Metal Slug 2 (ntscus) (vc/psx) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy] [Co-Op] [0:19:45]
Run Information
Completion Date May 13, 2014
State Published
Runner Jeremy 'DK28' Doll
Runner Christian 'Koopa Kid' Welsh
Tag Co-Op
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This is my first submission to SDA in quite some time. I've always been around the forums and stuff, but real life has kept me pretty busy. But being back on a more stable routine has allowed me to attend AGDQ '14, one of the most awesome events I've ever attended, start streaming myself and get some SDA worthy runs going. So expect to see me submitting like I used to!

As I always like to do first, Thank You to SDA staff! I've been around for many years and seen the changes that have occurred and this site remains the only place I actively visit and post on. Thank you for keeping this such an awesome place and community to share, and post great runs by many runners.

Definitely listen to the audio commentary for extra details! Koopa Kid and I did a Smash Bros Brawl co-op a while back for Boss Battles. He wanted to do another run and asked about the Metal Slug series. I thought about it for 3 seconds and said yes. Now Slug 2 is my favorite, so we started there. More is to come. A couple things about co-op. Slug 2 does have major lag issues, which multiply for 2 player and everything except soldiers get a significant health boost. In case you were wondering why co-op takes longer than solo...

As I always ask Koopa Kid when we start attempts. What Metal Slug is it? TWOOOOO!

Mission 1 -

Pretty self explanatory. Only stop for ammo and bombs, boss is perfect.

Mission 2 -

Once inside, going up the hill, Koopa Kid came up with the jump pattern. It is optimal because it keeps us moving, but avoids getting turned into a mummy. As we start climbing the tower, you'll notice a few places where we stop for a moment. This is necessary as the screen won't scroll up unless we are both on a certain platform, not just being in that area, but flat-footed on that particular platform. Perfectly synchronized on the boss.

Mission 3 -

Really happy with how this came out. This is one of the harder stages to manage lag and there is a lot going on. We got the bad death animation on the last boat, but otherwise was a great stage. We manage our resources perfectly for the boss fight.

Mission 4 -

Plenty of ways to die starting this level. We do everything great through the two boats, but I get fat. That's how we plan though since I end up in the Slug. We rescue the prisoners after the boat as we need the ammo, but we are also hoping for a lucky shotgun drop. It's random though and Koopa Kid gets a Heavy Machine Gun. It saves time as Shotgun is OP, but again, totally random. Koopa Kid does a great job of keeping things moving down the hill as I need to wait for my Armor Piercer shells. The boss goes after me, which is optimal since I'm tanked up.

Mission 5 -

The hardest part for us overall, we call it streetside. We actually nail it. We do stop as we need to get the two bomb drops from the cars. Inside the subway, we basically death abuse. The tank that kills us lets us skip a tank that normally spawns on the left, this saves around 10 seconds. It isn't 100% consistent, but we got it this time. In the final part, I miss a bomb drop which loses a couple seconds on the boss, but still way ahead with the tank skip overall.

Mission 6 -

This opening is one of the hardest parts of the Slug series. The sniper gets Koopa Kid, I jump and knife, but it missed so I get shot. However, I get the next rocket soldier and Koopa Kid keeps the screen moving. My missed jump is because of the input delay that Anthology has, blah. It's always on this part, happens to me in X also. Only lost a couple seconds here. Strap in for the rest of the run. Death abuse for super quick Allen fight. Once inside the compound, it's all about bomb conservation for the boss. Also, 2nd Lt Hyakutaro is priceless. Another Koopa Kid strat was to pick up the shotgun and save it for the final boss as there are three consecutive shotgun drops. I bulldoze the aliens so Koopa Kid can save shotgun for boss time. Strong setup is strong. Aliens never saw us coming.

We never choke on the final boss, except that one time...