Hitman: Absolution () (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Easy] [0:47:39]
Run Information
Completion Date Dec. 6, 2014
State Published
Runner Mirko Brown
Runner Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Segments 20
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A Personal Contract [0:03:15]

Nothing worth to mention. It's the tutorial.

The King of Chinatown [0:00:45]

The Silentassassin method is the fastest. It's a little bit random, cause a panic on time.

Terminus [0:02:07]

There is always one guys who gets alerted by the point shooting, but nevertheless its faster to use the front entry.

The rest is just straight forward.

Run For Your Life [0:06:01]

Nothing worth to mention here.

Hunter and Hunted [0:04:23]

The point shooting is tricky, because when you don't kill the bodyguards they will spot you and one is in a very bad position.

Killing the three guys in chinatown is also a lot about positioning and timing.

Rosewood [0:03:52]

Nothing worth to mention here, its just straight forward.

Welcome to Hope [0:00:31]

With the bottle you can skip a fight.

Birdie's Gift [0:00:46]

The path to the shooting range is a deadspot and the key to the office can be taken.

Shaving Lenny [0:02:12]

Much point shooting.

End of the Road [0:00:01]

This Leve... Oh it's already over.

Dexter Industries [0:03:43]

Nothing worth to mention here.

Death Factory [0:04:46]

Nothing worth to mention here.

Fight Night [0:01:37]

Listening to the conversation is the faster way. After throwing the remote explosive you need to wait a bit, otherwise you will only kill the viwers of the fight. Funfact: With a little bit luck, you can get a silent assain rating this way.

Attack of the Saints [0:02:57]

It's all about positioning and point shooting.

Skurky's Law [0:01:56]

Nothing worth to mention here.

Operation Sledgehammer [0:03:46]

Straight forward level, where the only challenge is not to get spotted.

One of a Kind [0:00:24]

Even Hitmans need a new suit from time to time.

Blackwater Park [0:01:46]

The first part can be finished even with everybody on high alert. Sadly, it doesn't apply for the second part.

That's why you have to pick up the disguise.

Countdown [0:00:34]

For some reason the disguise gives you a higher resistance against explosions.

Absolution [0:02:17]

The guards near the beginning and the end of the first part need to go, so you get a disguise and don`t get disturbed with the lockpicking. The rest is just point shooting from the right position.