Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter (pc) (pc) [100 %] [Segmented]
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Completion Date March 10, 2014
State Rejected
Segments 12
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12 Segments

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I am Jimmieblack and this is my 100% Speedrun of Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter played in Serious difficulty.

Some words before people are wondering. In a few levels it is not possible to get a full killcount since Croteam forgot
to set/activate some triggers. However I do get the highest possible killcount as it is now. In the far future Croteam
announced an update to fix these spawntriggers and by that time I will probably attempt another run.

The times are directly taken from the end of level scoreboards. That means cutscenes count towards the time, summoning
Netricsa does not.

The run was done in 12 segments which are the autosaves created when beating a level. I did not save manually ever as the
scoreboards prove showing 0 saves. Because the demo feature is pretty broken and buggy I had to record with Fraps while playing.
Another reason against demos is that it automatically stops recording at cutscenes which is troublesome in a lot of ways and
unfortunately it is impossible to deactivate cutscenes entirely.

Heres one value I changed via console to get a better vision on enemys in some places:

sha_fShadowDarkness=0 (default = 2) - Fullbright lightning everywhere.

Also used the hide weapon option because weapons in this game are so huge they really interfere with the maximum vision one
can have.

General tricks:

Water crouch boost: Crouch across any surface in the water which isnt sloped upwards to gain maximum velocity.
Tip strafing: Mash left and right strafe fast to gain a constant minimum of speed.
Jumping: Gain speed by jumping up and down slopes.
Enemy boosts:
A) Accelerate by letting an enemy tackle you and jump in the right moment. Applys to Sirian Werebulls and Kleers.
B) Let an enemy punch you and jump in the right moment to accelerate your jump. A good second jump can maintain momentum.
Applys to Zumb Uls and Highlander.
Setting enemys on fire: In some hallways/rooms its pretty benefical to use the Flamethrower and only damage enemys to a certain
amount of health and just leave while letting them burn to death.

Overall statistic:
Time: 02:58:55 / 10:40:00
Secrets: 149/149
Kills: 6200/6241
Saves: 0

Palenque - Sierra de Chiappas

00:00-00:15 Using the water crouch boost to reach the secret rocket launcher a few seconds faster.

To get the Tommygun and both bullet packs I need to damage specific trees 9 times. The keyword here is damage and not destroy.
A tree can take up to 4 explosions before it breaks. However a Bull tackle or cutting it down with a chainsaw only counts as
damaged 1 time even though it destroys it. After hitting a tree with an explosion theres a phase of about 5 seconds for it to
cool down and register the next hit.

2:22 Killing Croteam prevents from getting stuck down in the secret.

2:43 Good place to check how much progress I got on the tommygun secrets in order to spawn everything before I arrive there.

4:20 Taking the Sniper spawns the Arachnoid but also 6 Harpys which come in with delay. Since we dont want that I just rocket jump
in and start the fight in there. Once I am done with the fight the Harpys will be perfectly in sight to be shot.

Credits to Foozer for this one who came up with the idea and tested it.

5:44 Stun the Kleer to enter quicker. The shards spawn enemys in the other room.

6:10 Picking up the shard obviously spawns the Cucurbito.

6:24 Since the secret is registered by just stepping in I dont bother to solve the puzzle and get the Item.

6:48 Shard > Kleer. Not messing up the jump on the slope obviously helps to not lose time here.

6:58-7:27 Getting the Armor activates the fight. Rockets here kill fastest and it went very well.

7:45-8:03 Charging forward as much as I thought was possible. In retrospective sacrificing some more HP I could have done this

8:15-8:34 Shard > Kleer. Not jumping down to take the secret rocket launcher yet. I would spawn above and had to jump back so I
jump down at the bridge which does save some time.

8:41 A precise rocket from here opens up the secret cave. I can fight the waves better without worrying about when and how I
will open it up.

9:10 Water crouch boost to speed up the dive while moving down.

Note: Theoretically there is about 30 seconds to save here by doing 3 extremely precise rocket jumps also found by Foozer to get
to the secret Heart quicker. I would just touch the secret cave entrance to make it register the secret and then rocket jump up
and collect the Heart.
However.. I actually couldnt find any consistency at all doing this and it came down to a success of 1 in 20 which was way too
risky to sacrifice a decent run at this point. Also needs to have 150hp to do it

9:50 I dont drop right at the Heart because there is a touchfield about under the bridge.

