Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 () (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Casual] [1:16:11]
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Completion Date Nov. 5, 2014
State Published
Runner Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Segments 7
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Run Comments

This was ..... DIFFICULT!!!!

About the game:
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is the seventh instalment in the Rainbow Six series. It was announced that Logan Keller, the lead character from the previous game, had been removed in favour of having the player create his or her own character to play through the campaign. The player assumes the role of Bishop, a member of the Rainbow squad with a great deal more experience who has a deeper involvement in the story.

The game, billed as "part sequel, part prequel", has events that run both before and concurrently to the story of Logan Keller and continue after where the first game concluded.[9] In addition to the ability to customize a character in multiplayer, the player can now customize Bishop, Vegas 2's protagonist. In single-player, the developers claim to have vastly improved team-mate AI, so that now team-mates cover each other as they advance. There are also several new commands, for example, the ability of a team-mate to throw a grenade at a specific point.

Run rules:
Individual Levels.
Missions played on "Casual" difficulty.*
New Game weapon choices.
No additional armour. [Armour rating = 0 Mobility rating = 10]

*[This actually doesn't change the AI difficulty just the amount of grenades your character can hold 10, 5 or 2 for Casual, Medium and Hard respectively.]

I chose to run the game using 0 armour to prevent slow down from encumbrance. all weapons used in the run are from the "default" set of weapons your character can pick when he is first created and has 0XP [New game].

The run itself relies heavily upon the use of Flashbangs and smoke grenades to either prevent fights or to kill the enemies quickly enough to reduce stopping time.

I pretty much prohibit myself from using the "cover" mechanic unless required to stay alive or vital to a formulated strategy such as the end of the first mission where I used 1 too many Flashbang and couldn't stun the two terrorists my only back up was to use cover. I don't have anything against its use as a whole it just slows down progression a lot and actually give NPC's time to gather up and make more problems.

One mechanic of this game I do abuse is the "spawn curve" or "spawn timer" on various NPC's and which is the reason this Run should not be compared to (or overwrite) the PS3 run, Basically if I move fast enough through the level some enemies will not spawn, additionally if I kill the Red hats quickly enough they will not call for help, The benefit of the first point on PC is that it actually has less loading screens than the PS3/Xbox version usually the rule being PC has one less for each mission (so 2 instead of 3, 1 instead of 2 or as in the first and last mission 0 instead of 1) this allows me to get ahead of the game more than I could on console.

Note: Reloading does NOT hinder your progression as after reloading your next sprint will have a longer duration.

Mission Breakdown:

Mission 1 - Pyrenees - 6:17
Mission 2 - Old Vegas - 9:51
Mission 3 - Recreation Center - 12:21
Mission 4 - Convention Center - 14:51
Mission 5 - Theater - 14:42
Mission 6 - Desert - 7:46
Mission 7 - Estate - 9:54

Total Time - 1:16:17

Thanks to Soliduz Znake for putting together the console run of this game which gave me a final kick in the ass to get my PC run completed, also for giving me material to reference to decide whether my own routing was efficient or not. :)

Thanks to my girlfriend for putting up with my moaning about doing this run and saying "How's the rainbow game going?" like I'm speedrunning my little pony or something lol that always made me laugh.

And thank you to everyone who watches and if you managed to read my entire run comments.... you sir / madam deserve a cookie!!!

Pyrenees [0:06:50]

This Mission is pretty simple no real issues. The intro is basically listening to what is about to happen, I just waste time messing with the NPC's until I can actually advance.

Then I kill people quickly, nothing much varies from my previous version of this mission until after the hostage room where i run straight across the outside section which is obviously quicker, the sections after that go well also.

the big change between this version and my previous is that Soliduz Znake found that the ending would happen sooner if you stood in a location close to the end wall, I then found it is even quicker if you pick up Novak (Spelt Nowak) yourself. so I do.

