Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Deaths] [Large-skip glitches] [0:10:28]
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Completion Date Feb. 15, 2015
State Obsolete
Tag Deaths
Tag Large-skip glitches
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Time is 11:08. Starts from the first running frame to the end when Abe pulls the lever.

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Run Comments

This is my first ever single segment submission to SDA, and it was streamed on Twitch at the day of running. This was my overall goal for this game and that was to get a sub 11:10. I'm glad I have achieved this goal. The final time for this run is 11:08! The Slog AI was perfect and the backwards jump and the diagonal fall glitch were the hardest glitches to pull off! I'm glad I have done it all in a single segment! I will look forward to submitting a New 'n' Tasty run when the PC version is out and also a 100% PC single segment run!

Basically a new glitch discovered by Sligfantry allowed me to single segment this game and overall my moves were very solid and sleek. I really need to thank Sligfantry here for the discovery of the skip. Thanks a lot Sligfantry! The new skip involves the death delay glitch with the bees in the Monsaic Lines. We can now skip Paramonia and Scrabania altogether! Instead of just jumping to get the DDG to work, you can trigger it by sneaking! Just slide into the bees after walking in and out of the screen, get attacked and then when they fly away, position yourself so that Abe is facing left, wait three seconds, sneak three steps and the let go of sneak! Then the next part of the puzzle was finding out how to lower Abe down to the screen below the high ledge after running past the native Mudokon. This is where Sligfantry came in! He was able to set up an auto turn delay using the bees which enabled Abe to perform a backwards jump. The fastest way to do it as discovered by Dooty is to roll three tiles and after the third one, quickly press left and Abe will jump backwards! Abe is able to move on, softly climbing down ledges. Abe can also jump over a mine on the screen with the Sligs and the mines and with that, it made the run a lot easier! The invisible section was hard but I could still hear his footsteps and that was the only clue I had when I was invisible!

Shunpuk found a glitch which we call the Multiple Backwards Jump that can skip Zulag 2 and 3! Plus, Yaritaina found a glitch which is called the Quick Bird Portal Closure! To do this glitch, the Mudokon needs to be behind and Abe chants, walks a few steps and chants again and starts running before the Mudokon enters the portal! There are only a few rescues in the game that this will be handy for a 100% run and Dooty will be showcasing those in the next 100% TAS Update. Yaritaina also found a quicker strat in the Stockyards where Abe can get passed the Slig after the screen with the mine and the sleeping Slig a lot quicker than my previous run!

I hope you enjoy my run! I also have this run on YouTube showing my split times! Any questions? You can contact me on the SDA forums.