10:05-10:55 Killing all the enemys and drop into the water right when theyre finished off. Some unintentional fish boost and a
water crouch boost helps speeding this up.

Time: 00:10:51 / 00:40:00
Secrets: 15 / 15
Kills: 187 / 187
Saves: 0

Palenque - Valley of the Jaguar

0:00 This whole part unfortunately is limited to lucky 41 seconds because its impossible to get a sooner go of the jump pad.

1:00 Also this part is pretty limited since I cannot do the jump ramp skip because of a touchfield at the very first one.

2:05 Jumping right when I hit the jump pad gives a vertical boost to reach the secret. Not missing a shot obviously saves time.

2:19 The rock where the invulnerability is placed on clips through the wall here. I dont pick it up because it would run out right
when I would need it anyway.

The whole outside part I tried more or less to go in straight lines as much as possible while killing as many enemys as I can which
forces me to leave a lot of kleers, mechs and bulls up. Going to the right temple first actually is slower even though its closer.
Also it is a lot riskier to rush the stairs and leaves too many enemys up in the valley.

4:02 Destroying all statues reveals a teleport which lets me skip the first go of the spike room. Only in HD version.

4:10 This room is a bit tricky to get all kills in since taking the Jaguar too soon deactivates enemys. I have to
kill the last 2 Kamikaze before taking the item in order to get all enemys spawning.

5:53 Going for the secret now gives me just about enough time to snipe the biggest threats in the valley.

9:05 Ignoring SD because theres more Kleers in the 2nd go through this room. The Cucurbitos can be easily taken out
with grenades. Could have rushed it a little bit more but it was pretty decently done.

12:48 If you wondered before why I didnt just use the serious bomb to clear the valley after the first temple its because its a
lot more benefical in terms of saving time to do it here. Even though its less comfortable to do I could pretty much rush all the
places without using the bomb. Here the first set of enemys will always be dropping down and start patroling the valley after
they dont get in sight for a certain amount of time. I basically dont want to search for any enemy once I am done with fighting
up above which is most likely not going to happen. Anyway I can decrease the number of enemys down in the valley which I did.

13:30 Also the harpys are pretty tricky to get since they tend to just ignore and circle the valley and are incredibly hard to
spot. However standing right there for a bit gives me a good chance of them noticing me and making them easy targets.

14:10 Usually its marsh hoppers that fell down but luckily this time it was just 1 kleer which was pretty easy to spot in the end.
That whole last part went pretty well overall.

Time: 00:14:23 / 01:00:00
Secrets: 9 / 9
Kills: 332 / 332
Saves: 0

City of Gods

0:03 Touchfield right there spawning a few rockateers in the middle.

0:25 Everything in here went insanely well as I shot the last marsh hopper right as the door closes and never stopped moving.

4:19 Dont ask me how that missed because I have no idea. Didnt cost time so whatever.

5:43 Geez that was close.

The best way to do this fast is activating everything as soon as possible by going ahead and cross some touchfields and just
nuke the place up. It takes way too long to shot every single stonehead and then waste a lot of canonballs on the mechs while
sniped by mini arachnoids and reptiloids. Also the fish in the last pools come in with a lot of delay after crossing the last

6:54 Weird hitboxes ftw. Rockets tend to not hit this guy either..

7:28 Now this place is fun. The best way to do it is to get as close as possible to the action and just spam canonballs. The
bulls respawn directly on death and killing a certain amount of them activates the kleerspawns. The blue mechs actually help a lot
with friendly fire. It only gets dangerous as soon as the bulls spawn in.

I got unlucky having 1 bull stuck usually I would have killed the last kleer from back where he was and saved some walking time.

10:15 Between the houses are touchfields I have to cross in order to spawn all enemys. Same with the 50 armor.

11:15 The secret teleport registers by finding it, not stepping in so I dont bother going in as theres only 1 pack of rockets
to be found.

11:23 Not missing the pickup saves time obviously.

11:36 The kleers in this fight respawn on death and since they tend to line up so well canon is the fastest to deal with this.