Old Vegas [0:09:51]

This mission is particularly annoying in the construction site but that's really the only troublesome area,

First guard drops quickly and the two in the first room also follow suit , the next room is Flashbanged so that the 2 enemies in the room do not have the chance to shoot me as I climb the ladder outside. the roof section goes pretty well, I was kinda surprised that the sniper didn't die after being hit but he dropped soon after. Flashbangs are used to keep the NPC's on the roof stunned to that I can (normally) just run past but one was in an bad place for me to use the rope as he had line of sight on the hook area.

The Guard beneath the rope apparently couldn't hit a barn door from 3 feet with a cannon but I'm not complaining, the Flashbang normally only stuns the guy on the right (as it does here) but normally they both fall to my firing however due to the guy at the bottom of the rope who is normally ignored I run out of ammo ... so I legged it...

Into the next building I kill the guards in the boiler room for safety you can get past by only killing the one on the stairs but I died about 80-90% of the time if I didn't kill the second.

Roofs went well Pretty sure this part is impossible to do without killing everyone, so I kill everyone. NPCs Derp at bottom of the rope ¬_¬.

[PS3/Xbox Loading Screen]

Flashbangs into the room help in clearing the enemies I get a nasty surprise when a Enemy spawns literally as I break through the window (if you slow it down you will see he isn't there before and he doesn't move in from the right or left)

On moving to the casino I use my teams ...area scan ...thingy to give me a tactical map in the upper right allowing me to see enemy positions luckily no-one is blocking the stairs so I'm good to go, the smoke grenades prevent me for getting killed by the two guards as they enter the room (they have awesome spray and prey skills) after that it's pretty much run to the end.

[PS3/Xbox / PC Loading Screen]

Into the garage this area can be a pain in the ass at times but it goes well I use the grey car + a smoke grenade to prevent me getting shot from behind by the guy I tried to kill and missed and it also is a good vantage point for killing the 4 guards in the tunnel.

Moving outside the first guy drops quickly as do the two at the end of the road the smoke grenade helps me take out most of what's left while continuing to move forward into the construction site.

This area can be hell but I got a pretty consistent method down which is what you see, throwing the smoke grenade allows me to evade the first bullet from the sniper which is key because he has a bolt action rifle which takes time to reload therefore after his missed shot I can peek around and shoot him down before he can pose any more problems, I kill the next guard then spray a few bullets into the Cover of the "red beret" to kind of stun lock him in place so I can flank left killing him and the last guy behind the boxes at the end.

Next part threw me off because I heard the sniper fire and he wasn't where I expected him to be so I just ran thru hoping to ignore him however he would have undoubtedly downed or killed both of my team so I killed him and gave Michael the order to help Jung.

[PS3/Xbox Loading Screen]

Last few sections go well I start off by spraying horribly .. hoping to keep moving while firing didn't work so well ¬_¬ clearing the area went ok kind of lucky I heard the last guy at the end which made me turn left and shoot him I actually thought the area would have been clear at that point and I wouldn't have checked there.

Team take a while to turn up but the women is open the gate and blocking the way anyway so no time lost, Team explosives used in scripted events don't hurt so I can stay really close to the door and not get hurt , flash bang makes the run through easy and the hostage guards drop pretty quick.

Next room is the same kinda thing Flashbang keeps me from getting shot from behind and above ...and in front ... as I run through, The reload is REQUIRED if I kept playing the game would not load the 2 Shotgunners who open the doors in the next area. (and ONLY they can do that)

Last part goes alright everyone cooperates the flash bang stuns the guards on the ground floor while the explosive barrel kills everyone on the upper platform, which causes the Shotgunners to open the door, they are quickly killed and I move to the final room killing the right guard first and then (As far as I can tell) killing both left guards with the same spray, all that's left to do is wait :P

Rec Center [0:12:21]

This mission is a pain in the ass ¬_¬ After the final check point (urban gardens area) things just crave to go wrong and this was probably the mission which took the most attempts to get a clear run of (no deaths) then the most attempts to get a run I was truly happy with.

