TimeShift (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Casual] [1:07:26]
Run Information
Completion Date Nov. 1, 2014
State Obsolete
Segments 38
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

- LQ, MQ, HQ and IQ versions encoded with anrichan.
- The run consists of 24 levels, split into a total of 38 segments. Individual levels/segments is as follows:
* Level 1: 2 Segments
* Level 2: 4
* Level 3: 1
* Level 4: 1
* Level 5: 1
* Level 6: 1
* Level 7: 2
* Level 8: 1
* Level 9: 1
* Level 10: 1
* Level 11: 2
* Level 12: 1
* Level 13: 1
* Level 14: 1
* Level 15: 2
* Level 16: 2
* Level 17: 1
* Level 18: 3
* Level 19: 2
* Level 20: 1
* Level 21: 2
* Level 22: 2
* Level 23: 2
* Level 24: 1

- The final time is 1:07:17 (not counting segment penalty). This is around 22 minutes faster than the current run posted on SDA.

- This is my first submission on SDA, so if I forgot to mention something, please let me know.

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Run Comments

Thank you for watching my very first (and probably last) speed run of this game. The previous Timeshift run was made in 2008, back then I helped find most of the tricks and shortcuts for it. In fact, I used the previous run as a template to track how fast (or slow) my progress was and its main the reason why I'll be referencing the differences between the old run and mine from time to time.

The difficulty I've chosen is Casual, it differs from the other two in that you only take 50% of damage from enemies (and presumably other hazards as well) instead of 100% on skilled difficulty and 120% on Elite. Furthermore it takes five seconds for your shields to recharge instead of seven, other than that the game is the same and your time powers recharge don't recharge any faster.

The main three guns I use are the KM 2103 Karbine (the assault rifle type weapon), the ShatterGun (shotgun) and the ThunderBolt (crossbow). The first one is mostly used because of the 4 rifle grenades it has, the shotgun is a quick close range kill (most of the time) and the crossbow is simply the best weapon in the game since it has relatively high ammo capacity, short reload time and it's basically a one hit kill for most enemies.

The two main types of shortcuts in this game come in the form of both grenade boosting and time-reversing objects:

Grenade boosting can be achieved quite simply by dropping an assault rifle grenade at your feet and exploding it as you jump. Also, if you hold down the trigger the grenade does not explode until you let go off it, making it easier to time. Alternately you can use the crossbow's bolts to boost yourself up, they deal less damage than grenades which means you can do it twice without stopping however they give you less boost.

The concept behind using time-reversed objects to reach higher places (or vantage points) was first shown by the developers themselves in one of the trailers for the game. From that original idea, I found out that when first using time slow and then exploding grenades next to barrels, they launch up in the air (without time slow they just fall quickly to the ground) and by making them reach a certain height, they let you get from medium to high to reach places to (in some cases) the top of the map and even go out of bounds. So when researching potential shortcuts it quickly became a case of "is there a barrel nearby?" Other objects you can use are bigger barrels, wooden planks, yellow barrels that already exploded (not recommended), quad wheels, and chairs (although they are very unpredictable). In fact, once you start using time reverse on top of an object, you never really know what's going to happen, you might reach a higher place, or it might just send you flying across the map.

Disclaimer: Any time references between this speedrun and the previous one are only an approximation timed by me.

Level 1: Arrival

I was only able to find one shortcut on this level jumping over the fence with a grenade boost instead of waiting for the helicopter to clear the path for you.

After that, there isn't much to point out, since I'll be losing all of my guns and ammo on the next level, it's faster to just use the rifle grenades on enemies and cut waiting time as much as possible.

Level 2: Back Again

I've split this level in 4 segments, but in hindsight I might have been able to do it in 2 or 3. The level starts with killing 3 guards and waiting for your buddies to open the wooden gates, I've managed to jump over it with grenades a few times but it's very difficult. After that, instead of waiting for the sentry to blow the wall I place a barrel near the top ladder and I time-reverse my way up. Even though the sentry hasn't spawned yet, the tunnel connecting the two buildings collapses anyway; I'm guessing it's scripted.

In the next room I'm not really sure how many soldiers I have to kill, sometimes I kill the ones on the back and that's enough to trigger the soldier that kicks the door, sometimes there is two enemies alive and it triggers, sometimes it only takes one to be alive, so I just kill everyone.