12:42 For everyone trying to get all kills in this level but never could this room probably is the reason why. Theres actually a
touchfield in the lava along the path the platform moves. Killing the mechs before crossing this touchfield will deactivate
a lava golem and 3 more mechs. Since I dont want to wait for this platform I just jump in the lava and rocket jump out immediately.
So yes this was actually not a stupid move as it might have looked like one. Because lava HURTS with serious difficulty its very
important to have a good stack going this point otherwise I have to go off path for some hp and armor.

13:13 That last platform is a troll platform and it will sink into the lava once stepped on it. Since its a VERY close rocket jump
coming up and I cant take lava damage in order to survive I rocket jump right on the edge of this platform to rocket jump again.

13:50 Very terrible room 'nuff said.

Time: 00:15:10 / 01:10:00
Secrets: 16 / 16
Kills: 616 / 616
Saves: 0

Serpent Yards

1:00 Trying to do all the sidequests while enemys spawn which I did. Kleers like to get stuck at walls here which can get annoying.

1:43 unlucky with the corpse blocking the kleer.

2:50 Pretty good par up to this point. Nothing much to explain except I know when to continue (or if I missed enemys) by the score
being over 182000.

2:54 Activating the touchfield before going for the zorg behind the house to have the fight finished sooner. Also there will be
some extremely delayed harpy that I want to spawn as early as possible.

4:41 Thats the one. Have yet to figure out how to keep proceeding into the map without missing her.

4:59 UNFORTUNATELY caught by a teleporter. Fortunately caught by another one that gave ma a good spot again. If I hadn't jumped
off the mask platform that wouldn't have happened.

5:30 Highlanders best to quickly kill by canon spam. The red backpack allows me to kinda not care about wasting canons at this
point. I want the 2nd Highlander alive with 1 fully charged canonball to kill him in order to get the boost from him and then
quickly take him out which worked out perfectly.

6:45 This place is a little bit tricky to just rush. If I entered the temples earlier I might have left up too many kleers that
most likely get lost patroling to the entrance or behind houses. Still another improvable part of this run.

8:30 Spamming canons in order to kill the mech quickly. His death triggers the ground over the exit to break. Sloppy cutscene

Time: 00:08:40 / 00:45:00
Secrets: 12 / 12
Kills: 209 / 209
Saves: 0

The Pit

0:07 Getting the 50hp on the ground of the pool spawns everything in the room.

0:45 Killing them right on their spawnpoints in order to proceed faster.

1:17-2:20 Nothing special to do in this room. All the spawns are based on a timer. The best I can do is to go right through the
door while I kill the last kleer which I did.

2:45 This rooms spawns are based on timers that start counting once a monster dies so killing as fast as possible on spawn lets
me proceed faster.

3:58 By going forward first and then back to collect the health I activate a next set of spawns that I otherwise would have to
wait for since you can run faster upwards then the cucurbitos spawn.

4:16 Still have to wait but not as much.

4:55 I'm pretty confused here since the Zumb Ul seems to be randomly taken out by a bounced off canon. Cool but unintentional.

5:10 This room again is almost purely monsters spawning on a timer so all I can do here is trying to not take unecessary damage
and be near the door when I kill the last enemys.

7:27 Not jumping against this wall probably saves time. You do lose control over your jump after a certain height though which
makes it pretty hard to dodge the platform and make it up.

8:00 Here I can cut a serious amount of time since all the blue mechs respawn on death and the door opening triggers by most of
them being dead. So my overall strategy here was to rocket jump up to get the SD early and get the rocket festival out of the way
and utilize the SD then to quickly mow down a lot of blue mechs. I miss some annoying shots here on red mechs but it was overall
a good result.

9:45 Now this bossfight is pretty tricky to get all kills. You could be tricked into thinking you already got all kills but if you
frequently check Netricsa during the killcount just changes upwards all the time. So its possible to have 610/610 which is NOT
100% kills since 616 is the highest killcount possible.

How this fight works is basically when you damage the boss and he reaches a threshold of HP another wave starts spawning in
additionally to whats already activated. The basic wave of zorgs and kamikaze are extremely delayed though and you will see the
very last monster being killed is in fact a kamikaze which I even had to wait for. So the basic strategy in here is to line up
especially zorgs with the boss and spam canons at him in order to reach the HP threshold quicker WHILE killing the zorgs
etc to make them respawn quicker and end their wave quicker.