Mission starts with clearing the area however, my team is more than capable of clearing what's behind me so I focus on getting down the far end and taking out the abseiling terrorists once everyone has been killed I can order Michael and Jung to search the van while I clear the next room which goes pretty well first thing is that the desk Shotgunner doesn't kill me in one shot, and then the guy to my right doesn't use my head to store his bullets once cleared I wait for my team to catch up so I can open the door.

As I advance through the next area I pre-emptively throw a Flashbang towards the enemies (Shoutouts to Soliduz Znake for this strategy) and kill the enemies the Shotgunner tries to escape but I run after him and kill him luckily I manage to kill him before I go around the corner, This is good because if I fire AFTER I go round the corner the Red Beret that I kill next has a 95% chance to one hit me as I turn the corner because he knows I'm coming not only this but he will call for backup upon spotting me this is the reason I refer to this section as "THE CORNER OF DEATH". but anyway that DOESN'T happen so it's all good :) As I turn the corner I quickly kill the Red Beret and run through the area killing the next enemy with my pistol.

Sprinting with a pistol is much quicker than any other weapon but can only be used in this mission which is the reason for the switch, I should have started reloading my other weapon BEFORE going around the corner to the double doors but .. oh well 1 second lost, next area is 1 enemy (there are more but they are ignored) whos is killed and run past. pistol time again used to kill the guy behind the door and makes sprinting quicker.

THE HALL AND WALLS OF DEATH!!! this place kills me sooooo many times just because the NPC's are so random in how they move where they spawn how they react but everything goes nicely the use of Smoke grenades keeps me covered as I climb and once I'm over the top. I kill two enemies and expect there to be more, stopped to kill the guy on the middle platform but had to reload so I just ran out of there.

[PS3/Xbox Loading Screen]

The next area can be done so much quicker on the PC, due to me staying ahead of the spawn timer there are fewer enemies in the following areas the bridge only has 2 terrorists and 1 Shielder and the room inside the building only has 1 terrorist on the ground floor (this time, it does change every time) this section was easy to get through and no real issues. note: the reason I use the door at the start instead of the window is the window gets me killed EVERY TIME!!! the door doesn't ... weird...

More pistol running through the building then crossing the street using smoke is vital to stop the sniper picking me off then Stun-locking the enemies on the ground so I can run through killing some on the way its not necessary to kill them all so I don't bother :)

After the Cut-scene its a run and gun situation I killed the Red Beret in the first room then get outta there, running onwards I take out the guy behind the boxes as enemies spawn BEHIND me ¬_¬ next room is simply Flashbang and run and then its a Cut-scene.

[PS3/Xbox / PC Loading Screen]

After the loading screen I use the equipment box to refill everything but particularly special grenades, I switch to my pistol to sprint through avoiding everyone and taking out the guy on the first floor before switching back to my main weapon to kill the rest use of smoke helps me stay alive and then strangely the use of the pistol in the next room helps me stay alive due to quicker sprinting I can get behind cover soon enough to avoid being one shot by the Shotgunner, I try kill the one terrorist but miss completely lol opps.

The main library room can be done a thousand different ways based on what spawns where, when they spawn, if your team is actually behind you or not etc etc which is why I fully replenished my grenades after the loading screen, this time round the room went really well the first guy dropped quickly and I moved around to the right throwing smokes in front (technically behind) me abscuring the vision of 2 terrorists who come up the stairs behind me, I shoot the guy on the top floor then sit in the smoke and shoot the terrorist to my right on the second floor before head-shoting the Shielder on the bottom floor.

THIS GUY IS IMPORTANT !!!!! He is what triggers the opening of the next area regardless of how many other terrorists you have killed so long as 1 of the 2 Shielders has been defeated you can move onwards!!!. [Sorry Soliduz I found this out AFTER your run :( ]

[PS3/Xbox Loading Screen]

Moving onwards after the checkpoint [before the equipment boxes] I tell my team to follow me again, This is because at this point in the game they will jump from wherever they are to what would have been the spawn point of the PS3/Xbox loading screen meaning they will be following me into the next section and I NEED them!!!.

the next areas are the reasons I had so much trouble getting completed runs of this mission crossing the parking lot killed me 70% of the time I was so lucky not to be killed by the Red Beret sniper, The gardens are pretty ok for me the use of Flashbangs keep me alive that and shear luck ... the Shielder could have killed me if he wanted to ... the road to the junkyard killed me 25% of the time had small panic when I got Flashbanged out of nowhere but recovered well, The junkyard itself will spawn people after you have run past their spawn points and they just love to turn and shoot you which is why after throwing my final Flashbang I keep running forward even though its risky running head first into a non-flashed terrorist.

