Gravity Duck (pc) (flash) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:04:43]
Run Information
Completion Date May 22, 2014
State Published
Runner Tomas 'Guunnz' Gonzalez
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

Well , I been practicing this game for some weeks , and i found a lot of strats and skips that are really useful, because levels are too short, and you can't save so much time, so you can see on level 33 that you can save a lot of time there, the same strat is used on level 11 , 12 and 30.

Awesome game, shame that's too short, but im going for gravity duck 2 and 3! .

Gravity duck on 4:42 :

Verification Thread
Run Comments

Level 01: Perfect ( Kappa )
Level 02: Perfect
Level 03: Perfect
Level 04: Excellent ( 0.1 time loss)
Level 05: Perfect
Level 06: Perfect
Level 07: Excellent ( 0.05 time loss at first jump)
Level 08: Perfect
Level 09: Good , I don't know if there is another faster route
Level 10: Excellent , Maybe 0.1 Time loss
Level 11: Good , I think there is a faster route, but i love that trick!
Level 12: Godly Perfect . saves like 4 seconds
Level 13: Good , maybe 0.2 time loss
Level 14: Good maybe 0.2 time loss too
Level 15: Perfect.
Level 16: Excellent, First "Skip" when falling near the cube is hard to get.
Level 17: Perfect, no much to say
Level 18: Perfect
Level 19: Good, I loss time while changing gravity on the final part
Level 20: Perfect
Level 21: Maybe the worst level , like 0.5 time lost
Level 22: Perfect, awesome skip there at first plant.
Level 23: Perfect
Level 24: Perfect, Yolo strats skip there, saves like 0.5 sec
Level 25: Perfect
Level 26: Perfect , Time saved going down instead of up, is more risky but saves like 0.3
Level 27: Perfect , First rock at the top is useless, You can land on the second one!
Level 28: Perfect , most obvious skip of the game, i think is made on purpose.
Level 29: Perfect , tons of timing there.
Level 30: Godly Perfect , Another spike jump skip , saves like 2 seconds.
Level 31: Quite Perfect , One of the hardest level when you try to go fast!
Level 32: Good, Hardest level when you try to go fast, hard to time, . 0.6 time lost i think.
Level 33: Well, This is the best skip of the game, you skip all the level and you save like 6 seconds, so awesome skip.
Level 34: Perfect
Level 35: Perfect , Tons of timing there.
Level 36: Bad , Hard level , like 0.6 time loss
Level 37: Bad, Hard level , like 0.8 time loss
Level 38: Quite excellent , Hard level!
Level 39: Perfect, Idk if another route exist.
Level 40: Good.