Another thing about this fight is that 1 door is bugged and won't open. This is why I haven't used any serious bomb yet. I get
exactly 4 serious bombs and theres exactly 4 bulls and 4 mech spawns in this door that respawn on death. So I have to wait until
I see the blue mechs coming out of the opposite door to launch the first bomb and then its all about timing when to best use the
bombs to not worry about troubling spawns.

Time: 00:12:44 / 00:40:00
Secrets: 11 / 11
Kills: 616 / 616
Saves: 0


First off my least favorite map to run. Its full of "strategical" behaviour enemys which basically means they just run everywhere
trying to confuse you by randomly strafing left and right. Even possible for them to get caught in an infinite left and right
strafing on one spot not moving anywhere so yea its quite terrible.

1:03 Skipping the switch.

1:30 Pretty lucky the mechs rocket hit the harpy otherwise it would've been lost and caused to restart.

For the rest of this place just trying to reduce peacetime to a minimum.

3:08 Now here I have to kill the first 2 kleers on spawn to prevent them from getting stuck or lost. The last one is perfectly in
sight when I return from the secret.

3:48 Taking the double barrel shotgun opens the 1st door starting the fight. The SD spawns by killing 1 kleer that spawned from
the 2nd door. Take the SD and play barbecue everywhere in order to leave quickly. Went overall okay but I did better before.
I missed quite a few shots.

5:03 Another run killer for obvious reasons.

5:17 I have to admit I still havent completely figured out how the whole enemy spawning works in this area. What I THINK happens
is entering causes a wide range of enemys to spawn from a timer. Putting down each item also does the same. However after putting
down both items there would still be enemys spawning for a long time which I want to skip so I will just leave there after killing
an okay amount. I do not want to kill the bulls because as long as they don't see me they will circle the area and crush enemys for
me so by the time I come back I only have to search for maybe 50% of what really spawned there.

9:26 I go to the left yard first because it allows me to shot a platform with a secret powerup from distance saving 4-5 seconds
of waiting time.

9:50 Yea its pretty bad to have missed that 2 shots already. Their strategical behaviour makes it insanely hard to dodge and this
might aswell have been a death sentence but it wasnt.

10:22 Beware of dropping trollscorpions.

11:03 Here is another huge chance of dying. Every single monster here uses the strategical movement causing them to get stuck on
the wall and troll the crap out of me when I stick my head out. Also tree hitboxes are trolly making this even worse. With
11:35 on the clock it turned out to be an okay par though.

12:09 Here we go again another extremely tough situation with all the kleers just randomly running everywhere making it hard to
dodge and stay alive. With reptiloids around the corner I found this impossible to be rushed so I took them all on one after one.
In terms of damage taken I actually got extremely lucky though I have a small idea of how to dodge those particular Kleers.

13:18 Heres the powerup I shot from the distance. Now I can just grab it without waiting for the rocket to hit the platform and for
it to drop down. It also allows me to rush all the way back. I have to wait for the SD to run out though because otherwise that
rocket jump would have taken 200hp which would leave me dead.

14:39 in order to leave this place I need 412 kills so at this point I am looking for 7 enemys while I have a small idea of where
they might be and I was right.

15:36 Yea I go for the ultra cheap way to do this. To my defense its extremely tough to do it the hardcore way and might not even
be a second faster.

16:39 Thanks to Croteam not letting me turn off Netricsa from the use botton and make it a seperate shortcut this is what I get.
Very sorry for that.

16:55 Taking the HP/armor starts the fight. The main triggers to activate more/new waves are all the beheaded guys from the middle
platform and the rockateers from the bottom right and top left platform. I try to focus on them as much as I can while trying to
survive the shitstorm of everything they throw at me. Maybe not perfectly done but pretty decent I guess.

Time: 00:18:17 / 01:00:00
Secrets: 11 / 11
Kills: 543 / 543
Saves: 0

Elephant Atrium

The first level with an enemy that is impossible to be triggered.

0:05 Double rocket jump to the secret heart saves about 30 seconds.

0:09 Touchfield to activate a Kleer and a Kamikaze.

