Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (pal) (ps3) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Casual] [1:49:35]
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Completion Date May 30, 2014
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Runner 'Soliduz Znake'
Segments 7
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IL table:
Pyreenes 8:39.92
Old Vegas 15:06.77
Rec Center 19:23.56
Convention 21:52.36
Theater 21:29.28
Nevada Desert 10:36.89
Estate 11:09.10

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Soliduz Znake run comments

favourite terrorist quotes:
"Lima! Oscar, Lima! Over!"
"C'mon! Aim and SHOOT!"
"Quit shootin the wall bitch!"
"Cover me!", "Fuck you man cover me!"


First off all I like to thank HoboWithaShotgun and Judgy for the feedback and support with this run. I probably would have rage quit midway if it weren't for their motivational support. Also to Judgy don't give up on the R6V2 PC speedrun, if I could do it so can you.

First off I'll explain my set up. I always set my armor to the highest protection overall despite being slower movement speed. The reason I pick protection over speed because most times I will be running past enemies where I will take shots otherwise I'll get killed instantly despite faster movement speed. Moreover there isn't much difference when it comes to movement speed comparing with or without armor protection.

The main weapon I use is the Type 05 submachine gun which has a very high firing rate, high accuracy and a large 50 size clip very good for gunning multiple hostiles on the go without reloading too much or scoping. Also I use flash grenades most times for safer run since hostiles get stunned in a wide area more resourceful than using grenades that can be a hit and miss.

Okay time to move on the run routes. Fairly simple I take out any hostiles on my way and reach the checkpoints of each sub level. However there are moments where I slow down or take cover. sometimes I have to be very cautious in areas with lots of cover for enemies to hide and pop out in a surprise attack that leads to my instant death e.g. in the train station in the convention level or junkyard in rec center level. This can be dealt with by sending my NPC team but they always take time so instead I usually stun any nearby hidden enemies but that doesn't always work. Another issue with speedrunning is the spawning and despawning of enemy NPC which can be random at times and very deadly to my runs. I cannot stress how my runs are heavily RNG based since most times I get killed because I was going too fast. For example an enemy NPC would spawn too early right in front me and shoot me in the face or too late and shoot me from behind. Other times my grenades don't always kill or stun enemy NPCs despite hitting them. Another moment when enemy NPCs do not spawn at all or spawn at a different random location. Anyways enough with the horrible moments so let us go to the missions.

In conclusion I cannot stress how difficult this game can get and it would sometimes just cheat on you on a number of occasions even on easy difficulty. After countless of resetting overall I did great doing maneuvers that more than half the time would get my character killed. The main problem of speedrunning this game is you cannot ignore Tangos because they are extremely deadly especially in close range. Therefore I dress my character full armor to reduce those risks. Furthermore my team can be more of hinder than a help since they usually get gunned down where I must order 1 of them to rescue the other or in worst case they both get gunned down which I have to save them. I cannot imagine seeing a single segment or segmented run with the tactics I use because of the RNG which is why I chose IL. I really cannot how many times my tactics would fail because how random the game can be in each sub level.

Pyrenees [0:08:40]

First part is a briefing that cannot be skipped unfortunately but after that is all shooting. 1st Tango (I'll be calling enemy NPCs Tangos from now) spotted alone so need for covering. later on they will similar situation as before with 2 or 3 Tangos in rooms which I easily take them down while on the go.