However, despite how much can go wrong many enemies do not spawn at all due to me NOT having a loading screen before the parking lot and being ahead of the spawning, which is nice. :)

Convention [0:14:50]

Pretty straight forward mission break in kill people, kill more people, disarm a bomb ... fail and blow it up elsewhere :P

The beginning is pretty simple, I rope down and smash my way in switching to my pistol at the top allows me to run quickly to the stairs avoiding fire from the enemies up top, the first 2 terrorists get stunned by my Flashbang and I'm lucky enough to not have the 3rd terrorist spawn in the right-hand corner, my second piece of luck happens in the large room with both terrorists not spawning or spawning and moving elsewhere (one behind a stack of boxes to the left of the entrance and the turret gunner) I throw a Flashbang over the curtain to stun the 2 terrorists which spawn immediately behind it allowing me to pass by untouched. While moving past these two I throw a Flashbang over a cubical wall into the area with the equipment boxes, yet again more luck as I seem to be moving quicker than the NPC's can spawn. (this area normally has anywhere from 3 to 5 terrorists spawn)

Continuing onwards I throw more Flashbangs to stun the Red Beret who I take out quickly and with more luck than judgement I also kill the Shielder and press onward, My Flashbang throw falls slightly short of where I wanted it to land however I had no problems killing the two terrorists while the third ignored me. Moving up the stairs I throw another Flashbang which I'm sure should have effected the Red Beret but didn't seem to, panicking slightly from the fact that Jung has been downed for most of the level I run full speed to the end throwing a Flashbang for safety and killing the turret gunner for the same reason, then my brain farted and instead of opening the door I reloaded ¬_¬ with Jung on red health ... it wasn't the greatest moment to be an idiot but Jung held in long enough to reach a loading screen. :P

[PS3/Xbox / PC Loading Screen]

Due to persistent throwing of Flashbang grenades I need to restock at the equipment box before moving down the stairs, I open the forward facing door and take out the sniper, order my team to move outside then clear the area from the right-hand door which worked well, I use the time during the van inspection to fit a silencer to my secondary weapon which I need to use later, Heading inwards I shoot the explosive barrel and spray at the right most guard not really trying to kill him but firing at him seems to Stunlock him ..sorta... moving through the next areas goes well the second catwalk doorway killed me a few times so using a Flashbang before entering is required, however I think the Shotgunner was completely unaffected and managed to miss my head with his gun lol.

Once through the double doors I kill the terrorist and move to the next set of double doors where normally one terrorist will die while the other shoots me square in the face this time however, they play nicely and I can move onwards clearing the area while my team hack the computer, I also use this time to stock up again the next area is reliant upon many Flashbangs and I didn't want to fall short. (The dialogue needs to end before the doors are usable anyway so it's spare time)

Though the doors first guy gets shot in the back and the next two are dealt with quickly, I finally use the 552 for this section as I previously had 4-5 extra terrorist spawn here because I didn't deal with the area correctly so I made sure this time, last two kills were quick and easy moving on to the stage, The stage itself I always rush in on and kill everyone without thinking regardless of where they are I don't think I've ever hit or killed the guy in the chair, I don't even know if it's possible so these guys are dealt with like everyone else.

Stage fight: using the same positioning as Soliduz does in his run (nice strat! :D ) this goes pretty well with 6 of the 9 entering through the upstairs doors instead of lingering behind the doors waiting for me to find them, the other 3 spawn and enter downstairs and were easy to find and kill quickly, wasn't sure of how many Kills I had to get before moving but the guy started talking so I just left lol

The backtracking section goes well Flashbangs and luck getting me through it once more small hesitation on the last group of terrorists before I decided to throw a final flash bang and try my luck at running in, I believe that if the guy in the black hat was facing the other way as I turned the corner he would have killed me, but luckily he didn't. rest of this bit is running to the loading zone.