0:56 I go towards this temple first to cross 2 touchfields. The idea behind this is that I don't want to have peacetime while I go
for the Tommygun. It also allows me to rush this temple later when I come back from the secret area which overall saves a load of

2:19 I stay near this position for quite some time to make the Kleers that passed by already notice me. Rushing right away does not
benefit in any way. The first set of Kleers is spawned by a timer until the first spawner is cleared then they start respawning on
death. Once they do that I can go to blow up the pyramid without enemys getting lost.

I also don't really have to watch my canon ammo since I get a full restock.

265000-266000 is the score I should have not missing anyone in this secret.

4:25 Taking the backpack spawns the Scorpion and 2 Kleers.

5:37 Killing all Kleers in the air does not only save time its also a secret.

7:16 Now this is a spawn that wasn't well thought out by Croteam. Usually this Reptiloid would spawn on the pyramid that contained
the Canon ammo and the Serious Speed powerup. Since this was blown up before this guy just seems to stand in nowhere for no
appearent reason.

7:42 I leave everything that spawns there up because taking the golden item spawns a lot more tough guys in bad places right there.
So my plan is to just rush through there and launch a Serious Bomb letting me just completely rush this place. Saves a huge amount
of time.

8:04 Stun the Harpys with a rocket in order to not get punched while I'm going in. I also launch the bomb fairly late because going
through that door spawns some more enemys that I want to have mostly into the bomb explosion.

8:45 I could have gone in a few seconds earlier wasnt too bad though.

8:55 The serious bomb also reaches down here which spares me an annoying ambush.

9:10 The jumppad is right on the opposite site of where I stand so it just went perfect. The rotation is perfect for me to just
drop down from the edge in order to get the secret armor.

9:37 Little movement errors. Damnit.

9:41 Shooting a rocket there makes the Kleer come out which I don't have to worry about because Gnaars make a perfect meatshield.

9:53 Geez that was close. Yea that guy can literally push you into the abyss.

9:59 Walk towards the Reptiloid first makes the Kleers and the Zumb Ul spawn simultaniesly. I try to rush upstairs quickly to shot
the left overs from there.

11:08 Killing the Kleers from there obviously is the best spot in order to leave quickly after getting all 16.

Time: 00:11:38 / 00:45:00
Secrets: 13 / 13
Kills: 394 / 395
Saves: 0

Courtyards of Gilgamesh

0:19 Beware of rockets clipping through this bridge. If you stand right in the middle rockets will just clip through and screw up
the rocket jump. Positioning left I got the most consistent results of rockets hitting. Taking the golden item right now saves
about 20 seconds because I can skip some peacetime and also spare a walk when I come back.

0:50 Using water crouch boost as much as possible to swim faster.

1:55 Unfortunately missing a punch from the Highlander. However I can't use it combined with a jump so it would have only been a 3
second walk it would have saved.

3:12 Waiting a little bit for the Gnaars because they tend to get stuck in places I don't want them to be if I leave them up.

3:20 Going back until the 2nd Cucurbito notices me because I don't want to have him alive when I return.

3:26 Destroying the statue prevents from getting stuck there later.

3:32 Killing everything on spawn as much as possible in order to get the waves done quickly.

3:57 Double rocket jump gives the perfect height if you're not wearing too much armor to escape the trap quickly.

4:27 I might aswell rocket jump up to the health however it saves only 3 seconds and the way I want to collect the secret armor
later leaves me in a terrible spot for damage so I decided it was not worth it. Potential time saver though. Also using only
grenades because the Canon ammo has to be managed well for later parts.

5:22 This whole fight is all about knowing good positions to kill everything quickly since the floor breaks by killing a certain
amount of enemys from each wave.

7:00 Killing all the Kleers quickly to open up the exit and leave here.

8:58 Some grenade fails but they in fact do not cost any time since I have to wait for the Kleers to stop spawning to proceed

11:39 Just in case picking a 2nd backpack should leave me with enough ammo for everything to survive.

11:55 Rushing towards the enemys activates the 2nd wave which is a lot of Kleers. Risky stuff but a huge time saver to combine even
the largest waves of enemys. Trying to stand my ground as long as possible with grenades and once I get overwhelmed just start
spamming Canons.

12:30 Rushing already at this point is EXTREMELY risky but it really paid off. The Mechs will spawn inside the middle building once
I am close to approach the exit and I wanted them to be there as soon as possible.

12:50 Beware of flying robots!