I keep my team as close as possible for C4 defusing task just before the hostage negotiation is at. after one of my teams decided to be a jerk shooting before orders leading to the hostage negotiator's death then things go out of hand. Whilst in the hostage area I throw a flash bang, quickly take out the Tangos to trigger reinforcements then take them out too. Exit out in the open I sneak in cover to get Tango sniper. There Tangos well behind cover so I must move carefully and as fast as possible inside the building for safety. I send my team to breach and clear since if I step out I will get killed instantly. While my team at the door I sneak to the left to keep guard for any sneaky Tango to outflank me which I take out 1 behind cover. I head back and here I was extremely lucky I almost got killed from behind unexpectedly. These Tango are always on the 2nd floor defending. Once the coast is clear I move on to the other building. I slightly misplaced the C4 but fortunately it did get 1 Tango then I clean up the mess what the C4 left. Another double door I get a quick kill on the Tango turret from the flank and another hiding Tango. Another area with lots of Tangos hiding behind cover. Here is an ambush which I simply solve by throwing flash bang inside the building the moment Tangos appear and right before the pipe explosion. this way I can safely run inside without get stormed with bullets aka getting rekt while Tangos outside have yet to appear. good reason why I throw another flash bang inside is to stun any Tangos moving out as well any hidden Tangos behind cover for a safe move in. third flash bang same as before to stun hidden Tangos but unfortunately it didn't stun 1 that is ducked behind the desk so I quickly crouch and sneak on him despite getting almost killed. one last flash bang for the Tango with shotgun which will kill me instantly once I pop out of cover. send my team to defuse another bomb (what is this Counter Strike?!) only to get ambushed (don't be surprised it's clearly scripted & cliché). normally I have to wait for back up to end the mission but luckily I it ended very early roughly half a minute saved.

Old Vegas [0:15:07]

as soon as I drop out of the helicopter I run as fast as possible not waiting for my team. 1st Tango spotted and the 1st to be eliminated. I head inside the corridor where you can see 1 Tango behind a broken window but there are 2. I kill the visible that causes the other to retreat for cover which I exploit that by climbing inside without getting shot since I'm completely venerable during that animation. I chase the Tango retreating strangely my shots keep missing by an inch. after the checkpoint I reach for the left where 2 Tangoes are usually chatting off guard while 1 patrols outside balcony but sometimes they react to gunshots and are on guard. easily taken care of anyways despite getting to lowest health point but never did I get killed there so its expected. I climb the ladder anticipating 1 sniper ready to scope me but since I'm very close usually I will get hit but nothing deadly so I fire back. then switch to a sniper rifle and snipe another sniper on the balcony ahead before he gets to snipe me (sniper redundant). moving on the 2 Tangoes from below came faster then I expected and rarely do my shots miss from hip but it happens. thankfully I didn't killed surprisingly they were close funny how the AI can sometimes suck horribly bad). finally one covering behind the air duct and he is out. although I it is tempting to slide or slip down the ladder for faster way down but for weird reasons they made that even at that height it would not hurt but instantly kill (I guess gravity is much harsher). I switch on thermal goggles for clearer vision because of the glass reflection to kill 1 Tango. fasten the rope then immediately throw flash bang before taking cover to stun 3 Tangos in good covering place. while I head down stairs there are Tangos climb up on the side so I can ignore them and let my team do their work. inside are 3 Tangos but fortunately one is far away and behind obstacles where I simply take out 2 them and head up stairs to the end section.

1 Tango on the roof shot then I fasten the rope from right since the left is much slower bouncing of the wall. here it triggers an ambush in an open area an advantage for them over me where multiple enemies appear especially 1 sniper that is extremely dangerous. what I did is take out the only 1 on the otherside that can kill me quickly then run off before the rest arrive. on my way I take out one popping out of the corner in close kill. round the corner to the left is 1 Tango in the clear which I pause a moment to him take out. while strafing I'm anticipating for 1 to come out of cover for quick kill then take cover to be safe from 2 Tangos ahead. throw flash bang then head up stairs to clear the area. reaching to my target for a rescue attempt, I take down 1 then throw flash bang just in case hoping the stun would last long enough. climb the ladder then fast upside down. here I was very lucky not to get killed up close. I take out the rest but unfortunately my clip emptied as soon as I killed the last 1 which wasted about 2 - 4 seconds. I breach in only to find 1 survived. here I was waiting for my team to send them at the door but 1 was far behind so I skipped that but strangely 1 team squad went inside to reach me instead going back which never happened before. this alerted the Tangoes which I thought was unfavorable but then went ahead for an extremely risky move. in this area there so many Tangos up and down where they sit in good cover some armed with shotguns and magnums that can shot me. if that isn't enough for you even if I manage to skip them then comes 2 Tangoes that are on your way which also can kill you at close range. this part was so difficult and random at times almost all my runs got killed at that area. hence this means I was very lucky which what I was hoping for but far reached my wildest expectations that I was able to walk through without delay and especially the flash bangs worked well. I move on to another similar area but less dangerous than before. again I use flash bangs but 2 this time then safely traverse through slot machines taking out anyone on my way and reaching another end section.

