Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Hard] [Good Ending] [Stealth] [1:42:20]
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Completion Date Aug. 24, 2014
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Tag 100% Stealth
Tag Good Ending
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I am using patch 1.02a

JBA pt 4 is in 1920x1200 due to a bug that prevents the game from finishing in 16:9 resolutions

JBA pt 4 "gets" 99% stealth since you have to fire a bullet. The game doesn't register your score, it just gives a 0%. What happens, is that the game copies the NYC boat stealth score and pastes it over JBA pt 4

JBA pt 3 to Kinshasa has different JBA/NSA trust because when I 100% finished JBA pt 3, I did it again except I framed Enrica for JBA pt 4

Kinshasa to JBA pt 4 has different JBA/NSA trust because after I 100% finished Kinshasa, I did run without saving the woman on the bus and forgot about that

Since I got the bad ending, I needed to replay and save the boat in JBA pt 3 and save Hisham in Kinshasa in order to unlock the boat level.

When reloading a save, the radar turns off regardless if you had it on previously

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Run Comments

Welcome to one of the worst ports I have ever seen made by Ubishit shanghai.
It is very glitchy, unstable, and inconsistent due to poor/non-existent testing.
They released a broken game and then barely patched it

This is my first recorded speedrun I have ever done. I'm pretty nervous since some of my editing might seem sloppy. I decided to run this game after seeing prospy05 YouTube channel and was impressed by his Iceland speedrun.

Originally, I was speedrunning this game in 2007-2008, but I kept procrastinating on and off during the years. It wasn't until 2013, that I decided to stop procrastinating.

I have the 360 version and the PC version of Double Agent. But I decided to do the PC version since I can do 2560x1440. I wanted to do 4k, but my computer couldn't handle it.

The guards are noticeably deafer compared to the 360 version. Sometimes the guard's deafness is inconsistent too, as in some guards might have better hearing for some unexplained reason.

Even though they have better hearing in the 360 version, the guards are generally the same glitchy as fuck and inconsistent guards as the PC version. The guards tend to glitch out, act erratically, and/or have problems seeing Sam even in daylight missions.

You'll see me save a lot since this game loves to bug out. Even in Version 1.02a, many things are broken in this game and it loves to crash.

I wanted to get 100% stealth on every level while going as fast as I can.


Swimming is very easy to screw up and get caught in the geometry.

I guess I didn't need to jump at about 2:48. I tended to miss the ladder when jumping onto it.

The ladder guard at 3:45 has got to be the most bullshit guard in the game. He doesn't even have to see Sam to be alerted. If he hears Sam or even gets suspicious, he automatically identifies Sam as an intruder regardless if he sounds the alarm or not. I cannot think of any other guard in the game that does this. Because of him, I had to go at the slowest speed in order to not set him off since he magically has better hearing.

I made a mistake approaching the ventilation. I was supposed to roll past him, but I did it too early. At the saving at 4:13, I was hammering the crouch button so Sam would be immediately standing.
It was me getting greedy as I wanted to immediately start running after I passed him.

The camera at 4:37 is moving that way due to a bug in the game. Sometimes when reloading a save, the game sometimes still has the current camera angle direction instead of the direction of when I saved. Since I was hanging off a ledge the camera movement is restricted and had to readjust. I can't believe I missed OCPing the light. I'm also surprised that he didn't see me at 5:11

The mission pretty much ends once the missile is hacked. I don't think I can screw up or go any faster for extraction.

I don't have a clue why Iceland and Jail flickers whenever it is saving. I'm guessing it is due to the buggy and instability of Double Agent. But it decided to go away during the later missions.


It's easy to accidentally miss the pipe when crawling out of the tunnel. Slipping past that guard at 2:48 tends to be harder than it looks

The two guards at 3:07 tend to be deaf, sometimes they can't decide on whether or not they want to hear Sam. Occasionally, they would see me during 3:20, but not this time.

When exiting the elevator, sometimes the guards are facing it or are incredibly close to it. But I was lucky this time.

-JBA HQ Part 1:

Safe cracking is harder than it looks in the PC version since the developers did a shit job in porting the movement controls on the dial.

But aside from that, there is not much for me to say about this mission aside from the boring waiting.

I'm not sure if I could do an improvement in the firing range, but I was a little jittery.

-Sea of Okhotsk

I hate this mission.

I say it's the hardest one to speedrun in the game, next to Kinshasa. Which coincidentally, both missions love to crash at the worst times possible.

I started to slow down in some parts since the guards don't always react the way I want them to.

After I hacked the detonator, I was surprised that there was someone there at 4:14, but he apparently couldn't hear me for some reason.

After breaking the ice at 5:34, I thought the other guard would start running over to investigate.

When I first board the boat, the two conversing guards are very easy to knock out, but I hate the next area.

I don't know what causes the snowstorm fog, I think it is random.

Maybe this is just me exaggerating, but I think the ship part is noticeably more random and inconsistent. During this part, the guards sometimes stop being deaf and can suddenly hear a body hitting the ground. Even worse, is that they might suddenly somehow know that I attacked someone or gain super vision and immediately run to that guard's body resulting in a body found.

At 9:00 my original plan started falling apart. I had to improvise quickly, normally he isn't facing that way.

I actually could go faster when jumping off the rail at 11:57, but I decided to do the safer way after failing a lot. Jumping off the rail got me killed way too many times than I can count.

