F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate: Bonus Missions] [0:06:29]
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Completion Date March 3, 2015
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Runner 'Overfiendvip'
Tag F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate: Bonus Missions
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These are in better quality than my old, recently-submitted full-game runs.

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Bonus Missions

Exclusive to F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate are the three bonus missions unlocked when you complete the regular campaign. Clinic, Arena, and Sprint are individual levels that are timed to the full second after they are completed.

Bonus Mission 1 - Clinic
Clinic is the easiest mission to lose time in from being blocked, and has the trickiest ending. Thankfully, you don't have to kill all of the grunts that spawn in the last area to unlock the door and reach the end - only two groups are key. Proxy mines help greatly in taking one of these groups out.

This was a high 1:43 - approximately 1:43.85 if my analysis is accurate. I believe 1:42 is certainly possible, perhaps even 1:41. I took some pretty safe lines to minimize blockage, picked up the health booster, and didn't have as clean of an exit to the stage as I would have liked, so I think grinding out this stage with more risks would eventually yield an improvement, although most of the difficulty to this stage lies in not being hindered by grunts and getting through the window of the medical facility.

Bonus Mission 2 - Arena
In Arena, enemy spawnpoints are basically not random, but enemies can always choose to act differently or put up a tougher fight. Items that are dropped, as well as the locations in which they are dropped, are also not random, but there's not much you need other than a few medkits to ensure survival against the mechanical enemies, the two deployable turrets for support, and the MP-50 to slaughter the final waves. It is also handy to snag the Particle Weapon from one of the rope grunts. Taking as little recoil from enemy attacks as possible can help speed up the stage. The enemies that deal the most recoil are the Heavy Riot Armor and Powered Armor.

Since the pace is determined primarily on how well the player aims and disposes of enemies, this could theoretically be a few seconds faster, although I am unsure as to how low this could go. My previous personal best for this stage was a 3:36, and at the time, I was only aiming for 3:33, thinking that would be a logical goal, yet I somehow skipped from 3:36 to this time of 3:27 after making a few small changes.

Bonus Mission 3 - Sprint
Sprint is, as the name suggests, a mad dash to the end of the mission. This was by far the easiest mission to perform in and optimize, and is the most optimized out of the three as a result. There isn't much that can end an attempt at a 1:20 or better, but there are some substantial run-enders. You can occasionally get stuck on objects in the office area where the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles flood in, and can also be blocked by the UAVs. It may be difficult to tell but in the run, I perform a near-instant crouch glitch to squeeze by them, which is usually necessary. The Heavy Riot Armor can inflict tremendous damage, and combined with the group of grunts afterward, surviving to the end is not in the player's favor.

I am uncertain as to whether 1:18 is possible. This run was a 1:19.5 by my analysis, so I am not sure if even tighter movement, more item skipping (such as the group of items before the Heavy Riot Armor), and praying you aren't obliterated as a result of skipping more items, would amount to another half-second saved.

Clinic [0:01:43]
Arena [0:03:27]
Sprint [0:01:19]