13:15 Another very risky approach of this fight but the only way to save time. I'm not gonna lie I actually missed the touchfield
for the 3rd wave by an inch but comparing the times I needed to do this whole last fight the way I accidentally did it this run
actually saved about 20 seconds. Perfecting this way could even lead to a few more seconds of time saved since what I do here was
pretty much executed on the fly after I backed away again.

The reason for that is having 3 of this ginormous waves spawning I will be pushed back extremely hard and cant push forward so
early again which results in a massive walk I have to take once I killed all. Fighting only 2 waves at once seems pretty
comfortable with Serious Damage and lets me activate the 3rd wave while the last bits are still spawning.

Anyway long story short everything went better then expected. Utilizing the Serious Speed perfectly to be near the exit once I
finished all off and I can't say this fight could have gone a lot better. But slightly.

Time: 00:16:58 / 01:00:00
Secrets: 12 / 12
Kills: 747 / 747
Saves: 0

Tower of Babel

The 2nd map with bugged spawns. Stunning 21 triggers were set incorrectly.

0:16 Perfect position to snipe everything before crossing the touchfield that activates the Kamikaze spawn. Obviously they would
interfere with me sniping the Arachnoids so I stay back until theres only 1 left. The Kamikaze respawn exactly 7 times on death
with a timer before the Mech comes down so its key to have all the Kleers dead before that happens. The Kleers on the left like
to get stuck however this is only a minor concern since I can focus aswell on the Kleers on the right which I did.

After the Mech comes down theres still 3 Kamikaze left over dropping. Since I kill the last one right before I take the secret
this was done almost perfectly. There might be a way to combine this further but when I tried to do that I got them to get lost

1:30 Jumping on the platform activates the Arachnoids.

1:57 The way I position myself right on edge of the elevator makes the Kleer down there notice me immediately trying to get my
causing him to run under it and being squished which allows me to focus on the Gnaarheads right away who can be extremely

2:25 Shot a Canonball crouched helps a lot to hit these small guys. Also one of the last 2 running right into a Canonball is not
a coincidence it looks a lot more random than it actually is.

2:32 Shoting the Zumb Ul with a Canon right when I walk over the armor also gives me a fair chance of an Arachnoid spawning right
into the remaining ball which it did.

3:13 The faster option would be to use minigun here ofcourse. The way those Gnaarheads come out their spawnpoint though makes it
somewhat inconsistent to get them before they hug me and they can get extremely annoying if they do that. Very minor timeloss.

3:44 Since I know my score should be atleast 239000 I start charging through at this point doing pretty well in terms of not
being pushed back by tackle again.

3:55 This whole fight is all about remembering spawns and get a feeling for when the last Marsh Hopper wave should have spawned.

4:58 I have to walk over the bridge in order to spawn the demons and some Mechs.

5:15 Some could argue I could have just charged through those Bulls to be faster at the next touchfield. However theres
deactivating touchfields that would stop them from spawning and leave me with missing kills so I prefer to stay a little bit
longer right there. Also managing to get a pretty nice Bull boost out of that.

5:35 The positions I take are quite important to line up shots and feel comfortable about the whole situation since I can get
closed in pretty badly if I executed wrong.

6:12 A tiny bit sloppy on the exit I might aswell have left that rockateer up and kill them once I come back.

7:25 Luckily I managed to kill everything in time. Even if I didnt I would have taken the exit right there since I do come back
and can kill left over enemys then.

7:30 This place is tricky. I do want to leave as soon as possible here since I do come back and theres just a batalion of
rockateers spawning but at the same time I dont want to leave too many up since they can be very hard to see when they get lost.

8:45 Pretty simple concept here. Taking Serious Damage trying to bulldoze through everything as much as possible because the
Cucurbitos respawn immediately on death. Another thing I want to happen is to keep the SD for the 2 ambushing Kleers in the
connecting room.

9:35 Missing this Kamikaze completely confused me about how to do this now my routine for this room was usually different. Wasn't
too bad in the end though.

9:45 Extremely unnecessary miss. This map is quite hard though and everything went extremely well to this point so
I hope I am forgiven for losing my nerves there a little bit.

10:11 This guy is extremely frustrating. You will notice some of those tiny Marsh Hoppers will follow me into the connecting room
and basically as far as killing all of them is concerned I have to just hope for the best. Nothing much that can guarantee me
100% kills of them even though what I do is somewhat consistent.

