Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [All Items] [0:01:59]
Run Information
Completion Date April 30, 2014
State Published
Runner Christian 'ShadowDraft' Moll
Tag All Items
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Comment State Information Checkpoint None

Run starts at first ingame sound and ends with clocking off coming down to a 1:59.09.

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Run Comments

Welcome to the Viscera Cleanup Detail series. I'll be your guide, ShadowDraft.

For this submission we have the Shadow Warrior spinoff and the category is Cash Only.

There's no difficulty or enemies just collecting the two million dollars tracked by the ingame monitor.

This run is fairly fast paced with less than two minutes runtime.

Run starts off with the menu and loading screen. Timing starts after the screen finishes as you can already move.

I get a decent spawning position and cut every corner closely. The first cash is hidden inside a corpse part which you have to grab to release the money. There's also a few scattered around without being hidden inside another object. I quickly gather up the first 5 locations and proceed towards the next room. I take the box with me as it's easier to collect the money. After collecting two more I grab the briefcase and get the best possible throw into the box. Now I can go into the next room to finish up the two million dollars collection. The first few locations are all handled separately but I put the two cash items into a disposal bin as it saves a considerable amount of time over going back and forth. I get an alright throw over the stairs and I go to collect the last two locations upstairs. After throwing all the cash into the box I can leave for the monitor. Run ends with clocking off.