In the garage the Tangos have the upper hand in covering so I take it careful instead of dashing through which would kill me. around the corner is an turret waiting to tear me to shreds so I really need to take cover. I use flash grenades as well shoot extinguisher for cover to take out as many as possible. ahead to the corridor I threw a flash for safety measures. At the end there is a Tango on the right hidden and on the left are Tangos behind cover. 1 flash to take away for Tangos immediately then I head for the door on left. inside is a shotgunner so quick kill is necessary. I head out left there are 2 tango plus 3 more will spawn shortly. unfortunately they spawned only few seconds after the flash bang but I took care of them with another flash bang. here comes a tricky area to cope with plus with being low on ammo. 1st major threat is the sniper I deal with then I send my team since its too dangerous to go alone. also I crouch here to avoid the 2nd sniper deadly shots. my team did very well in this part thanfully since they usually take way more time to react.

a quick reload before heading out. I quick scope those 2 harassing a hostage before she gets killed. here I have to protect a civilian which isn't really difficult since she doesn't act stupid by going out in the open. I take the easier route by sticking to left for cover since most Tangos plus a sniper & turret are out on the right. I wait for her to open the locked gate. I skip being stealthy and let my team breach the door since it takes ages for the guard to come out. inside the warehouse I send my team in then immediately the other door to cover more area. inside the office are hostages but since there is only 2 Tangos I didn't bother with stealth tactics. in another warehouse I use the same tactic as previously stated. at the end I rescue the hostages and that is it for this mission.

Rec Center [0:19:24]

at the start this one isn't going to be simple to run. the area is huge with 1 annoying turret cover for his team while a group of shotgunners hide behind as well some of their back up climbing down from the roof. if that is not enough to piss you off you have to clear the area and wait for your team to search the van then the magical locked door will unlock to the next area. while my team is searching the van I head inside clear the area ahead to save time. after waiting for door while listening to briefing immediately I run through this room as fast as possible since its an ambush which I skipped but very risky to run & gun against shotgunners coming out of the left corner. in hall where the hostages running towards me I throw a, you guessed it, flash grenade. here i take risky move relying on the flash grenades and my team to clean up what I left behind ignoring the rest I haven't taken down. inside the rock climbing hall I send my to stand on the center to get attention while I climb up the ladder. reaching 1st floor I take 2 Tangos then throw smoke grenades for cover. while rock climbing to 2nd floor 1 Tango would go down the rope which he is stuck in animation and can't do harm to me (They haven't received proper training to be bale to shoot & rope same time). on the 2nd floor it was unfortunately the smoke grenade was too far in the corner but later I was lucky I didn't get killed by one sneaky tango.

a wide open area with a narrow bridge on top I managed to stick on top avoiding as much fire possible from below. smoke grenades for cover against shielded Tangos that act dumb when in presence of smoke. I use the Famas rifle for heavier damage against shielded Tangos. I was very lucky that I took out 2 shotgunners that rarely spawn but fortunately that didn't stop the run this time. after a long run heading out to the arena here I rely heavily on smoke grenades & flash grenades to make my job easier since without I can't tell which way they are coming from before I get owned. while the hostages are being gassed to death and there is nothing to do I stop by to check what is on the menu at the counter, basically I have to for the scene to end to move on. here my game started to act funny and it didn't register my inputs correctly which it only costs 6 seconds off my run. I used smoke for cover since there are shotgunners inside. in the next area I see a problem and the solution is flashbang. the last area I'm supposed to fight off a horde of Tangos on ground and above but since I have smoke grenades I easily skip that and move on to the check point.