[PS3/Xbox / PC Loading Screen]

This section of the mission got HUGE amounts of practice getting the route and strategies perfect enough to be tried in a run and they paid off flawlessly, the starting section went perfect with all terrorist behaving and dying when persuaded. :P The second Red Beret threw me off slightly because he tends to hide in 3 different places so it a case of find him and deal with him accordingly in this case a Flashbang stuns him long enough for me to Flash again and rope down onto that guys head lol. After killing the two at the bottom once more it's pretty simple if you practice it enough one enemy will always be in the middle section of the "Comcast" barricade while the other two will hide behind either the "Bludevil" counter or the upright end section of the "Comcast" barricade, I instruct my team to move forward to the base of the steps so that I can use the equipment box I very nearly die but they kill the terrorists eventually.

I enter the food court through the lower door and kills the terrorists because I'm so 1337 ... no really once you kill the guy on the right of the door and run a small way up the right hand side the turret gunner can't pivot enough to shoot at you and its incredibly safe :P.

Up the stairs I ignore the Shielder, 95% of the time in practice runs he is too slow to react and rarely hits me so whatever :P continuing down the corridor I flash the Red Beret and line myself up to kill the two terrorist who "drop-in" on me no real worries here.

Last corridor section I ignore clearing the room to the right and head straight for the main corridor the route I take through the obstacles keeps me, Michael and Jung safe from the Shotgunner who appears from that room and with moving quickly enough I only need to kill a few enemies random spawns here can cause problems such as the terrorist I need to turn fully left to kill but it wasn't that bad. after exiting the main corridor a small series of rooms take you to the final area.

[PS3/Xbox Loading Screen]

No loading screen!!! hype!!! this part of the mission can still be random as hell even if you are ahead of the spawning, note: at this point I can do the same as Rec Center and make Michael and Jung jump to the PS3/Xbox post-load spawn point. first part is simple kill the guy on the left then kill the Shielder and advance up the stairs straight ahead, if there is a terrorist on the stairs kill him, if there is not ... PANIC ... luckily he was here if not he could spawn behind me randomly and one shot me ... ¬_¬ happened many times before and this late into this mission things get thrown IRL, going into the next set of rooms I need to be careful of who and what is where after Flashbanging into the room I kill one terrorist and then get a nasty surprise when the second isn't where I know he should be but he did happen to get stunned and was dispatched quickly, the Shielder also threw me off I was expecting him to move more towards the door where I entered however he moved towards me instead so the counter of this lovely bar became some handy cover.

Next room was actually empty because I'm ahead of the spawning YIPPEE!!! so I flash out of habit more than anything and cross over the room to the double doors using cover I kill the Red Beret and then attempt to kill the two Shielders who are being stubborn so I throw a Flashbang, This actually will do nothing to a Shielder however the AI will realise a grenade has been thrown and will make the Shielders move exposing their legs, or with any luck their head or back. unfortunately I was too slow to get some ankle biting in as they moved by my head shots reached their mark.

Final fight: This part of the mission received more practice than any other part of the entire game after successfully completing it I would reload the last check point just to do it over again and again. my strategy is as follows;

Open the door and kill the Shielder,
Order team to move to the end of the hall,
Move to the left door and kill the terrorist outside,
Search area for other terrorists and Flashbang regardless of what you can or cannot see,
Continue to move along the left side of the hall using Flashbangs and hiding behind the plant pots,
Kill the terrorists on the stairs (this will either make a terrorist spawn in the closest corner or not ..... Game winner or Game ender :/ )
Clear the remaining ground floor terrorists (if any),
Hide behind plant pot or right-hand pillar and use cover to kill terrorists as they appear at the top of the staircase,
Move team upwards by interacting with the base of the red pole,
Flash upward then head up and hope for the best!.

