Normality (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:23:00]
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Completion Date Nov. 23, 2014
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Runner Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko
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This is a single-segment run of ┬źNormality┬╗ done in 23 minutes and 45 seconds on PC via DOSBox 0.74. Run starts when you take control of Kent (mouse pointer appears), run ends when the game exits. 4 minutes and 31 seconds improvement. New comments.

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Run Comments

This is a single-segment run of «Normality» done in 23 minutes on PC via DOSBox 0.74. Run starts when you take control of Kent (mouse pointer appears), run ends with last mouse input.

You can control main character with both keyboard and mouse independently.


Mouse controls:

Left button held down: move forward/backwards by moving the mouse up and down, rotate by moving left or right.

Right button pressed: triggers voodoo doll that has Use, Examine, Pick-up, Talk actions on it.

By holding both left and right mouse buttons you can rotate view.


Keyboard hotkeys:

Arrow keys — movement

Shift — run

E — examine

I — inventory (also can be triggered by clicking on rotating backpack icon)

M — map

O — options

P — pick-up

T — talk

U — use

. — skip lines/some cutscenes

For speedrunning purposes it's more effective to use both. The main problem is left hand constantly shifting between arrow keys and hotkeys (remove O keycap on your keyboard to avoid triggering options accidently). This results in small delays between moving and making actions in some locations.

In this game you can skip a lot of items or use different items for solving same puzzles, I chose items that I believe provide the fastest progress.


1. Kent's flat

There are multiple ways to free rat in washing machine. I use scissors as it doesn't trigger cutscene like sharkpoon pickup in bathroom does.


2. Plush-Rest Furniture Factory

In this game some objects could be triggered from anywhere, some of them require certain distance. You can open factory door almost right from the initial position.

After the conversation with factory's owner I pick up radio items and then open a door to get the battery. It is better to open the door first and then pick up radio stuff. Saves about 2-3 seconds of waiting for the door to close.

I found out that you can open a locker through "window" in the blue door. That way you keep the door opened => save time.


3. TVN Station

You don't have to approach bouncer to give him the rat. Having him on screen is enough to trigger any action.

When visiting Mr. Johnson in his office try to block the door with Kent to save time.


4. The MINT Mall

Notice how I approach the Norm by running on the right side of the hallway. After he confiscates your extinguisher game will trigger conversation with him and after that game will reposition Kent a little bit further. That repositioning can trigger another conversation if you ran on the left side or close to the center of the hallway.

After you flew one puppy out of the shop, game allows you to skip similar cutscenes.

Door block in the food shop is the trickiest. Door actually closes but game clips Kent through the door to solve stuck issue.


5. Ordinary Outpost

The main thing here is that you don't have to wait for the elevator doors to close, just press Use on the bottom edge of the door to skip it.

Another door block is performed in scanner room. I cut patient's straps with scissors (another reason to get them in Kent's flat). On this floor you can't trigger elevator keypad from any distance; you need to cross the spot where the patient lay.


5. Ordinary Outpost prison

If you destroy evidence against you (same floor with the scanner room) you will be locked in prison after conversation with Paul. Destroying the evidence is a long process: you need to return to Plush factory for cogs, repair grinder, get rid of handprints. And when you end up in prison, a lot of event will be on fixed timers, so destroying evidence is a bad choice speedrun wise.

If you do not destroy it, you will end up as a warden in the same prison, doing some penalty time. You have camera crew on your back which will randomly interrupt some of your actions (orange dialogue lines). The goal here is to destroy 4 bugs and then release Saul/escape. After the bugs have been found you can destroy them with a book or steam. I prefer book option.


6. TV Shop

I always thought that a player needs to lock up shop's owner to continue, but apparently it is not true. After owner is gone, use the box; don't bother with locking him up.


7. Stadium

In the last catacomb location where you need to use brace on ACCESS sign to open secret laboratory, you can pick up the brace immediately after using it on ACCESS sign. Secret door won't close. Brace will be in the inventory. But when you will go back with Saul's brain the brace will be in place pushing the ACCESS sign. So you basically duplicate it.


PC build and software used:

QuadCore Intel Core i5-3570K, 3400 MHz

ASRock Z77 Pro3

8076 MB (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM)

Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7770

Hitachi HDS721050CLA362 HDD

Win 7 64

OBS 0.635b to capture the game

Original Normality CD (I tested GOG rerelease of this game too and haven't found any weird glitches that are not part of the original release, so I guess it's OK to use GOG version)


DOSBox 0.74 configuration (everything else is default):

windowresolution=1440 x 900


Mount C C:\Games

Mount F F:\ -t cdrom






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