Super Mario 63 (pc) (flash) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:09:57]
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Completion Date Dec. 14, 2014
State Obsolete
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My time estimate is 9:53.
If that is off, change my comments to show the accurate time difference.

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Run Comments

This is my Super Mario 63 speedrun. It beat the previous time, 11:32 by ihavenoname248, by 1 minute and 35 seconds. I lagged a lot, which cost a good bit of time.
However, I still did very well. Routing alone saves about 30 seconds over the previous time. The game is really glitchy and poorly made in some places, so you may notice
the sound glitching at various points in the run.

I will now go over the route and note how I saved and lost time:

Tutorial 1:
I lost a little time from hitting a goomba in the first room.
The end of the second room is almost impossible to do well. So many enemies, and their positions are RNG.
In the last room, I miss a jump for a second and take slightly longer in getting to the pipe.

I have to talk to Eddie so that I am able to lose lives to do a Game Over warp later.
It is really odd, but you can't lose lives until you collect a star.
I think I open the door, but I actually missed it, so I hesitate in entering.

Bowser in the Dark World:
There are various ways to kill yourself. In this method, you can bounce up, but you can also get boosted down.
Instead of spinning twice, I spin and then dive to get on the other side of Bowser.
Here is one of the most major mistakes of the run. For some reason, Bowser didn't hit the bomb. I have to improvise to through him and still
be able to skip the invincibility frames by catching him.

This is one of the two major time saves. I pause as I grab the key, and then jump. This cancels the key, so I don't enter Tutorial 2.
I then die to go back to the castle, because grabbing the key sets it so you can't Exit Level, so you can't skip T2 easily.
You can Game Over in Tutorial 2 instead, but it is faster not to, because it skips the cutscene and the time it takes to die in Tutorial 2.
In fact, if you do Tutorial 2 perfectly, it's faster than Game Overing in T2.
This skip saves about 7 seconds over a perfect Tutorial 2, and about 10 seconds over Game Overing in Tutorial 2.

Bowser's Castle:
While entering Bowser's Castle, I bonk my head and lose a bit of time.

Here is the second major time save. By pausing as you rocket, you trick the game into refilling your FLUDD because you never leave the ground,
but it still applies the momentum. By doing this, you can rocket twice, and skip the room where you get Turbo FLUDD in a normal playthrough.
This saves about 20 seconds.

I grab the invincibility star, which may seem slower. However, I can Turbo through lava, so it saves time.
I lose a bit of time by triple jumping in the lava, and from doing an Air Rocket. (An Air Rocket is done by passing through a platform after Rocketing.)
For some reason, I ground pound outside the entrance to the fight with Robot Bowser.

During the second room, I miss a jump onto a rotating platform.
Right before the launch star, a meteor pushes me under the platform, and I get stuck for a second.

This fight was pretty much perfectly executed.

I would have gotten a much better time if lag didn't kick in a lot during this section.
Normally the sound doesn't mute itself, it just becomes softer. It is very annoying when the game glitches the sound.
I lose a bit of time because I lose my invincibility frame before I go through the fire, so I have to get hit again.
I lose some time because I land on the collapsing section of the platform after my dive.
I fail the dash dive onto a koopa, instead just doing a normal dive.