The Godfather: The Don's Edition (ntscus) (ps3) [Any %] [Segmented] [3:06:59]
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Completion Date Aug. 25, 2014
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The Godfather Don's edition is the PS3 version of the Godfather: The Game that was released on PS2, Xbox & Microsoft Windows(PC). The PS3 version has additional content such as 3 more main missions. There is also another version The Godfather: Blackhand edition on the Wii similar to the Don's edition.

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The Godfather Don's Edition Speed Run Any% by Soliduz Znake. Speedrunner's Comments

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Shout outs:
Before I go in explanation I must thank LotBlind for giving me feedback on my run. also the SDA members/team for encouraging me in making this run otherwise I wouldn't feel motivated and be less strict on my run. Also I would be lost on what makes speedrun legit without the SDA's database or guidance on speed running (it's like an academic library for speed running video games). last but not least I must thank the developers for making a great respectful movie tie in video game they really did put much effort unlike what most developers do with movie based video games ( if interested you should check out behind the scenes Godfather the game ).

About the game stats/progress:
The Godfather game is similar to GTA play style where you complete main missions (blue marked missions) or do side missions such as extortions, hit lists, robbing banks and other collectable objectives. This game keeps stats on your progress where completing all main missions or story mode is recorded as Main Mission in the Criminal Progress stat screen. After completing all main missions the stats would count is a 100% completion of Main Missions. However this does not mean a 100% completion of the game. There is an Overall Game Progress that after reaching about 90-91% you reach the highest rank, Don of NYC, after going to a meeting which triggers a cutscene.

I found in my earlier runs I couldn't progress because of objectives that weren't clear but I find out later they are; 1) own least 3 stores & 3 rackets. 2) Complete any 4 hit list contracts.

Other side tasks:
there are only 2 moments after certain time has passed missions will unlock which are just before mission 5 "don is dead" & mission 10 "special delivery." these moments I will be doing tasks to gather as much money as possible for safe houses, explosives & upgrading the tommy gun to the highest upgrade.

Control layout is a bit complex and I find sometimes a mess. To give an example the triangle button is used for riding a car, speaking to people, opening doors or picking up objects. For example I usually end up picking a flower pot next to a door when I intended to open the door. Controls of the character and on foot can sometimes be tricky and stiff especially when turning around 180 degree. I usually hit a wall in tight corridors with the camera having a mind of its own. Driving varies depending on which car I choose. 2 door coupes or sports cars are the fastest in acceleration and more sensitive to control. I mostly will pick them up even if I'm already driving a slower car. The traffic can be bad for the run since it is very hard to pass by when cars spawn at a distance making it annoying plus the parked cars on the side will eventually block my way. Though the horn does make NPC drivers move out of the way they sometimes react too late. The horn button by toggling L3 affects my driving since I turn with L3 so you can see my car slightly wiggle left and right. Auto aiming can sometimes be unpredictable picking targets that are behind or not where I'm aiming at. An example of this happening is mission 17 inside the hotel I head upstairs where enemies come out of the corner where I try aiming at them only to have the auto aim at a target be behind me instead.

Glitch trick:
Usually in cutscenes when the screen shrinks with those black bars they are unskipable. However I found a trick by chance while impatiently and furiously mashing random buttons which I found was the Start button that somehow does skip those custcenes. The only problem I haven't figured out yet is how and when it precisely works. I found it works at random so I mash Start buttons repeatedly in hopes of getting earlier skips but it isn't a 100% guarantee it works for every cutscenes.


1. Welcome to the family.
It is a simple tutorial mission. I must beat up 3 thugs as instructed with a controller picture on the screen. Instead of following instructions I can skip fighting by throwing only 2 thugs off the roof one at a time killing them instantly which saves few minutes. Then I talk to Luca and skip his dialogue and that is it.

2. The enforcer.
This is another simple tutorial/mission. I go inside the shop and immediately wreck the place for a weakness bonus to extort the shop keeper faster. I try to aim to hot the items before the tutorial screen pops up. After that I head up stairs and shoot two rival mobsters for many reasons; 1) get ammo for later missions since ammo is hard to find and a time waste. 2) Get dynamite. Once I get dynamite I blow up the safe for more RP for quick level up while I extort the racket owner by beating him. This may seem more time consuming than simply bribing the owner but it really isn't since once I bribe the owner I cannot skip the dialogue which lasts seconds that isn't much of a difference. Hence why I extort since I can skip the dialogue, gain ammo and earn RP from blowing up the safe. After I'm done with the place I head out only to be confronted by a dirty cop at the entrance. I tried skipping early here where unfortunately it failed but I managed to skip about half way. I get to Luca to end the mission.

