Drakan: Order of the Flame (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [0:13:06]
Run Information
Completion Date June 1, 2014
State Published
Runner Patrik 'Pafi' Varjotie
Segments 27
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

Time is ~13:06
27 segments

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Run Comments

Tricks, glitches, etc.:
* Fast jump: You gain some speed for a short period after you land a jump. If you jump during that period, your jump will be faster than normal jump.
* Item duping: You can dupe items that are two spaces wide by moving them to the right edge of your inventory, half inside and half outside. After that you should have another item in your cursor. If you drop a duped item on certain locations (Succubus Lair for example) and you save & load, the dropped item will be "corrupted", meaning you can't interact with it.
* Item boosting: Trying to pick up item while you're jumping straight up or forward launches you backwards. You'll get different speed depending on how far away you are from the item. Angle and your height from ground also have minor effect on the speed. If you hit a wall, slope or corner you'll either stop, die, or get launched to a different direction.
* Blocking: Blocking moves your character a bit backwards. You can get through almost any wall, etc. by spamming block.

Comments for each level:

* Ruined Village: Taking a minor detour to pick up Rusty Chainmail, duping it couple of times. Item boost over the river to Wartok Canyons load trigger.

* Wartok Canyons : Arokh doesn't spawn at the start as we've skipped Arokh's load trigger. Couple item boosts to get further into the Canyons. Going through the cave triggers Arokh, but doesn't load the model (only model load triggers are at Ruined Village and Volcano AFAIK). Because of this, we get to play half of the game without model!
& Grotto : After getting Arokh, there's only a bit of flying in and out of bounds and a bit of clipping through gates and walls.

* Island/Bell Tower: Flying straight to the Bell Tower, clipping through a wall and using block to get to the portal.

* Fortress: Going from portal to portal in almost straight line with item boosts.

* Island (night): The "Super item boost" right at the start. Getting fast enough boost and hitting a specific point in the wall launches you upwards, increases your speed and flips the character upside down. With this we can skip almost all of the level. You could boost straight to the end of the level, but for some reason doing this boost disables your inventory, removes all of your weapons,
removes your ability to interract with most objects and forces free-look camera. All of these things get "fixed" when you go and take a quick swim.

* Succubus Lair: Couple item boosts yet again before the next big skip. About at the middle point of this level, if you boost to a specific point in the wall, you'll clip out of bounds. If you hit edge of the map, the game tries to move you back inbounds, or more like moves you back and forth, keeping your momentum/speed. Turning yourself usually launches you backwards at some point.
Depending on the height and speed of your boost, you'll get launched somewhere back inbounds. Optimal place of course is in the water at the end of the level.

* Volcano: Got the best boss RNG (as expected in segmented run). Hitting a target with projectile attack at the edge of their hitbox can cause multiple hits (usually 5-15 hits), meaning you can one or two shot everything in the game. Couple item boosts and clips again, nothing too interesting. Getting through the ice with blocking to get Runeblade.

* Rift World: Clipping through the door with Arokh to instagib the boss.