Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (ntscus) (n64) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy] [0:55:08]
Run Information
Completion Date March 22, 2014
State Published
Runner Forrest 'Natas Joplin' Hinton
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Run Comments

First of all I would like to give shoutouts to the CLgamers for supporting me through all the rage filled runs I endured upon trying to complete this game as well as getting to the point I am. Not to mention Panda in particular taught me how to jump after I fall :p Also shoutouts to Mmobossman for his TAS of Turok which taught me quite a few tricks along the way. This is my first run to be submitted to SDA and hopefully more to come.

Level One-

  • Strafing by far proves to be the optimal way of movement throughout the game.
  • Hitting the switch before obtaining the first key saves about 8-10 seconds.
  • Gliding up the wall to the second key sheds off about 3-4 seconds.
  • I missed the highjump leading up to the pur-lin, but not too much to worry.
  • Jumping to the last pillar and killing the soilder on the direct right reduces time tremdendously.
  • In the cave leading up to the last key, there's a small window to skip jumping up all the pillars which sheds off a few seconds.

Level Three-

  • Like many other runs, I skip Level Two first for the sheer fact of ammo conservation and a chance to enter with tek armor.
  • Leading up to the higher portion of the level, there's a set of stairs that are able to be hooked on to in the corner which allow for "wall climbing", the first of three I do throughout the run.
  • I visit the stave station without saving for an unofficial check point. Doing this allows me to take a death after obtaining the second key without taking on two pur-lins which saves roughly a minute.
  • After the death and re-entering the portal, I jump around the tower in order to get to the switch more efficiently than the intended route.
  • On the way up to the last save station, there is a chance for another "wall climb" but the chances of succeeding are very slim so I opt out.
  • Jumping over multiple pillars optimally leading to the Longhunter allows for 10 jumps rather than 17.
    • Boss Battle- Jeeps and Longhunter
    • All the jeeps do is circle you so take advantage
    • The Longhunter can be a pain to target, so I tried distance attacks as well as close-ranged.

Level Two-

  • When swimming towards the first key, I strafe to maintain the speed.
  • After obtaining the first key, it is time to perform two "wall climbs" back to back @.@ however executing the climbs saves about a good minute.
  • KNOW YOUR CAVE ROUTES, otherwise they can be rather troublesome.
  • Jumping in water-covered grounds is faster than just strafing through them.

Level 4-

  • Instead of going towards the first key, I head towards the Level 8 key first to avoid backtracking.
  • After obtaining the first key, I take an intentional death to save a rough 20-25 seconds.
  • Everything else is self-explanatory, although I still have yet to figure out a one trip strat for bringing down the force field after hitting the switch.

Level 5-

  • Probably one of the easier levels in my opinion, except the dreaded ledges DX.
  • I pick up the grenade launcher early in the level for the Mantis battle along with three 10 point life forces for later death strat.
  • After getting to know the game a bit better, I realized that knifing the High Priests throughout the game is more effective than using ammunition.
  • At the section where there are heinous mazes to travel through and much much agony followed, I make a falling jump to reach the main switch to raise the pillars. Overall that saves about ten minutes, I kid you not.
  • Up until the last key, I continue to snag up life forces for Level 6.
  • Climbing up to the last key is the MOST ANNOYING THING EVER! Quite possibly the glitchiest portion in the game.
    • Boss Battle- Mantis
    • Rather simple, just use the grenade launcher and whatever other ammunition you may have until its dead

Level 6-

  • Oh boy, monotonous bridges and evil dart warriors. Lets begin.
  • I grab the grenade ammo since I am out by the end of the Mantis battle and decide to make some leaps of faith, seriously....
  • After reaching the check point leading up to the first key, I venture on to the key only to take another intentional death (number three), this really does save you the trouble of coming back normally.
  • Bridge jumping is very risky..... You might vanish through it to your death.
  • I visit the first save station just as a check point marker in order to execute the Easy Way Out strat, or a shotgun launch up to the end of the level. This never wants to work when I do runs, but luck was on my side (:
  • So at that point I just transverse the level collecting the last two keys and at that point take my last intentional death, about a good three minutes saved if all goes well.

Level 7-

  • Demons, demons, demons, that's all I have to say.
  • Nothing out of the ordinary until the Triceratops, just watch out for flying aliens @>@.
  • I skip battling the Triceratops for one simple reason, ammunition depletion.
  • Be careful and watch out for falling rocks, they have ruined many of my runs.
  • I go ahead and grab the Pulse Canon to avoid any troubles in getting it in Level 8.
  • To quote Marshmallow, "Pillars of DOOM!" Yes I take my time after finally memorizing the patterns, just don't fall.
  • After the first key, I pretty much just go through the level normally while watching out for cute vicious dinosaurs along the way.
  • At the exit, do watch out for what I call....

Level 8-

  • ROBOT RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, robots do not under any circumstances take pity on Turok at this point in the game,
  • There's honestly not too much to comment on throughout this stage except for always avoid Cyborg Sergeants. They are meanies >.<
  • Whenever I run into the two Pur-Lins, you only need to kill one of them to gain access to the next area.
  • Other than that, I just grab any ammunition I can get and make my way to the most precious T-Rex I've ever seen.
    • Thunder-
    • He may seem difficult, but just circle him and unleash every last ounce of ammo you have on him, Pulse Cannon first people!
    • Ring around the Rosey.
  • The Campaigner-
  • After Thunder you stock back up on every weapon along with a Tex Armor, unfortunately no energy powered weapon or grenades harm him.
  • Shotgun shells (explosive preferably), minigun, and tek arrows are your best friend.
  • Watch out for his sky attacks and blazing inferno, otherwise you might be having a fried Turok with a side of despair )=
  • TAKE HIM DOWN!!!!!

So that's my walkthrough of Turok (= thanks to SDA for