Postal 2: Paradise Lost () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Very Hard] [1:18:50]
Run Information
Completion Date May 2, 2015
State Published
Runner Nikita 'NWill' Abramov
Segments 35
Verification Thread
Run Comments

First Postal 2 Paradise Lost speedrun on very hard.
Number of segments - 35
Made by: Abramov "NWill" Nikita
All glithes and skips in Paradise Lost were found by myself.
List of glitches and skips:
Krotchy vs Textures Skip - 13:37
Wiped textures Skip - 15:32
Legless Jordan Skip - 57:31
Even items glitch - 58:35 (all of even items will stay on the floor after the cutscene, all odd items will erase)
Stalker's camp Skip : 1:27:57

There are more glitches in PL but I haven't find the way to exploit them, if you are intrested in that, feel free to send me a message.

Special thanks to Egor "LEAF" Sergiyenko for affording me his PC and for mental support.
Also thanks Drammo for rendering all that videos.

Thank you, RWS, for making such a great add-on for a very cool game.
Thank you, SDA, for your verification and support.