Moving on to the part where there is a fence blocking the way, you are supposed to kill all nearby enemies to trigger a sentry that blows the gate up. Now, like I mentioned earlier, there is really no sure way to know what is going to happen once you step on an object (in this case a blue barrel) and you press the reverse time button. In this case, it launched me onto the air almost half way through the other section! You can tell this was the first time this has happened to me from my reaction once I land! After that it's only a matter of keep moving forward, using time slow to bypass enemies and occasionally use the shotgun to, at least, stun them. All in all, I managed to save around one and half minutes.

Level 3: New Blood

This level showcases the first major shortcut in the game. After my teammates are done talking (you can bypass this conversation but the game doesn't activate your time-reverse), I get rid of as many enemies as I can so they don't drain my health while I break the wooden table and put it in position. For the time-reverse jump I need to place the wood really high because even though the fence is not that tall, the invisible wall is.

After jumping across I run to the level exit, shooting enemies to get assault rifle ammo (which also gives grenades), a quick Jesus walk through the water and the level is done. A funny thing that happens is some overlapping V.O. at the end.

Level 4: Infiltration

Second major shortcut in the game, saving almost three minutes compared to the old run. The only thing worth mentioning is once I jump over the fence two trucks show up, I only need to kill everyone in the second truck for the button on the wall to activate. If I start running down the slope and enemies from the sides on top don't spawn and start shooting me, then someone on the second truck didn't die and the button will remain turned off.

Level 5: Ground Floor

The main new time savers on this level are the grenade boost over the forklift and the wall afterwards. Once I get out of the ducts (where I almost get stuck twice) I have to kill all the enemies for the jail doors to open. It is possible to get to the doors much faster by going to the right once you exit the ducts but they will be closed. The reason why I suddenly go to the right when I exit the ducts is because there is usually an enemy there but he wasn't, he was in the hall for some reason, just a small mistake. Right after killing everyone I use time stop to get to the door, I don't know why I have to do this but testing revealed that if I don't, often times the doors won't open until the guard finishes his speech and I have to manually activate them.

Level 6: Heist

This level shows what I can do by playing on an easier difficulty setting, since on the previous run you had to be way more cautious with your health. Overall I've saved once on a half minutes.

When I get to the big room, I immediately shoot the explosive barrels on the floor above and I position myself on the left to avoid gunfire. As soon as all the concrete has fallen it becomes a matter of luck if a green barrel will fall or not, if it takes too long it's a restart. Once I'm on top, I make sure to be close to the door and I quick check if the game says Gave Saved, which triggers even more enemies. To be honest since all of the enemies look kind of the same, so I can't really tell which ones I need to shoot for the bald guy (he's always the same guy) to open the door so I can continue, so I got lucky this time and killed the ones that mattered for the most part. After that it's all pretty much run and gun, make sure to check the sweet matrix style dodge the enemy does when I throw my second grenade.

Level 7: Getaway

This level was really though to complete, which is why it's split in two parts. All of the shortcuts are grenade boosts, pretty much self-explanatory. The only thing to point out is the first 2 boosts, you can get to the other side with just one, but this way you stop 3 enemies from spawning right away and a few more on the other sections. After the elevator, I have to clear the entire rooftop to complete the level.

Level 8: Disputed Airspace

Probably the most boring level in the game, I use as little time slow as possible and I let the zeppelin get damaged saving around twenty three seconds overall. Also worth noting is that the game decides to take away both my rifle grenades and regular grenades, same thing happens on the old run also.

Level 9: Better late...

This is another boring and frustrating level. The route is the same as in the original run, I tried to use the boost on the quad as much as possible but I don't really know how much time it really saves (only around eight seconds faster than the previous run). Also on this level I finally get the crossbow.

Level 10: Point of Impact

Not much worth mentioning. Once I get out of the sewer type area I kill four enemies, the last two are the ones that matter because they always shoot rifle grenades at you and they either kill you or leave you with little health that you just stand there wasting time. The second part of the level uses the same route I found for the previous run.

Level 11: Liberation

The first section of the level is very straight forward; just kill everyone so they don't kill you. When I get to the prison section, all of the enemies need to be killed so the last guard comes out and I can free the prisoners.