3. A grave situation.
Yet another tutorial/mission, seriously I think this game is just pushing it too much. Anyways I must beat these two alleged rapists, well only one of them, as requested by the don on behalf of the undertaker (the guy who begged Vito Corleone at his wedding to kill his daughter's rapists in the film). Instead of beating two of them as am instructed I head for the redshirt guy. I intentionally place my character hugging the tombstone to stand in the way of the NPC so the targeting system will trigger on him doesn't work before. This skips seconds worth it making it earlier to grab him and closer to the tomb. I drag him near the open tombstone which skips the whole thing of beat him up as instructed.

4. Sleeping with the fishes.
This one is the last mission with tutorial instructions on how to play. I meet Luca where he will give me gun for free the snub revolver. I pick up a film reel for RP and a hidden money bag beneath the small crates near the dummy. Here I told to practice shooting at the mannequins. I shoot 3 shots for the mannequin, 2 shots for the other 2 mannequin and 6 shots for the truck. I move as far as possible while shooting at the truck without going outside the mission area so not to trigger a failed mission. Now it is time to drive Luca to the meeting where gets garrot-ied to death like in the film. After being discovered peeking from a window with the head clearly not hidden (can't blame him he is still inexperienced) I bypass the brownies (I'll call the Tattaglias from now on brownies) and head for the target, shoot him then leave. I head outside take the fastest car which always spawns on the same road or the next road to the right. I drive to the safe house while being chased by cops. The car chases can be annoying sometimes since cops/rival mobsters can spawn out of nowhere behind you speeding up as if using turbo and worst of all can overturn your car or over power your car to obstacles.

5. The don is dead.
After the assassination attempt custcene, there are a 3 brownies I must take out plus 1 holding Frankie as hostage. I pull out the snub revolver for quick and accurate headshot. After that it is time to follow the ambulance while Fredo doing the shooting. Fredo may seem dumb but he can shoot like gunslinger with that snub. Instead of following the ambulance I take a different route to go in front while sticking close. I must not be too far or else I fail the mission. This way I'll be a few seconds ahead. on the bridge the ambulance gets intercepted by the brownies. I run to interrogate brownie with the icon above his head whilst in the midst of a fire fight. This way I won't bother shooting all of them which saves a lot of time but risky. Once done interrogating I head to the ambulance skipping the fight. Finally I reach the hospital and hooray the Don is saved.

6. Tom is still missing.
The first part is a sneaking mission. I discovered after the second Brownie moves away I can begin to run at that moment. As soon as I get inside I found that I can run past them even if they spot me it won't trigger an alarm as long I'm unarmed where I got enough time before the alarm triggers. If I do pull out any gun they would start firing at me which triggers the alarm. After the cutscene I pull out the Tommy gun to clear out the area before saving Hagan then once clear a cutscene triggers. Now that is saved it is time to drive them to the compound and get promoted. I wish Clemenza or Rocco had done the driving.

7. Intensive care.
I head to the hospital to guard Vito. Bad news is all my weapons are confiscated. Good news there is a shotgun on the desk in the reception room. I head up to Monk and Frankie, skip her dialogue and kill what possibly could be the worst assassin because it seems he confuses Monk with Vito somehow?! I assassinate the assassin and pick up the pistol then a cutscene triggers. As mentioned in the cutscene I must head down in the basement and take out all the brownies. Once done I head to the ambulance and it triggers a cutscene where Frankie leaves. I head back upstairs where only 2 brownies are left. I take them out and immediately head up where Vito and Michael is to pick the hidden $2,000 money bag then go back where Michael will wait for me.

8. Fireworks.
This is where the party starts and then gets crashed by the party poopers (dirty horny cops). I find it weird they haven't arrested me or at least handcuffed me. Anyways I head downstairs and with melee weapon kill the cop quickly instead bribing which takes longer time. I go for the alley-way and again kill the 1st cop with melee weapon. After a while the garrote pops up in my inventory and I use that to neck snap for a much quicker and silent kill. I discovered by switching between crouching and walking is faster than crouching when going for stealth. The 3rd cop I ignore and went to the last cop and shoot him to unlock the door. Once inside I pull out the Tommy gun ignore 2 cops and head upstairs. I kill the cop near the stairs to avoid getting killed or lose too much health for the next mini fight and ride the elevator. Here I go near the dirty cop and punch him to cancel his deadly throwing bottle moves and make him follow me. I'm serious when I say deadly move since he can kill me in 3-4 hits with those bottles. He must have been practicing baseball or something. I lure him near edge of the roof, throw him off and let gravity do the rest.