10:29 Can't charge because of known reasons.

11:07 Taking the Serious Damage now allows me to completely charge the next room and kill the Witch Bride in the following room
extremely quick. I might aswell have ignored the heart and could have saved another second.

11:40 Now I can kill left over Rockateers. Having the Witch Bride down that quick helps with that. The rest of the spawns is
timing based so I can make sure theres no Rockateer lost in any corner and still be at the door in time.

12:30 More important powerups I left up to make this ambush a joke. Everything respawns on death immediately so it comes down to
Canon spam. Also its more benefical to take the Serious Speed at this point because theres no enemys interfering me.

13:20 With the powerups given this room also isn't very tough. Minigun>anything

13:54 Here I can get those Marsh Hoppers that escaped my rockets before.

14:15 Little trick to be faster at the secret

15:00 I'm technically just abusing this Boss's dead spot. Chainsaw also is just as fast to
kill as Minigun would be. The really fastest way to get him down would be Grenades though. However I would be extremely
vulnerable to his Bugs he would spam nonstop and the chance of dying is quite given. Also gotta get extremely close to spam
fast enough which gives the possibility for a projectile of his catching a Grenade right in front of my face which HURTS.

Anyway I can't hide under the Larva forever since its Laser attack will hit me in that spot.

Basically speaking the fastest ways to kill him: Grenades > Minigun=Laser=Chainsaw > Rockets > Canon.

Yes the Canon actually doesn't deal much damage to it. For some reason it is pretty resistant to that.

Time: 00:16:58 / 00:50:00
Secrets: 12 / 12
Kills: 675 / 696
Saves: 0

The Citadel

0:01 Extremely annoying place to do fast. In this run I was lucky for the Zumb Ul on the left to come out so early they tend to
get stuck back where they spawn most of the time.

0:33 Targeting the other Kleer first because its respawn is all the way in the back.

2:36 Ignoring everyone behind me because of me being terrible at blind moving.

3:00 That whole graveyard fight went insanely well. Basic idea was clear out one spawner and then play barbecue everywhere while
getting the secret. Not a single shot missed thats how it should be.

3:35 I even keep the SD for the Mech which isn't necessarily a must but very comfortable.

4:05 Touchfields between a few houses I have to walk over before I can go to get the Rocket Launcher. With the weapons I have the
Mechs close range are a bit troublesome.

4:30 Running over all ammo boxes on the left and right side back here starts Kamikaze and Mech spawns left and right but also
triggers a timer to activate the jump surprise secret.

5:03 Touchfield right here aswell on the other side. I try to combine them with the starting fight in here to not have to worry
about them later. Obviously saves time.

5:40 Picking Serious Damage late to keep it all the way for the Bulls and have some of it left for the next room. Unfortunately
I run over the second Serious Damage too soon by accident but it lasted just long enough.

5:46 Another fight that went insanely well. Note even vs Bulls with Serious Damage the Single Barrel Shotgun is pure win. Kills
them in one hit upclose.

6:24 Unfortunately having to wait for this Mech.

7:33 Flamethrower is actually the most consistent to kill these guys fairly quick. Rockets would be faster but the way they come
down once they notice me makes it hard to hit. Also they notice me immediately.

7:49 Kleers respawn immediately on death one time so 2 rockets at each one to clear this room.

7:56 Now maybe you are wondering how is it possible that I do this level in under 15 minutes since one of the secrets opens up
at exactly 15 minutes. Well here it is. 10-11 rockets destroy this door. Its the picking up of the items in this secret that
triggers it. The note at 15 minutes that the midnight secret opened up is just a note and doesn't do anything.

In terms of how the fight went I guess I should have charged earlier.

9:00 This is an extremely awkward fight to do. I also got unlucky with Mech corpses blocking the others. I didn't really do this
one as good as possible as you can clearly see I am from time to time lost in who to target.

10:13 This bridge won't come down for long so a double rocket jump helps.

11:25 This fight again is timing based so things will keep spawning in. I can take care of making this place comfortable to fight

11:24 Yea I was very scared of this Mech and made sure he went down before I pulled the switch. He ended quite a few runs when I
didn't give him any respect.