It paid off this time there was only one Shielder which I found strange but not complaining, hung out on a rope and shot people ... end of mission ... Phew!

Theater [0:14:37]

I don't mind this level all-in-all, once the first bit (Everything before the first loading screen) is done I find it pretty much a Cake-walk for the rest of the mission. (except maybe one room before releasing the terrorists)

*SPOILERS* yeah that happened .... Once on the ground I quickly kill the two terrorists at the door and move downstairs open the door and kill all three terrorists in the room, THIS IS VITAL! all three must die or a Shielder and a normal terrorist will be on the path I take after descending the next set of stairs (this is why I take a little slow down to kill them, the route through the apartment goes well with the next terrorist going down quickly and one terrorist by the lift not spawning at all "YES!", downstairs again and directly through the door both terrorist are close to each other so they are taken out this doesn't give the Red Beret long enough to call for backup, next guy is killed through the window so he doesn't shoot me as I climb through.

Next section is a pain in the ass, due to my persistence to waste as little time as possible I simply flash and run through the next set of rooms which is not only risky for myself, however, in general my team gets their asses handed to them when they follow me this time hey decided to be nice enough to stay alive as I push forward, the Flashbangs did their thing stunning most terrorists however the Red Beret behind the wall who was supposed to die.... didn't... and luckily I didn't die myself in the room with the rope. *Phew*

I LOVE !!! doing this rope down, if the guy is where I expect him to be it feels SWAG as fuck :P. This time he is where I want him to be so he's killed and I breach in and immediately move forward throwing a Flashbang to stun the terrorists in the hallway ahead, pre-emptive firing causes the guy behind the door to stun lock enough that I can open the door and kill him without worry, the next corridor is simple kill both guys in front run to the door and kill both terrorists in the room then rope down. dark corridor is kind of hit or miss depending upon where my Flashbang lands it will either stun everyone, no-one or one will be left in a normal state and will either damage me heavily or kill me completely, entering the room both terrorists can be killed through their cover, following room wait for the first guy to open the door then turn the corner and drop the second , opening the door on the far side of the room and throwing Flashbangs stuns pretty much everyone most of the time, a second flash Stunlocks them further so I can just run through and down the stairs.

Open the door and kill the Shotgunner, due to the speed that I have done the mission so far the Shielder hasn't actually spawned and the second terrorist is ignored so I run to the end of the corridor and throw a Flashbang into the room stunning both the Terrorists inside for easy kills :)


The next section doesn't really have a plan more than "Throw smokes and move forward", terrorists seem to be randomly spawned by the game in different locations that nearly always catch you off guard and then the turret guy at the end is a douche ... so yeah what you see is what you get I have no explanation for it. The last room is pretty simple flash once and kill a few, then flash again and run to the end while the remaining terrorists are stunned, one guy tries to fire at either me or my team but does nothing so it's all good.

[PS3/Xbox / PC Loading Screen]

After a failed run due to AI obstruction I started immediately telling my team to regroup on me so that they clear the elevator entrance and move towards the back left corner allowing me to move right and get outta there, the corridors which follow are pretty simple (Aim with the G36-C is strangely better and gives tighter bullet grouping when stopped and firing from the hip so I abuse this for killing, moving into the courtyard heading down the left is safe under the cover of your own smokes getting into the casino can be scary but the Shielders normally play ball and leave themselves vulnerable to a headshot, once inside I need to restock my grenades because I really need them and this is a long part of the mission where I don't plan on stopping to pick up ammo or equipment.

Into the casino is easy there's one terrorist on the left and one visible through the plant pot ... thingies .... moving through the next group are kind of random but don't prove to be too much of a problem the last guy before the stairs surprised me as he's normally far to the left, The next section was an area which got a hell of a lot of practice with forming and re-forming of strategies to get a method which worked reliably each time, what you see here is the outcome 2 Flashbangs left and right, The first one stuns a guy who runs in from the left second does the same to a guy on the right , by now I'm either in or near the smoke so I just sprint.

