Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! (ntscus) (wii) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:02:02.81]
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Completion Date July 25, 2014
State Published
Runner Zack 'Zallard1' Allard
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The completion date for the single segment run is listed above. For the IL runs, here are the completion dates...

Warm Up - 5/13/2014
Training - 5/14/2014
Sparring - 7/23/2014

Also I will submit comments later and audio commentary will only be for the single segment run; the ILs will not have audio commentary.

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Run Comments

So, McHazard has been recently re-defining how the Punch Out series should be speedrun with his string of recent tool assisted runs that he's been submitting to TASvideos, so massive thanks to him for completely re-working the strategies into far more interesting ones.

I had one goal for my single segment run, which was to get a sub 2:03.xx time, which is no small feat even considering how short the game is. For reference, the TAS nets a 2:01.73, which gives me about 1.27 in-game seconds of wiggle room, which is not alot considering one game second is 21 frames. This means I have about a half of a real time second compared to the TAS, so it was a pretty rough goal that I was starting to think I wouldn't meet because I was simply stuck in the low 2:03's forever... then came this run.

Timing everything ultra tight as if it were an IL attempt is pretty much the only fitting approach to a run this short, so I completely threw away any buffer strategies that were over 2 frames from frame perfect. I only kept 2 buffers that weren't frame perfect (both waste 2 frames each). I used them because on average, I either missed those punches far too often, or I lost more than 2 frames on many attempts, so I figured a 4 frame loss for heightened consistency and more chances at tightening up the timing on other punches was well worth it.

This run started off with a sub 41 Warm Up fight, which is REALLY hard to do. The big difficulty of the fight is the 2nd punch in the 3 punch combo at around 32/33 seconds into the video. You have to delay that 2nd punch by a very small amount of time in order for Doc to do his next attack faster. I just barely reached sub 41 by exactly 1 frame, which happened maybe every 50 attempts or so.

Training was probably the "weakest" of the fights in this run, but that is almost entirely because the other 2 fights are really good. This fight is still very well executed, as I only got in the 42.3x range a handful of times. I think I had an attempt that got in the 42.1x range, but that was just like 4 frames off the TAS, so it's pretty rough to expect to get it again in a single segment run.

Sparring was easily the strongest fight in this run, no question. A 39.56 is only 3 frames from the TAS, which is absolutely incredible considering the buffer to gain the final star in the fight cost 2 of those 3 frames that I lost.

I am very happy with the quality of these 3 fights back to back. I wanted them to be as close to the IL fights as I could possibly make them, and I feel I've achieved that.