zef and Ozu run through room which is empty because of the speed of the runners.
Zef kills self to set up iframes for run through open area before stadium. Ozu throws flashband to blind two enemies and allow team to safely pass through.
Zef orders Mike and Jung to put bomb on door. They warp from the point where they were told to hold earlier.
Before cutscene activates, team runs towards door on the left to open it. This allows them to walk through it when the cutscene activates. Zef throws a grenade to explode open a door (this is the only way to open it before the cutscene activates).
Team quickly opens door at the end of the cutscene and runs through before enemies can shooot them. Multiple enemies in the next room don't spawn because team is far ahead of where they should be. Only one guy spawns which must be killed.
Ozu throws flashbang to blinds enemies in last hot room and allow Zef to run through.

Zef runs to a shield glitch setup point while Ozu clears the way to the point where it will be activated. Once activated, Zef strafes into the checkpoint trigger and reloads. This clears all enemies from the area and teleports Mike and Jung forward.
Team sprint through next room, ignoring enemies.
Team sprints around upper level of library atrium to the back. Here they must kill one shield guy in the middle to activate the door to the next room.

Team resupplies to gain enough flashbangs to get through next area.
Team advances as far as possible during cutscene invulnerability. Ozu throws flashbang to the right to blind enemies. Zef throws flashbang forward to blind shotgun enemy which spawns.
Team sprints through first backyard room.
Ozu throws flashbang to blind all enemies in second backyard room.
Team throws multiple flashbangs in third backyard room. Incidentally, team must be in this room when the flashbangs explode, otherwise the enemies will not be stunned.
Ozu throws single flashbang forward and to the left to stun the enemies in the fourth backyard room. Zef throws flashbang over wall into the alley to stun enemies.
In junkyard, Mike and Jung are told to hold. The enemy on the left and the enemy shooting the helicopter are ignored. After climbing over the second wall, Zef throws flashbang to the right. Ozu climbs over the second wall and throws a flashbang forward over pile of junk. Zef throws flashbang as he rounds the corner and throws a flashbang into the final enemy area. The team sprints to Miguel and reloads, so he doesn't get shot by enemies after the cutscene initiates.

Team uses shoulder bump to get onto a railing which allows Zef to run into an area that can't normally be accessed. Zef presses up against an invisible wall and Ozu kills himself. This causes him to spawn in front of the invisible wall where he uses a fast rope normally reserved for enemies dropping in. Zef kills himself as soon as Ozu spawns in.
Ozu runs forward, moving behind cover until Zef spawns, at which point the team runs directly to the door.

Zef uses incendiary to kill a group of 3 enemies. Ozu kills the sniper and the sniper and turret enemy, then the team runs forward to kill the enemy behind the turret.
Zef uses a shield glitch to teleport through a door which is only openable after Mike and Jung open the van. Since Mike and Jung never open the van, the enemies in the next area never spawn.
Team reloads at checkpoint because Mike and Jung can't get through the door and are not far enough to cause them to warp to the team.
Team fights their way through the next area so Zef can tell Mike and Jung to look at the security monitors. Zef uses a shield glitch that teleports him behind doors that only open after the cutscene. However, there is an invisible wall behind that which he can't move through until the scene is finished.
Zef orders Mike and Jung into the next area to kill an enemy that spawns as soon as the cutscene is finished.
Zef sets up shield glitch which will allow him to warp to the end of the scene after the bomb on Dennis Cohen is diffused. Ozu kills 2 enemies in the next room.
Zef catches up to Ozu and throws an incendiary at the two enemies standing together, while Ozu throws a flashbang to blind the third enemy behind the pillar.
Ozu throws a flashbang to stun the two enemies in the pool room.
Zef and Ozu kill the three enemies in the next room, this allows Zef to tell Mike and Jung to diffuse the bomb on Cohen. Ozu moves up to the upper level to a position that allows him to kill the enemies as they spawn, while Zef, Mike, and Jung kill the enemies on the lower level. When the enemies are dead and the dialog begins, Zef teleports to the beginning of the area and opens a door which allows team to proceed to the next scene.

Zef tells Mike and Jung to hold and switch their Rule of Engagement to infiltrate to lessen the odds of them killing the enemies at the beginning of the level. Zef kills the first enemy and Ozu throws a flashbang left to blind two enemies which, if killed, spawn many enemies.
Ozu throws a flashbang to blind two enemies at the bottom of the fast rope.
Zef throws a flashbang over the U-shaped barrier to blind enemies and allow team to run through.
Ozu throws flashbang right to blind single enemy.
Team runs through very long room, ignoring enemies fast roping in (killing them causes two guys to come running around the corner). Team kills enemy behind sign.
Team runs through next area. Zef throws flashbang to cover them as they run.

Zef kills self to set up iframes. Ozu throws flashbang to the left to blind enemy, then sprints forward quickly to cause a shield enemy to despawn (only his feet can be seen).
Zef uses iframes to kill two enemies at close range at the top of the stairs.
Ozu throws flashbang forward and Zef throws incendiary left to kill a shield enmy (two will spawn in the same spot if team is slow).
Team throws incendiaries to kill enemy in locker room (three enemies will spawn close together if team is not extremely fast).
Team reloads at checkpoint to prevent a glitch which keeps enemies from spawning in next area which must be killed for Mike to finish diffusing the bomb.
Team kills lone enemy, pulls out SMGs, then kills enemies while sprinting up escalator. Two guys will spawn as the team gets close to the area, two more guys spawn as the team runs up the escalator, and two additional shield guys would spawn if the team was not far enough up the escalator before killing the second pair of enemies.
The team hides behind a railing and throws incendiaries to kill two shield enemies near the bomb. Zef orders Mike and Jung to diffuse bomb as soon as possible at top of escalator. Upon issuing command, two guys begin roping down outside, which the team kills. At a certain point in the dialog, three enemies begin roping down, and killing these ends the diffusal dialog.

