Metal Slug 2 (ntscus) (vc/psx) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy] [0:18:25]
Run Information
Completion Date May 7, 2014
State Published
Runner Jeremy 'DK28' Doll
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Run Comments

This is my first submission to SDA in quite some time. I've always been around the forums and stuff, but real life has kept me pretty busy. But being back on a more stable routine has allowed me to attend AGDQ '14, one of the most awesome events I've ever attended, start streaming myself and get some SDA worthy runs going. So expect to see me submitting like I used to!

As I always like to do first, Thank You to SDA staff! I've been around for many years and seen the changes that have occurred and this site remains the only place I actively visit and post on. Thank you for keeping this such an awesome place and community to share and post great runs by many runners.

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Metal Slug 2. I've wanted this run for a long time. My original submission was rejected, it was a bummer at the time, but I always understood. I just never got back to it. I have corrected that now. My original run was just over 20 minutes IIRC, so this is a monster improvement. This game holds so much nostalgia for me, I'm happy to be able to submit this again. It's also the glaring omission for the Metal Slug section of SDA's game list.

I'd also like to thank Mr. K for being a big Metal Slug 2 fan, supporting me and being the man who got my stream up and running in the first place. You are the King.

Zallard1. You always stay up late for my stream and bring me good luck. Thank you my friend.

Gildersneeze for also being a fan of the Slug series and always bringing the ruckus to my channel.

Joecoolgames. He made me a nice layout for my stream and another one for Metal Slug X. That run is coming soon.

Also, thank you to all my chat regulars. You guys make it so fun to do these runs. You make this possible.

Bonus points if you've realized I always do the character selection when the timer is on 28.

Mission 1 -

Straight forward. I pick up 2nd Lt Hyakutaro for the extra damage on the tower fight. He is too awesome for words. I bomb the boss in that particular spot as it hits the wing and the body of the plane and registers as double damage.

Mission 2 -

This level really was perfect.

Mission 3 -

The first half went great, it's a lot of lag management with all those beautiful tress flying by in the background. I get a medium death animation for the boat fight. It wasn't the worst, so that's a plus. New plane strat here as I fly over a lot of stuff in the beginning, but I need to come down for the bomb drop. Perfect boss fight.

Mission 4 -

Need to watch my step in the beginning. A lot of bombs get thrown. Curling up next to the bus is very safe. I crouch rocket the boats, but accidentally get fat, probably lost a second overall cause of slow walking. As soon as I get into the tank, it goes great. Flawless A.P. pickup, vehicle tear through and boss fight. Gold!

Mission 5 -

Oh streetside, how many runs have you ended? That first bomb wouldn't move at all! Even after destroying the car hiding him. I need to destroy cars for the two bomb drops. In the subway, I handle the copters well and get a quick skip after destroying the two tanks, so I know I'm ahead. I back up on the trains to negate the soldiers that spawn from above. The underground was awesome too. I always decapitate the last soldier with a cannon round. Boss fight was 99% flawless. It didn't move, but shot a fast speed spark. A slow spark would have let me kill it without any damage. Double Gold!

Mission 6 -

I nail the opening! And the wavy bridge! Allen... He rushed me quick and I accidentally jumped. I spam bombs for a quick kill once spawned, but lost a couple seconds to him. Once inside, it's time to unleash the rage. I will not be denied. Again, I pick up 2nd Lt Hyakutaro. On one player, he is mandatory on the Final Mission. It costs no time to get him and he wrecks house. Just watch the Final Boss for the godliest drop I've ever seen. Triple Gold!

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