9. Death to the traitor.
Clemenza discovers Paulie was the traitor and orders me to whack him but first we have to bomb a brownie owned club. I head to the restaurant pick the TNT and a Molotov. I go back to Clemenza and we go to the club. Before I go in I have my Molotov ready for a quick knock out effect on the brownies that are behind cover. This way I can go upstairs without getting killed. On the way to the stairs there is 1 on top waiting for me so I'm prepared for an ambush with my tommy gun (ambush the ambush). I go to the room with the pool/billiard tables, throw a Molotov there for the hidden brownies and plant the bomb. I quickly head down and leave before it explodes. Now that is done it is time to whack Paulie. For some reason Clemenza makes Paulie stop near a place that looks like a maze and somehow rigged with traps which is good place for Paulie to hide. I shoot the explosive crates for faster time instead of waiting for Paulie to shoot them. Easy kill. Then Rocco comes with the cops chasing just in a perfect time. Thanks Rocco. Short get away and I get the safe house for free but not useful since it's far from every mission.

10. Special delivery.
Before attacking the store house I must hijack a brownie truck for to infiltrate. The truck can spawn randomly being either further or closer in which gladly in this case it is closer. Swiftly I plant bombs in each building, shoot the hidden money bag for a hefty $14,500 and shoot anyone coming in my way. Unfortunately I can only hold 2 TNTs so I have to pick up some more. Once done bombing I talk to Clemenza, skip his dialogue and it is finished.

11. Horseplay.
I bet you remember this famous scene form the film. Good news I don't have to kill the horse. Bad news I get to help Rocco kill the horse. RIP Khartoum. This is a sneaking mission so no alarm trigger. I must follow Rocco where he goes. Once we reach the stable I pick up the lead pipe (melee weapon) and stay on guard. A cop will come in and attack me. I must kill him before the alarm is triggered, so I use the pipe for a quick kill. Once done I must lead Rocco while silently garroting guards, this is where the quick neck snap comes in handy. On the way up on the balcony I pick up a large sum of $20,000 money bag hidden behind a cop where the maid goes out. I wait for Rocco to arrive to end the mission.

12. A recipe for revenge.
This mission is really tough since there are 2 sections of long travelling which requires good driving and RNG for NPC driving (they might get lucky and ram me out of control). Once I reach the location I must silently kill 2 guarding brownies in the alley. After that there is a worker outside the back entrance but I must beat him up to get him to unlock the door. Then simply go in and plant the gun. Once the cutscene ends I must head outside to Michael who is a bit far so I take a car for a faster travelling. I have to drive all the way from midtown to the far west end of hell's kitchen (far end of the map North West) while being chased. Even I were to drive well I must avoid taking much damage which would cause the car to explode leading to a failed mission. Also having rival mobsters shooting my car makes it worse but thankfully I managed to reach the location.

13. Now it's personal.
After getting promoted I get a special treat from Frankie at the chateau hotel (safe house). Just when Frankie and the main character get some time together guess who comes in. The brownies! They came to kidnap Frankie. I immediately head through the door before the brownies spawn on the door way blocking my exit. Head down stairs to the reception area, interrogate the brownie, pick up the phone and drive off to meet Monk. Monk is really pissed off though I'm not sure if it's because Frankie is kidnapped, the main character is about to sleep with her or maybe it's both!? Anyways here is another long driving section with a lot of mobsters going up on my tail. I have to drive from midtown to Brooklyn through little Italy. This is the 4th most difficult mission. If my car blows up even if I reach Brooklyn I would still have to start all over driving from midtown. Also the amount of rival mobster chasing you is numerous and frustrating since they could ruin the run by ramming you off route. What is more the last section where you reach the church to rescue Frankie, is littered with high ranked Cucumbers (I'll call the mobsters in green Cucumbers from now). I tackle this threat with few Molotovs to pacify the area then head upstairs where there is a chance a few Cucumbers would kill me which they did several times in previous runs. This is a very risky method but does save considerable time rather than fighting them all. I reach the door before my health bar empties.

