Final Fight (ntscus) (arcade) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Character: Cody] [0:22:53]
Run Information
Completion Date April 9, 2015
State Published
Runner Sean 'MURPHAGATOR!' Murphy
Tag Character: Cody
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Run Comments

So this is Final Fight arcade. I play using Cody since he has by far the most strengths out of the cast. Most of whats going on in this run is explained in the audio commentary, so I would advise listening to it if you are interested in all the details of the run.

Notes about game mechanics and several other details are layed out on the knowledge database (

Since I am running on factory defaults and require a 1cc, I am only allowed 2 deaths in this run. In this particular run, the first death happened during an autoscroller where it could not have costed time, and the second happened during the most difficult fight in the game, where dying actually sets up the fight to be significantly more possible, so I am very satisfied with that portion of the run. While I am a bit disapointed that Belger escaped me for a while, the luck on the Abigail fight and the fight before the elevator in Uptown more than make up for that.

I hope everyone enjoys this, and hopefully I'll have some more Final Fight stuff to share in the future.