[PS3/Xbox Loading Screen]

Next area is cleared quickly using a Flashbang and spraying, however I get blindsided by a pillar!!! how rude ¬_¬ then move my way to the stairs waiting to see if the guy spawns up top he does so he's dealt with I send my team over to the other side but they don't get far before engaging the enemy this all goes pretty good and as soon as I see the checkpoint move from the middle of the room I turn to go through the doorway, I kill the first guy then cover waiting for the fire extinguisher to be shot at then take out the 2 Shielders and the turret gunner forgetting that there is a fifth person I moved forward and got caught off guard when he popped his head out. The turret section is really simple the guards spawn as follows (Left + Right) (Left) (Right) (Right) trying to hit the Shielders feet is the best option but it can be a hit or miss thing .... get it!?... :P

After the turret Its on to the theatre clearing the area goes pretty well, short bursts of bullets take out most of the terrorists before I Flashbang and rope down to finish them off, Jung and Michael deal with the bomb and after a small corridor section it's time for the hardest room of the mission.
This room took a very long time to figure out a safe, reliable and quick route for, The main issues were figuring out how to not die, distract people, and reach the far side before the NPC's at the back of the room spawned. what you see is the outcome of that, turning left through the main door I have to kill one terrorist then avoid fire from the Shielder at the front, next comes the first flash bang which prevents me getting shot from behind as I run towards the far wall, the second Flashbang stuns the NPC's which spawn directly behind me as I'm opening the door, this is a difficult thing to time as if I do it too soon they have not spawned and don't get effected, too late and I'm dead before the Flashbang goes off ¬_¬ ... it worked out this time.

The next room is another theatre stage with 4 terrorists watching over some hostages normally (In testing) I would just open the door and spray inside however in later testing hostages started dying so, because the run was going so well at this point, I decided to Flashbang into the room and then kill the terrorists, coming off of the stage you can see the DIRE effect of aiming down-scope with the G36-C and he's finally taken down by hip firing .... ¬_¬ .... some Flashbang action and I kill two final terrorists before the loading screen.

[PS3/Xbox / PC Loading Screen]

2 Flashbangs would have been nice however I miscounted somewhere along the route so I had to do this with 1 and it went nicely all three terrorists get stunned and are killed quickly then all hell broke loose and the two Shielders nearly handed my ass to me, had they been wielding desert eagles as their pistols I would have been dead immediately luckily they didn't and I hid the shit outta myself like a scared child lol.

Once my team finished the last Shielder off I was free to move forward, this part is basically scripted, two terrorist dropdown then a Red Beret runs down then two more regular terrorists ... no real trouble here.

After re-equipping myself and telling my team to breach the lower door while I kill the turret gunner and have some fun killing a few people before ordering Michael and Jung to move to the raised section of the roof before moving myself along to a safer location to kill the remaining enemies the Shielder gives me a little trouble but finally accepts defeat, this apparently (according to the scanner map in the top right) killed the remaining terrorist in the room to my left and ended the event.

Mission complete.

Nevada Desert [0:07:48]

Simple mission really, enemies can be troublesome but nothing that can't be dealt with.

After sliding down the ladder I head left and attempt to kill both terrorists through the window, one falls however the second moves left and then attempts to enter through a different window so I shoot him in the ass, running onwards I'm far enough ahead of the event that the vans do not have any collsion until they are stopped and I can run right through the second and press onward. I silently take down the guy on the left and ignore the turret gunner in the room which prevents more terrorists spawning around the white van, I Flashbang on the steps to stun a Red Beret and get flashed myself, no big deal as I throw my second Flashbang where I intended and it stunned the Shotgunner so I could sneak past.