14. The silent witness.
Now that Frankie is dead it's time for revenge and Sonny is going to help our main character get it. I meet Sonny where I must interrogate a high official brownie. I use a baseball bat for a quick pressure build up. After falling to his doom, Sonny assures us the "sonuva bitch will be cremated" where Brono (guy who ordered a hit on Frankie) will be at the funeral. That is one hell of a quick cremation service I would have to say. I go to the funeral to pay my respects and condolences in my own way by shooting. After killing all the Brownies the elevator unlocks. I head down where Brono and 2 Brownies are waiting. I take out the 2 before going for Brono. I have to carefully disarm Brono to make him less a threat or else risk killing him in undesired task which is a mission failure. Once disarmed I punch him which makes him chase me instead of me dragging him to the furnace. Then I have to throw Brono in the fire to end the mission.
15. Sonny's war.
After defending the compound from the Cuneos (cranberries) Sonny tells me to meet him in midtown. Gere I drive him to hell's kitchen. Once I get in I turn left and go downstairs. There are 2 cranberries armed with melee weapon blocking my way so I take them out. In the next room there are more cranberries and some explosive crates which I blow up while taking a safe distance from the blast. I go in interrogate the cranberry. A cutscene triggers. Now I have to chase the truck and must do it fast otherwise I lose the tail and it's a mission over and it's worse that I have 2 cars coming at me which could block my way and end the mission. This was a rare moment where instead of mobster cars spawn behind me they spawned around the corner where I could slip past them easily giving me a few seconds break from them as they have to U turn. After reaching the warehouse I immediately go in and head up while taking damage. After the cutscene I pick health and some Tommy gun ammo. I go back down but I have to be cautions since it would take just few hits to lower health bar and ruin this run for the last section. I reach the car, get in and drive to the last location. Immediately I shoot the fire barrel to knock out the grouped cranberies before they disperse. I move in taking out each 1 by 1, or else they would definitely kill me if I ignore them, and shooting fire barrels for explosive knock outs. I blow up 2 trucks which cancels an ambush if I were to get close without exploding them. Now before I get inside I equip the molotov, open the door and throw 2 out to knock out cranberries in cover. As soon as I throw 2 out I head for the owner and interrogate him to end the mission before the cranberries get back on their feet.

16. Change of plans.
This has to be the 2nd most difficult mission in this run. Not only is there driving long distances but also there are a lot of enemies to fight or evade. I have to chase Sonny and short cuts are closed in the beginning. Once Sonny gets ambushed and killed, now I must chase a conspirator cop while myself being chased. Normally this section would most likely require changing car since I'm getting shot at constantly here. However I managed to get ahead of the car I'm chasing and head for the warehouse and got almost unlucky when 2 cars crashed on me but I braked earlier. I go inside to the left building to avoid getting killed. After going around I head to the middle small building and meet the cop. Once the cop confesses it's time to meet another conspirator. Now I have to travel to a club in hell's kitchen. This place is filled with brownies that sometimes are hidden and need to be lured out to kill them. Other unlucky times there would be at least 1 brownie I missed or hidden wasting precious time. After they're all done the door unlocks in the basement. I have to interrogate the fella but he won't give so easily so instead I go for his wife to make him talk then interrogate him (for Ms. Brownie, please forgive me but it was only business). Now all I have to do is drive all way back to the compound and the mission is over.

17. Order to kill.
I'm ordered by Michael to meet Monk to visit the FBI agent. I meet Monk in a hotel in little Italy. Monk says there is an informant inside that building and must be taken out unlike what Michael said. Are you seeing where this is going?! This building is filled with cucumbers any one of them can lower my health bar to half. As soon as I open the entrance door I throw a molotov. Run up the stairs and go in to manual mode because I tried using the auto aim but it goes crazy inside oddly target the furthest enemy NPC. I take heavy damage which is expected and hoped for. After the custcene I walk out to the cucumbers to get myself killed quickly for death exploit. This way instead of fighting my out while in low health, which means a cautious and slow method, it restarts me at the checkpoint which clears the enemies. This was the only trick I could death exploit to despawn enemy NPCs in the game. This way I can run out of the building without confronting a single enemy. I drive to where Monk is hiding. After the dialogue skip, 2 brownies show up. I know Monk went up but instead I go over the small ledge and inside the bar where Monk will teleport next to the piano. I go take cover, toss a molotov near the piano and go check to see if he does die. Sometimes it's hit and miss when throwing molotovs where Monk could survive 2 hits. Once Monk is terminated it is mission over.