Another ambush area with lots of Tangos behind good cover. used the smoke grenades similarly as before to deal with the shield Tangos on the bridge. another instance with game screwing with me with the inputs at the door. when in doubt, flashbang. the library is another great example of having to deal with Tangos scattered around with good cover above and on ground. I easily deal with this problem by sending my team on ground near the reception desk while I above skip through most Tangos. I wait for some back up Tangos to come but it seems they got stuck inside the small rooms. anyways I go down take out the 2 shielded Tangos which triggers the next section.

here comes the chasing part, well not really a chase. another wide open area with 1 sniper that always kills me if I tried to run out of cover so precautions is a must here. after carefully clearing the area I chase Miguel. there are more complex areas here where hiding comes in handy as well the use smoke grenades or flash grenades very suitable. the junkyard is even more tedious so again flash grenades very effective in this part. finally Miguel gets caught then killed.

Convention [0:21:53]

on roof I use the rope since its the shorter router. after breaking through the window I run through this section. down to the ground floor you can see I went to fast where an enemy despawns in front of me while another spawns to my right which ultimately killed my runs early over 50% of the time. as I was running through the large hall my team are down which I was able to reach the checkpoint before their health end that would end a mission failure. this mission i found incendiary grenades suitable against shielded Tangos since there is wide open area for me to pass through where flames haven't reached completely. through the corridor I really did made excellent use of flash grenades or at least in my opinion.

another area that needs to be cleared for my team to search the van. here I are few Tangos plus sniper & turret. while they I go up ahead of them. once inside I keep close to the wall on the left since Tangos from below can shoot me while I am busy with the ones in front of me. the same tactics goes on the other room. on the walk way here is a risky method I do throwing flash grenades below that isn't a guarantee and some below did manage to kill me in several attempts. I take my time clearing inside with incendiary because usually Tangos would spawn as soon I enter inside which killed me always in every attempt to rush in. inside where the security camera is located I used incendiaries for quick & safe kills but they don't sometimes are a miss despite land close to its targets. after the short camera feed on our hostage, here I swiftly & stealthily take out every Tango on way to avoid triggering back up despite them firing back. I reach the hostage strapped on the chair, send my team to defuse the explosive device then I head up stairs wait for the Tango raid. I stick close to the door for quick close take down. after taking out the raid in ninja style I move on ahead not waiting for my team. I try to skip as many Tangos as I can relying on my team to deal with them which not always works as planned. ahead you will see I was too early to be there by noticing the Tangos would spawn in front of me behind the curtain things close to the check point.

through the hall ways reking through I stop just near the plants where I wait for my team so I can send the to fasten rope down for a short cut. yet I must clear the area or else I'll be an easy target while fastening down the rope. Tangos behind cover, flash bang my way to victory. I take out Tangos coming down the stairs before I restock my ammo. I send my team on the ground ready to breach in while I go up and take out the Tangos especially the turret. later on ahead I reached the Tangos as soon as they are breaching from the ceiling which I take them out before they land. I took out the 2 inside the room because they always come out the front door and kill me if I skip them so precaution is a must here. another hall way lots of cover for Tangos but they can't hide forever....against my flash bangs!

the train station is the most difficult part in this game. I have died several times thanks to the shield Tangos, shotgunners and the regular Tangos that were well in cover so rushing through might seem possible but it really isn't simple. I take careful steps and take my time to get accurate shots then move inside the station. once inside I use different tactics which is where incendiary grenades come in handy especially against shielded Tangos. the hall with the escalators is where it is impossible to run through. there are multiple shotgunners hiding where they will kill me once in contact. once its clear I get close to the escalators but go up them since shielded Tangos come down where I must use my team's smoke grenades to take them out quickly without going in to cover. going up is the run killer. not only do you have Tangos from multiple sides there are shielded Tangos waiting for me. if I did run I will definitely get killed in a heart beat. I stay safely on the escalators before taking as many possible for clear way up. even though it looks like a time waster sticking in one position it is the only way to deal with Tangos above me. once the coast is clear then i can send my team to defuse the bomb. while defusing the bomb I climb up the rope and wait for 3 Tangos climbing down and shoot at their butts. then simply wait for the chopper to land.

