Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (ntscus) (n64) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Character: Cornell] [1:14:10]
Run Information
Completion Date May 27, 2014
State Published
Runner Jay 'DeMoNFLiP84' Cabasag
Tag Character: Cornell
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Run Comments

Now this is a run that I am satisfied with. The last time I submitted a run I had a few mistakes and I lost some time from them. To me this run is good but it can still be improved even further! By the way, this run was done live on twitch

I won't go into too much details about each level in this run but I will go over the key points.

Cornell is a "Man-Beast". He can transform into a Warewolf to deal extra damage to his foes. However there are a few drawbacks to using that ability. You can only transform when you have a sufficent amount of jewels to activate it. (I think about 15 Jewels.) Once activated you cannot turn off that ability until all of your remaining jewels has been depleted. (This is obvious why I don't use this ability often.) Also you cannot use your throwing items.

Now that's out of the way the obvious thing you'll notice throughout the run is that I'll be jumping alot because you move faster that way. Also I had this whole run planned out so I'll be picking up gold, jewels, and food as needed.

Foggy Lake - I had an okay boat level and I 1 cycle against the Sea Dragon Boss.

Forest of Silence - I didn't have too much touble getting through.

Castle Wall - The Towers of RNG did slow me down abit because I didn't get the best platform patterns so I had to adjust for them.

Villa - I did alot of backtracking between the Mansion and the Garden Maze. I had take a specific route in order to cut down the time obtaining the items needed to go forward. Also I had to escort Young Henry out of the garden to safety and I got rid of a strong vampire inside a dungeon.

Outer Wall - I did alot of climbing in this level and I took down a this flying boss with ease.

Art Tower - I took some high risk strats in this level to save time however it can still be improved because I had to slow down in some parts.

Tower of Ruins - This is a tough level to improve although I did okay getting through.

Tower of Science - I had a few mishaps in this level. The boss fight in the end was good.

Duel Towers - I thought I did good in the boss fights. This is another level that needs better improvement though.

Tower of Execution - Tough level to get through. I would like to improve this level without having to slow down due to the hazards.

Tower of Sorcery - Too many hazards that can end the run if you go too quickly. Although I thought I did a good job getting through this level in one piece. I can still save alot of time in this level alone. One of the hardest levels to improve.

Room of Clocks - Good Ortega Fight.

Clock Tower - I thought this is one of my best levels I've done out of all the attempts I had trying to improve it. Once again this can be improve better.

Castle Keep - I had a good Count Dracula fight. The Dracula Ultimate fight however I had a few costly mistakes and I had to replenish on health a few times before ending him.

Well that's pretty much it to this run. Personally I thought this run was good but then again this run can still be improved. There is not alot of glitches and shortcuts that I am aware of in this game using Cornell. Expect to see an another improvement sometime soon as I am still finding ways to improve the route. Until then I hope you enjoy watching this speedrun.

Special Thanks to the people of the Speed Demos Archive community for all the help and inspiration for making this run possible.

Bye Bye