You might notice that I started to slow down to kill the last guard in the tower area. That happened because the guard at 12:52 did not respond the way I wanted him to. When I killed the first two guards, the last one normally goes to the left towards me, but this time he decided to go to the right.

I was mashing the button so I could immediately grab the captain, but for some reason it failed the first two times.


Emile can't decide if he wants to sit in the air or his seat.

Exiting the helipad is straightforward. Now entering the building is a little bugged compared to the 360 version. You'll see me hang to the right to lure the guard, but the guard can sometimes see Sam hanging even though the light is green.

Jumping and sliding off the dragon got me killed a few times.

The guard on the right at 9:34 apparently glitched for awhile.

-JBA HQ Part 2:

Mines have to be the most boring shit I have ever seen.

Otherwise this mission is straightforward. The ultrasonic emitter part was another thing I discovered on accident. It was usefully to make Jamie go away.

If it weren't for the mines, this would be a very short mission


I don't know what causes that crew member dressed in white at 3:39 to leave that way. Normally, he starts running down the stairs towards me.

The left door at 4:20 is bugged and can't be used correctly. The guards would sometimes get stuck on it.

The pool area is very luck dependent. I had to do this area over 50 times in practice runs. The guards sometimes gain super vision, or suddenly stop being deaf. I don't think this trick that I pulled in the pool area will ever work in the 360 version.

I am very surprised that the crew member at 8:19 DIDN'T see me, especially at that range. That part wasn't planned. I just stumbled upon it and had to improvise quickly. I paused twice after the zip line since I had to process what happened.

For some reason, the guard in the bomb area can't see me through glass door, yet the crew members in the command deck could see through the glass windows. The developers never picked up on this apparently.

-JBA HQ Part 3:

I had to bolt out and get Enrica's disarm code before she returns to her office.

Then I had to get over for the visual proof of the bomb. I personally do not know what determines which computer has the proof. I think it is random. This is fucking retarded because on the 360 version, the computer that has the proof is always the same. I also don't know why/how the game automatically hacked that visual proof. It seems like that is either a bug or some sort of feature that I am not aware of.

Hooray, time to repeat the same shit from JBA 1 and 2 since the developers needed to inflate gameplay time.

I screwed up once on the decryption, but I kept it in anyways.

IIRC, blowing up the boat saves about 12-13 seconds. Otherwise those extra seconds are due to Emile being anger and blowing Enrica's head off.


The two guards at 2:03 love to be uncooperative. I can't remember how many attempts that took.

The soldier at 3:40 would sometimes see me when I go up the stairs, but I got lucky this time.

Now at 4:20, I had to stop for a bit, since I had to wait for my health to regenerate a bit to survive the next drop.

After the meeting, Emile is very deaf for some reason.

At 10:32, it is somewhat random if the soldier sees me or not.

The firefight in the street at 11:00 is very random. Sometimes the soldiers ignore the smoke grenade and mindlessly fire and rotate a lot.

I have to save the woman on the bus, otherwise she is counted as a civilian killed. Which is retarded since I don't have to stop the execution as the game doesn't count that. I really hope this is an awful bug because I could of sworn that I can skip her and not get penalized. After saving the woman on the bus, there is a soldier on top of the building behind me. It's pretty much based on luck, if that soldier decides to see me or not.

-JBA HQ Part 4:

There is a very stupid bug in JBA HQ 4. Even in patch 1.02a, the game still penalizes me for firing that one mandatory bullet, resulting in a 99% stealth rating. But the even weirder part is that after finishing the level and going back to the mission menu, the game doesn't save the score, it just gives a 0% stealth score. I found this out by accident, but apparently the game uses the stealth rating on the NYC boat level and pastes it onto JBA HQ 4.

IIRC, the 360 version doesn't even show the stealth score at the end of the mission.

The underground basement is where the fun starts. The moment the mission starts, I had to immediately start running towards the light switch. If I'm not quick enough, there won't be enough room to slip past the first red guard.

The scene where the guards kill the scientists is very straightforward.

In the bomb area, sometimes the game would bug out and render Emile and his men extremely deaf. This is actually bad since, they wouldn't be able to hear the ultrasonic emitter or whistling, which would ruin the run and force me to restart. I had to reload this save several times in order to get them to cooperate

I was lucky as hell that Emile decided to glitch out and stand there staring.

There is also an infuriating 16:9 resolution glitch in JBA part 4. If the mission is finished in a 16:9 resolution, the game stalls as the SWAT team doesn't load for some stupid reason. It gets even worse because the in-game timer is still running during the SWAT raid.

The 360 version shows that 3 SWAT members are supposed to show up, but the first one that appears is one that drives the cut scene.

-NYC Boat:

The guard bolting out of the room was something I stumbled upon on accident. Punching Moss is faster, because grabbing him or knifing him results in a long ass scripted animation.

This mission is strange since it didn't penalize for force hacking or even being identified as an intruder. The thing is, the game gives NO indication that there is no longer penalty for doing those things. It does dock points for a body being found, but doesn't penalize for killing or KOing.

With all this being said, I had the most trouble with Sea of Okhotsk, Kinshasa, and JBA part 4. This run does have some areas that I think I can improve upon, but I'm glad I finally finished.

Special thanks for prospy05's inspirational videos.