Theater [0:21:29]

this is an excellent mission where I can literally run and gun since most Tangos are packed together in tight rooms from the early start. the amounts of resets just for this section was painful but worth it. I made great use of both incendiary grenades & flash grenades. a simple tactic of striking first before they get a chance to fire at all.

similarly as before stated I use both incendiary grenades & flash grenades effectively gunning through Tangos. great tactic for tight corridors with less cover for Tangos to hide. after the short cutscene I fasten down the rope where I use different method than running and gunning. hear I send my team since it is packed with Tangos especially turrets are dangerous around corners while I scope from a safe distance. plus there 2 turrets waiting at the end to tear me to shreds which they did many times end my runs. inside the reception area or large room I stun the Tangos twice for a lasting effect enough time for me clear the area. I wish I could stun them and head for the elevator but the stun effect doesn't long enough for me to do that sadly.

This time the level design is wider with many obstacle good for cover. passing through the hallways where comes a hostile defensive position. instead of being halted I through sticking close to the walls avoid sniper & turrets fire. this was very risky I do have to mention since sniper can head shot or 1 shot me but I was very lucky I did get shot and survived. Right at the end you can see shield Tangos get hit by the incendiary flame from behind and yet they live, sometimes this game screws with me ( “o'__'o). Inside is just as before same wide area except no snipers this time. Down the stairs I take my time to secure the area or else get killed. My team could act as a decoy while I run through which I tried but they always aim at the player being me and that didn't work.

Immediately friendly NPCs are in need of rescuing which is a job for me……always. A friend in need is a friend indeed, yet they don't buy me free drinks or anything. Anyways as they get to safety and I get back to normal mode I head upstairs and wait for Tangos to breach in. I send my team down to flush them out and then I head down a bit for a reason. I tried sticking up there but always for some reason a Tango would spawn next to me and kill me instantly so I head down which somehow that avoids triggering the spawn. Next room around the corner is an extremely dangerous Tango so I tried stunning him but that didn't work oddly enough. Afterwards there are 2 shielded Tangos, a turret and some Tangos hiding inside the security room. I take safe route to the right to avoid their fire and flank them. 1 turret and 1 shield down, I climb through the window instead of going through door to avoid being visible to the Tangos inside. As my team starts hacking the computers I prepare myself for an incoming raid. Incendiary grenades did the trick but 1 was a miss when I aiming further away. The theater part was stressful since it is too dangerous to fasten down the rope where waves of Tangos arrive, even my team died few time while fastening down the rope. Also the bomb is will explode if you are too late. After it is clear I order my team defuse the bomb. Next to the storage room there are shielded Tangos guarding each door. I have my team breach the left then I take the right. I send my team to the left and one gets down as expected. This area needs to be cleared as much as possible or else I get shot from behind. Next is another theater but coming from behind, there are hostages here so flash bang to stun 4 Tangos. As soon as I head out off the stage an ambush triggers which I skip saving few minutes but extremely risky. I use flash grenades to avoid any surprise attack from behind or in front that did kill me in several runs. As I exit the theater another small ambush awaits which I skip again only killing 2 Tangos on the way.

Last sub level is short in comparison to previous ones but comes a difficult part at the end. After reking through anyone coming on my way, I head to the roofs and split up. My team will cover the lower roof while I head up and direct them form there. I have to clear the area before the chopper can pick me up. I aim mostly for the turrets which pose a greater threat while my team is busy with other Tangos.

