Art of Fighting (ntscus) (genesis/snes/ps2) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Level 1] [0:04:41]
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Completion Date March 3, 2014
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Runner Jeremy 'DK28' Doll
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Thank you to SDA and Crew for continuing to operate this site and host our runs to give this speed running stuff such a cozy home.

Here we go with the Fighting Games again...

So this run came at the request of my chat. I usually complete one game at a time, but will play random things often as well. The subject of FIghting Games came up and I started talking about Art of Fighting. Now my level 8 run has been hosted at SDA for a while, but some people were wondering how fast a level 1 run would be. So I did it.

I have long since mastered the SNES port of this game and the controls are so much better than the Arcade version, but still horrible.

This run took one night...

The only thing to figure out was how to attack. Things came out pretty similar to the level 8, but the Fighters KO much quicker on level 1 and block less. The Super Fire Blow is still mandatory as it is even more OP in this run.

I use Ryo simply for variety, Robert has a tiny edge that is necessary on Level 8, I explain that in those notes.

Todo - Kicks to face till dizzy. Throw into a wake-up fireball. Can't do much more.

Jack - Same as Todo, but I end with a jump kick as his stand up animation is so much longer. It's just easier to time.

Initiate Super Fire Blow - I jump on purpose at the beginning. The game doesn't register directional input before starting. The jump ensures correct input for the first fireball.

Lee - He has a strong tendency to kick you out of the air. I negate this with an opening fireball. I follow with a jump kick and a Haoh Shoko Ken.

King - Love the Music. Kick to dizzy then Super Fireball. Followed by hardcore nudity!

Bottle Cut - Knocking some bottles down was on purpose. It actually takes longer to tally the score if you chop zero bottles.

Micky - Same moves, but in a different order. Just for a change of pace.

John - Noticing a pattern yet?

Bottle Cut 2 - Same.

Mr. Big - A joke on level 1.

Karate - Still need perfect execution. On level 1, he can still mess you up.

All in all, I actually had fun with this. It started as a joke, but it's a legit run. You can't give me crap for it since I also did a hardest difficulty run... I still say Fighting Games can make for a nice run. But it's a more accquired taste. Get your beat-down on!

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