Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD (pal) (ps3) [Any %] [Segmented] [Stranger's Wrath: All Bounties] [1:41:39]
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Completion Date April 21, 2014
State Published
Runner 'TheOddgamer'
Tag Stranger's Wrath: All Bounties
Segments 7
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Sorry for my double post. The old one was wrong :)

Well its my Speedrun to the Game: Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD.

Unlike the most Speedrunners of this Game, I played it to 100% legit. Means that I havent used any Skip Glitches or Out of Bounds Tricks, hacks, cheats or Mods.
And I am even faster then these people.:)

This Run consists out of 7 segments. recorded from my Playstation 3 System.

Thx for reading my Submission and I hope i am allowed to send you my Run :) ~ Odd.

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Yes Guys, that's My Masterpiece! A 100%, 7 segmented Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD Speedrun!

First off all: Not like the most OW:SW Speedrunners I play to 100% legit. Means, that I don't use any out of bounds or world skipping Tricks! Cuz that's simply unfair.

Since I was 5, the Oddworld Games was a part of me. I played every part (1-4) to 100% trough, found Glitches, tricks and more. I know everything about Oddworld. But than I considered to make the Stranger's Wrath Speedrun. It should be the top of my Oddworld Gaming History.

I studied everything of the whole game, to perform the perfect Run.

So, here are some facts about my Run :

- Speedrun done: 22/04/2014
- 7 Segments
- died: 1 time (at the 2 tazer tanks in the dam)
- recorded on PS3

Segment Info, Tips and problems:

- Segment 1: Gizzard Gulch
>Attempts: 1
>Tip: - - - - -
>Problems: - - - - -

- Segment 2: Buzzarton
>Attempts: 1
>Tip: Ignore the Money of Farmer Beaks
>Problems: - - - - -

- Segment 3: Mongo Valley + D. Caste Raider
>Attempts: 2
>Tip: Directly try to Bounty FattyMcBoomBoom. So, you don't need to fight his Gang anymore
>Problems: I had problems with the way to McGee. I lost too much time in first attempt

- Segment 4: Grubb Village + Wolvark Docks + Last Legs
>Attempts: 1
>Tip: Don't Catch any Wolvark. Just run!
>Problems: - - - - -

- Segment 5: The Dam 1/2
>Attempts: 4
>Tip: Kill all Wolvarks at the Dam Gate, because they will try to Close it again!
>Problems: I allways lost too much time to kill the Wolvarks in front of the Dam.

- Segment 6: The Dam 2/2
>Attempts: 2
>Tip: You can Skip the Gloktigi. Saves much time
>Problems: I died at the 2 Tazer Tanks. Wanted to make it fast, but totally forget about my health :D

- Segment 7: Sektos Boss Fight
>Attempts: 5
>Tip: Get enough Ammo before fight. Punch the Gloktigis while Teleporting. So you force them to stay here and you can shoot them better
>Problems: Had so many Attempts, because I wanted to make the perfect timing in the Boss fight :)

Yes, that's all I think and I hope you enjoyed my Run! C ya Chumps! :D