Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (ntscus) (gba) [Any %] [Individual Level] [0:09:57]
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Completion Date Dec. 7, 2014
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Runner Jordan 'Greenalink' Greener
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Airship's Revenge IL run!
Yes I have recently got my hands on an accessory that allows me to import game saves from the internet into my actual GBA cartridge. This allowed me to import a save that has a level that was missing from my first set of IL runs.

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Promo-1: Airship's Revenge [0:01:01]

Another autoscroller but this one has a skip that saves over 1 minute. The method is to perform a zip that leads to final area and then wait, the game has no barrier when going above or below the camera but it has a barrier on both sides preventing Mario going too far to the left or right off-screen. Waiting is required during this run so getting the zip first try is not important but it has to be done quickly because one of the grey bolt like platforms eventually unloads preventing Mario to stop at his ideal position before the upcoming part.

After the camera stops panning downwards, starts going to the right and the timer says 231, I hold B + Right and then press the A button for 3 full jumps, after the third jump I rapidly press Down and Right to enter the pipe. This is the most consistent way of entering the pipe off-screen. The only downside is that I have little to zero speed before the next area so I cannot land on the 2 slightly raised blocks to the right for a slightly faster kill. If you don’t have enough speed when entering the next area (absolutely going to happen when doing the reliable off-camera strat) then you got to shoot one fireball right after gaining control, then go to the leftmost part of the lowest section, turn right and shoot 4 more fireballs. From that position the fireball never touches a wall and hits Morton instead.

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