Next section I'm lucky enough to only have the terrorist on the left spawn (The snipers are still here however :( ) I use Flashbangs to hold him in place as there's no point wasting time to shoot him I quickly navigate the area hoping one asshole sniper doesn't notice me and one shot me.... cuz that's a thing ... ¬_¬ moving onwards through the trains section I found it much safer to kill the terrorist in the middle of the two trains and hope the second gets hit by the Flashbang I throw on the ground, next two terrorists are easily dealt with no problems, going into the next room I expect there to be a terrorist between the gray pumps but he was apparently at a different stage of his patrol so I killed the terrorist on the platform and moved onwards, next room just run through ... up the stairs ... forgot where I was for a second lol turn right , could have maybe got away with not killing the last guy but he noticed me so I gave him some bullets.

[PS3/Xbox / PC Loading Screen]

Use the equipment box to replenish my grenades because having only 3 won't cut it, move forward and stop the alarm then move into position and head shot the turret gunner as I don't enjoy trying to avoid his firing later on. I duck behind one of the desks and wait for the door breach first guy drops fine, second guy gets ankle biting treatment, upon exiting I fire at the explosive barrel on the forklift to prevent a clever terrorist shooting it and killing me, Flashbangs used to keep me from getting killed from behind, then in the next area to kill the guy on the left.

O.K ... NORMALLY there are two terrorist who come out of the room down the stairs which I run through, this is the reason for the Flashbang I threw... on this occasion they decided to make me look like a tit and not be there at all, this also caused me to worry when opening the next two doors expecting to get killed instantly ... ANYWHO!! they weren't there so no big deal, moving through I take the stairs to the right (Having played Raven Shield competitively for years helped me a lot routing this area, I know the layout of this mission very, very well and while it's not identical it's very much the same map with props in different places) once up the stairs I enter the control room and kill the Red Beret and leave ... the next room with terrorists is where I normally die however this time it goes to plan due to some patience and not just running in like a crazy twat.

[PS3/Xbox Loading Screen]

Into the outside section I play it stealthy and take my time making sure I head shot the one terrorist I kill, if I was not to do this I would have to fight 6-7 additional terrorists, I move into the last building and kill the guy on the right which I often forget about, one terrorist delays me a little by not dying ¬_¬ then I run to the end .... done and done!

Estate [0:09:54]

Hate this mission ... well not the mission so much as the damn AI of my team who insist on getting themselves killed when going through the house OR! getting stuck on something and taking a good 30 -40 seconds to catch up in the disarming room.

Anyway ... First thing I do is reload the checkpoint what this does is it keeps me where I am but forces my team onto the ground instantly because I NEED!!! them with me when I'm doing this method, Flashbangs and clearing is basically the strategy here and enemy spawn are so random that I cannot tell where anyone will be until I turn corners so there is no choreographed method just go for it. All-in-all the first section goes well with no big slow downs. After ordering my team to disable the security system I move to the entry door and wait for the go.

[PS3/Xbox Loading Screen]

Heading through the garage I instruct my team to follow me again and also to kill whoever they see and not just return fire, Moving outside I just run past the first guy as he doesn't notice me and go through the garage opening the door kind of stuns the terrorist behind it long enough for me to spray him down, at the top of the stairs the Flashbang prevents terrorists from following me into the room and shooting me in the back. The house is a little emptier due to no loading screen on PC and each room is pretty easy to clear, I do a Flashbang through one doorway for safety purposes as the guy inside loves to kill me, I noticed the checkpoint reached notification a little late but its no big problem.

I reload the check point to force my team to be with me. This does NOT improve my ability to get through the next set of rooms just saves time once we get to the disarming room because I don't have to wait as long for them to arrive.

clearing the room goes really good the 3 grenades take out most of the terrorists then some short busts clear up the rest, moving on to the disarming room I found that the corner I stay in offers me an optimal firing location where I can hit all the terrorists who spawn without any large risk of dying when they are all dead I heal Michael myself and we move onwards.

Helicopter fight is strange it only becomes vulnerable after certain dialogue has finished on the first cycle, the second cycle is governed by how many terrorist you have killed of that wave, and the third cycle is basically waiting it out until the missile hits the helicopter so I just kill everyone I see for something to do :P (This might actually be controlled by how many you kill, but I killed everything I saw every time I tried this so I don't really know)

One quick shot at the end ...done and done!!!

That's all folks !!!!