The California Raisins: The Grape Escape (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:05:25]
Run Information
Completion Date Sept. 6, 2014
State Published
Runner 'darbian'
Internal Comments:
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Run Comments

Nothing special here. The boss can be killed slightly faster however it's very glitchy/inconsistent for me.

I make use of the "super jump" glitch after climbing the first rope. This allows me to take the lower path, reducing the time I spend climbing. The super jump allows me to get back to the top path and get on the elevator. To perform a super jump, simply mash the jump button. This allows you to jump slightly higher. The boss fight goes well (the death is expected/intentional). If you can manage to make it to the boss with 3 units of health and get good boss RNG you can kill him without dying; very difficult to pull off though.

Maize Maze
First room was a little rough, costing me 1-2 seconds. Rest of of the level went fine, and I got the quick kill on the boss (basically killing him before he's able to jump again).

Rough RNG with a couple of the enemies here, which cost me 1-2 seconds. I was happy to get through the level and get the quick kill on the boss.

Final level
No mistakes here, went really well and my aim/mashing on the final boss was really nice.