18. Its only business.
As soon I finished the previous mission I went to the CorIeone compound for the next mission. Here I intentionally run over Tession, the one in front of Hagan, to skip a dialogue between those two. Then I talk to Hagan where I'm ordered to meet up with Cicci in brooklyn. In here I must kill Tessio but I can't kill him until after playing cat and mouse with him in the building. Basically Tessio is invincible while being chased. there will be zucchinis on my way so I have to shoot them before they kill me. At the end where Tessio stops at the bar I throw dynamite in there. That way by the time it blows up killing Tessio without risking getting inevitably killed by cucumbers hiding in good cover, I would stand front of the phone booth.

19. Royal flush.
I reach the hotel and meet Fredo on the 3rd floor where Michael will be there. I'm ordered to rob Moe Green's secret casino beneath the hotel. This is the 3rd most difficult mission since the place is crowded and many cops guarding it. This can sometimes ruin the auto aim because it fails to differentiate between civilians and mobsters or cops. First I have to interrogate someone to get the password. Then I head downstairs, say the password to get in and reach the vault. I blow up the safe and grab the money. After I grab the moneybags I clear the area then throw molotovs above to hit some few cops. After gunning through I use the elevator for quick and safe way up. Before exiting the hotel I throw a molotov to knock out the cops outside. Unfortunately the cop cars are locked but no worries. I take a right turn where usually but not always a fast car is parked near. I head to safehouse to talk to Clemenza. Now I must take the cop car and sneak to guarded place where Moe is. Instead of using stealth I shoot any cop I see avoiding getting killed form behind. I kill Moe and clear out the way. I meet Clemenza and It Is completed.

20. Baptism by fire.
After meeting Michael at the church I must meet up with Clemenza in midtown for the 1st hit which is don Stracci (blueberry). After the meet up I drive Clemenza to the target location. I walk in for a fake meeting with the don, there is no other way or else it triggers a mission fail. I go up unarmed and talk to each guard at each door to unlock it. Once I reach the don I start shooting. Later I must talk to Clemenza only after clearing out the place or at least when he stops shooting which is random when he does that even if the coats isn't not clear yet. Now to the next hit. I meet up with Cicci in hell's kitchen. The target is don Cuneo (cranberry). I'm supposed to sneak in with Cicci but I go alone instead of waiting. Also I exploit the sneaking part to plant a bomb for quick easy kill without going into a fire fight. This is the only place where I can kill the target with planting a bomb and save time. Now I must reach Rocco in brooklyn but this time I'm being chased rival mobsters. I made several attempts to drive to brooklyn with the sports cars but it will always get set on fire from too much damage or easily overturned. Thus I take different that is the rival mobster car which is heavy and slightly slower but hard to tackle by other cars. I arrive at where Rocco is, pick up health medicine on the bar shelf then talk to him. In this section I'm supposed to figure out where don is which is always the same place. I get in and start shooting every brownie on my way until I reach to the don whose holding a hostage. Since it's not a mission over if I kill the hostage I kill the don as well the hostage in the cross fire. I throw 2 molotovs to clear out any brownie behind cover then make sure there aren't any left. I go back grab a medicine which is vital for the next mission, the last target in little italy. This part also has mobsters chasing me. I take the sports car parked in the alley that spawns randomly so that is good RNG. Unfortunately I got rammed out of control on the bridge and my car was about to blow but luckily I had the rival mobster car close behind me where I recovered the pace fairly quickly. I meet up with Neri for the last hit. This is the most painful part to run because there are numerous cucumbers all at once attacking me and Neri in a wide open area with hardly any cover I throw some molotovs to stun as much cucumbers as possible for a safer path. Whilst reaching to don Barzini I almost got killed by 1 sneaky asshole close to my target but luckily the cutscene triggered before hot got the chance to finish me. After the short cutscene I take revenge on don Barzini. It's not over yet, now I have to run away from the cops which basically waiting for the timer to run out. I have to make a careful getaway or else risk getting caught in the cross fire between the mob and cops or catch the attention of either one of them. The cops are way more aggressive in this mission than the others making it way more difficult to escape alive. I take refuge at the church where Mikey and wait. I then stand on the blue marker as soon as the timer hits 0 while doing my celebration dance only to get interrupted by a car explosion which by a slight chance it might have killed me but didn't. This where the run ends when it fades to the cutscene. After the cutscene I show proof that I completed the game's story or main missions in the criminal progress stats.