Nevada Desert [0:10:37]

This is the only mission you play without your team and the most difficult mission. Sadly there is hardly any sneaking in this mission since it would make sense. Anyways back to the mission. First off I head down and climb out the window quickly before the Tangos arrives. Basically I avoid the 1st fight running off since they don't chase you. The only 2 problem are the Tango that spawns on my way and the explosive barrel I pass by which Tangos aim for which usually kills me but not always. On the way to the oil refinery there are Tangos walking by carelessly which is good for me since half way using stealth is possible. Whilst going inside I avoid much of the fight but I have kill a few Tangos that would kill me if I passed by them. Inside are littered with Tangos with 1 sniper far up on the tower but instead of fighting them I run through using flash grenades and exploiting the complex architecture as cover. If I had stayed for a bit while Tangos would spawn especially the turret that is ahead would obviously obliterate me but they weren't there thankfully. I blew up the barrel just to be safe. In the train yard I use smoke grenades as cover and a distraction. Inside the boiler room I skip easily since the stairs are near where a single Tango would spawn but not always. In the engine room or boiler room?! Another RNG where most Tangos didn't spawn, you can see me shoot at nothing which is where a Tango usually hides there. Funny the 2 last Tangos thought the other spoke.

The 1st ambush triggers once I turn off the alarm. I hug the wall next to the door but too close or else the explosion kills me. I kill 2 Tangos while they breach in then head out. I intentionally shoot the barrel so it wouldn't explode near me. I throw smoke grenade and flash grenade for safe yet still risky escape avoiding the fight against a horde of Tangos plus the turrets. The next area found a complicated way through avoiding as much firefight as possible. The generator room has sneaky Tangos waiting for me but I was even sneakier where I managed to get 2 from the window above them before going in. inside I stunned which did in several tries killed many times but luckily I survived this time.

The refinery area seems like an easy skip but I tried skipping without firing but always got killed from the left by a shotgunner. In here I exploited the smoke screen for cover to skip almost the entire fight. Inside the hall way is hazardous thanks to the explosive gas tanks which usually gets shot by Tangos eventually I get blown up. At the hangar where comes the shocking reveal that Gabriel was behind everything the whole time.

Estate [0:12:22]

The first part is heavy fire fight and lots of Tangos in the area. I barely use grenades in the garden I found aren't very helpful in this situation. Inside the gym there are Tangos who usually behind penetrable cover which I conveniently shoot through them for an easy kill. Once clear I send my team to cut the power while I head to the door to avoid some few back up Tangos and skip the sub level.

I shoot the unaware bodyguards in suits sucking at their jobs, toss flash grenades for measures sake then head upstairs to avoid Tangos from below and on the balcony. Inside usually there are few Tangos but luckily for me they didn't spawn yet. Doing the normal routine opening door s and making a way through. Smoke grenade at the door to getting seeing which triggers them to react. I shoot the unaware bodyguards especially the one above which can instantly kill if miss him. While going through I was shooting the wall to take down the Tangos hiding behind it but they got killed by something? I'm not sure what killed them so I don't bother to find out anyway. I got lucky here I didn't die to a shotgunner that popped out of nowhere because that never happened before. This game sometimes just gets spawns enemies randomly. I head upstairs, go in and head right to take down a shotgunner which usually shoots me from behind if I ignore him. Unfortunately 2 other bodyguards came at me, again never happened before, but luckily I survived anyhow. A smoke grenade for safe and quick way to deal with the 2 Tangos shield behind the door. I threw a flash grenade to stun 2 dangerous Tangos one equipped with a light machine gun and the other a shotgunner. Inside the office is a door rigged with explosive which I send my team to defuse and you guessed it an ambush. This is very dangerous ambush all thanks to the small office with less flexibility and less cover. I deal with that simply using smoke grenades and using the light machine gun for its large clip. Once it is clear and the bomb is defused it is time for the end game and to kill the traitor that is Gabriel. After the short cutscene, the boss fight consists of a chopper and some Tango reinforcements. Basically this fight has 3 phases in between the chopper shoots missiles where I am force to move away and out of cover; first I must shoot at the chopper, where I use the Type 05 instead of M249 for accuracy, until it gets damaged enough to trigger the 2nd phase. Second is same as before except it is timed so need to shoot at the chopper anymore, I just need survive the waves of Tangos. Last phase again survive the waves of Tangos and wait for the missile to hit the chopper. Then finally the last task to end the mission is to shoot Gabriel only after his long boring nonsense bitching speech. I wish I could have killed him before not just because to save time but also to make him shut up. This character's cause is so retarded and pointless. Anyways that is it for the Rainbow Six.