Zef flashes first two enemies
Zef flashes three enemies clustered in room. Team must quickly sprint down staircase after this room because a a regular enemy and a shield enemy spawn on the staircase if the team is slow.
Zef shoots enemy standing alone.
Zef throws incendiary two kill two enemies and quickly shoots window to prepare it for climbing through. By this time Ozu has caught up.
Ozu throws two flashbangs through window to allow Zef to safely pass through. He throws an incendiary to kill a sheild enemy (which can't be flashed). Team rappels down.
Zef sets up a shield glitch while Ozu flashes enemies. Ozu runs forward to open doors for Zef.
Ozu flashes two enemies (killing them causes another to spawn in the next room), allowing Zef to run through hallway.
Zef rappels down, runs forward and enters a hallway, then activates the shield glitch. Because he teleports forward, enemies that normally spawn don't spawn. This allows him to sprint through and activate the cutscene on the balcony.
Team fastropes down off the balcony, and Zef throws a series of flashbangs to allow them to pass through this area. Killing these enemies will cause multiple shield enemies to spawn near the turrets. Ozu throws an incendiary to blow up the enemies on the turret.
Team throws flashbangs into the next area to clear the way for them to run to the fast rope which ends the scene.

Ozu kills an enemy at close range and kills the second enemy at range to prevent enemies further on from aggroing. Zef kills self to set up iframes.
Ozu uses a single flash (instead of two, required when enemies are aggroed) to blind enemies.
Ozu runs forward and throws a flashbang to blind enemies in the next area. Zef spawns in and the team sprints forward. Killing enmies in this area causes shield enemies to run out from behind a corner, and they are difficult to kill.
Ozu uses incendiary to kill enemy. Team runs through hot area where enemies throw smokes.

Team throws two flashes to blind enemies (killing them initiates a cut scene). Zef uses sheild glitch to skip entire level.

Ozu throws incendiary grenades to kill three regular enemies and two shield enemies that spawn after the first three are dead.
Zef throws a flashbang to stun three enemies which run down the stairs, and Ozu kills the two which fast rope down.
Outside, Zef roams around the stage killing enemies, while Ozu uses the turret to kill enemies and call out targets. The appearance of two shield enemies signals the end of the enemies, which causes the chopper to come.

Team falls down the hatch instead of using the ladder.
Zef flimbs through a window while Ozu kills two enemies to prevent them from shooting Zef in the back as he runs to the checkpoint trigger and reloads.
Ozu kills the turret enemy and enemy standing behind the barrier while Zef sprints forawrd and throws flashbangs to blind enemies. He sprints to the next checkpoint trigger before the sheild enemies can kill him.
Team throws flashbangs to blind two enemies on the ground and two on the catwalks, then sprints to 6-2

Team sprints down lane between train cars, shooting one enemy as they get close. Zef throws flashbang to blind two enemies that appear on the stairs (killing them causes two troublesome enemies to spawn inside the next room).
Ozu throws safety flash over machinery in yellow room. Team sprints to end of level.

Zef sets up shield glitch which allows him to teleport out of room (normally team is trapped until a certain amount of time after they turn off the alarm). Ozu deactivates alarm when Zef gets close to the barrier which opens when alarm is deactivated. Ozu kills self to catch up.
Zef shoots enemy at top of stairs and throws flash before enemy on the left can see him (being seen causes two enemies to spawn at the bottom of the stairs after the enemy)
Ozu throws flash up and to the left to blind enemies on middle left and catwalk above. Team runs through next area.
In yellow generator room, team shoots lone guy on left and then uses incendiaries to clear enemy as well as shield enemies behind double doors.

Team runs through first area and flashes enemy on right and runs through.
Then in the hallway, Zef throws a flash to blind enemies so team can run through.
After activating Nowak cutscene, team lines up on boxes to prevent enemies from firing and cause the explosion to happen earlier.

Zef reloads at bottom of rope to spawn whole team.
Ozu throws two incendiaries to kill three enemies. Zef kills enemy on corner of hut, and throws flashbang to allow team to advance. While crouching behind hut, Ozu throws flashbang through hut door and shoots turret enemy. Team moves through area, killing enemies as they run.
Ozu kills enemy on left porch next to hot tub. Zef throws flash through window of workout room, opens door and shoots enemy. Team throws incendiaries at and through door to clear five to six enemies on patio after workout room. Zef throws an incendiary into the fuse box room to kill the lone enemy within.

Team ignores enemies between the hallway and the garage.
Zef shoots enemy in front of door then team sprints up stairs into house.
Team sprints forward and kills two enemies on the other side of a door. Zef sets up a shield glitch
Ozu throws a flashbang to blind two enemies in the next open room.
Team kills enemy on stairs and Zef runs up stairs to activate shield glitch.
Zef runs from the point he teleports into to the checkpoint before the room, then reloads.
Zef tells Mike to disarm the bomb. Ozu revives him as soon as he goes down. Team clears room and proceeds.\

Zef runs to the cutscene trigger while Ozu equips LMG with recoil control stock as well as heavy armor.
Team hides behind planter until Joanna is finished talking. Zef watches for enemy rappelling down on the right and shoots him when he comes down. After the dialog, Ozu shoots chopper until it shoots missiles, then the team runs right. Team shoots enemies until the chopper is ready to fire its missiles again, then the team sprints to the left. Team throws a flashbang into the tennis court then runs to the hut, where they shoot enemies until the chopper goes down. Then they shoot Nowak.