Level 12: Road trip

When the map starts, I immediately turn around and position myself between the barb wire and the small tree, then the unskippable cinematic happens and I destroy the quad and use one of its wheels to go up the hill only to go back down again, effectively going over the invisible wall. Unfortunately there are no more quads nearby so I'm forced to walk instead which only saves around fifty seconds overall.

Level 13: Forced Entry

Once again, same route as the previous run, I've shaved off almost a minute thanks to the decreased damage I take from enemies, I can run up the hill much faster and I only need to worry about killing the guy that's about to get on the turret. At the beginning of the level I make sure to kill a few enemies so I can get rifle grenades back for the time reverse shortcut later on the level.

Level 14: Test labs

The route is the same as the previous run so I just tried not to stop when it was not necessary. I've managed to get to the huge fan straight away but you are forced to go to the first floor and activate it otherwise it won't push you up. Once I go down the ladder, the console is right next to me but the game wants me to go the long way around in a circle, so I just jump over a few pipes and I'm there already.

Level 15: Factory Recall

Once again I'm forced to activate something (in this case a huge metal door that leads to the exit) instead of just going straight to the end. Jumping down to the ground floor is not something new, I managed to do it back when we were routing the first run but since you need to go back up and activate the button, I wasn't able to find a faster way to do so until now.

Using the crossbow on metal surfaces detonates the bolts right away (surfaces like snow have a small delay), after the second bolt I use time stop because it recharges my shields way faster.

After that I use a chair to go up on the slope which I surf a little (you can easily fall down) and it's a straight path to the end.

Level 16: Some Assembly Required

Exact same route as the previous speedrun. I lose a bit of time with the rifle grenade onto the ladder by using time stop but the jump is very difficult to me for some reason. In fact the level was a bit of a pain to run which is why I ended up splitting it into two parts. If the segment transition seems a little weird I think it's because I switch weapons right away and loading a quick save always draws your gun out as well. Overall I shave off 10 seconds or so compared to the previous run.

Level 17: Sabotage

On the first part of the level, I need to wait for the metal box to come and use time reverse to get to the other side. I restrict my usage of time slow to make it come faster but otherwise there is not much else I can do to go faster.

When you get to the reactor area, you are supposed to kill everyone, take a lift, and then sabotage the complex and scape on a lift on the other side of the reactor but the elevator doors are always open even before you do anything, which is why by time reversing to the slope and circling around the room lets me skip half the level.

Level 18: Exeunt

The previous run used the normal route to finish the level; I managed to find the cables shortcut which I had to segment because at the time it was difficult for me to pull off. It's very possible to finish this level in a single segment, rookie mistake.

Level 19: Drive By

Same route I came up with back in 2008 with some minor tweaks and differences that only shave one and a half seconds off the clock.

Level 20: Gate Crashers

By jumping over the big pipe instead of going around it and hitting a trigger, the doors to the exit room open and then close but since I'm way ahead than I'm supposed to be I can get there before they do. I skip a few waves of enemies, helicopter bosses, and I clock at around thirty-three seconds instead of eight minutes.

Level 21: The Wind Tunnel

The only shortcut on the level is the barrel one after the first set of stairs. I estimate that it only saves around four seconds or so only, however it also stops four or five enemies from spawning which makes thing a lot easier and faster. Still, I don't manage a very significant time difference over playing the level normally really fast.

Level 22: Repo Men

On the first section of the level I clear the area of enemies as fast as I can to trigger the metal door to open, I can't get off the train until a certain point because the game won't let me.

After I get in and come out the stairs I shoot a barrel up to get to the other side to the level's end. Even though it seems I go out of bounds, I still need to walk over the metal part otherwise I'll fall down and either die or get stuck.

Level 23: En Route

On the short turret section, I focus on one shot – one killing the helicopters, and I ignore the air mines completely since there is no way they'll destroy the ship. After the last helicopter is down I need to wait for the ship to get in position and the lift lever to activate.

After that it's all pretty self-explanatory. I got really, really lucky when I got on the train and almost no one shot and killed me, it was the first and only time that happened.

Level 24: Consequences

The last level! No shortcuts here at all! I managed to kill the sentinel faster by shooting the turrets from the corner while it drops missiles on you instead of waiting, that's pretty much it. Also, if the crosshair looks different it's because it changed it to the default one on the options menu, the circle for the Surge Gun is easier to aim than the cross.

That's it! Thank you for reading, sorry if my English is not perfect, and enjoy the run.