12:49 Jumping right at the edge to not really jump into this in order to not be completely raped by everything awaiting me.

12:55 Shot the barrel for the last secret.

Time: 00:13:05 / 00:40:00
Secrets: 17 / 17
Kills: 400 / 400
Saves: 0

Land of the damned

Another map with bugged spawns. 400 is the maximum killcount.

0:02 Preamptive rockets at the Zumb Ul. The biggest concern in this whole part is to not miss any Zorg's since theres a lot of
them and they have bad patroling patterns for a speedrun. Luckily the last Mech here spawns pretty late so I have enough time
to get everything before leaving.

1:15 What I wanna do for the first part of this fight is to clear out the Mechs as soon as possible without letting any of the
smaller enemys get past me. Once I finished of the Mechs I am simply leaving the rest behind to rush the town area.

2:43 What the Santa spawns is completely random and can vary through a range of HP and armor items but also powerups. Him spawning
2 Invulnerabilitys and 1 Serious Damage is actually pretty optimal since all 3 of these powerups benefit me hugely.

2:54 The Arachnoid and Demons spawning means I can go back to the huge fight again. There is some reasons why I want to spawn
everything in this town part meanwhile. The biggest of it is the Zorgs. Theres a lot of them and their patroling patterns are
bad to get them all quickly if I wanted to charge this part thats why I mostly target them. I leave the Bull behind for a little
boost obviously and once I get this I launch the Serious Bomb. Me launching it that "late" also has another reason. In the fight I
left behind the Kamikaze meanwhile stopped spawning since they stop respawning if there is too many of them running around. The
total number of them is huge so with that I kind of optimize the time I have to keep killing them once I get back there.

Another reason why I do the whole town part meanwhile is that going there spawns a Demon far in the back so however I HAD to come
back there at some point.

4:48 Launching a Serious Bomb also ruins the whole score counting thing since whatever it kills does not count towards my score.
That way I can't entirely be sure when the Kamikaze stop spawning so I wait a few seconds to proceed again.

5:22 And this is why the 2 powerups I left behind were so important to have.

6:10 A little bit sloppy on the killing of these guys unfortunately.

6:55 Once the 2 Demons are dead I can charge. They are quite dangerous because their projectiles can push me off the little bridge.

7:12 Big movement error. Cost like 5 seconds atleast.

7:35 Again I am quite scared to get the Canon secret while theres still many enemys left because even without any projectile or
Kleer trying to tackle me I can fall off there.

8:10 Missing all the rockets leaves me very uncomfortable there. I still manage to net fall off and kill everything in time.

8:23 Again I am fairly hesistant to go for the platform. Not only do little Lava Golem melee attacks HURT they would also push me
into the lava because their knock back is really strong.

10:29 This run almost went to hell at this point. Luckily I somehow managed to not fall of. Quite a fatal mistake I did there.

12:25 This fight is quite terrible in terms of aiming. Its still pretty doable and with me killing the last Mech from the exit it
was done decent at all.

Time: 00:14:31 / 00:50:00
Secrets: 14 / 14
Kills: 400 / 404
Saves: 0

The Grand Cathedral

This level is as shitty to run as its epic. I don't really see where to cut much more time without being extremely risky. What I
do for the corridor of death segment already is pretty risky. Also this map has some bugged spawns in it. Its also the only level
I don't know myself or know anyone who could tell me which spawns these exactly are. Also there is no fix killcount to reach since
the monsters Mordekai summons do count towards it so I could technically reach an infinite amount with infinite ammo.

Anyway it isn't very likely to miss anything except for some Zorg's in the beginning that can get stuck.

Turned the music volume up a bit for public enjoyment.

0:50 I ignore everything behind me to this point because what I want to utilize the 2 Serious Damage as much as possible. Going
just around the corner spawns 3 major waves. Obviously the more waves spawn simultaniesly the faster I can be done with the
corridor segment.

1:52 Once I get this I have to charge again until I reach a secret teleport.

3:05 The little Cucurbitos are basically spawned by walking over the gras everywhere. +22000 at the score means I got them all.

4:32 Time to spawn 3 major waves again. Since theres no Serious Damage for me to get I utilize my first Serious Bomb once I crossed
all the touchfields and have to back away.

7:49 All the ammo backpacks I left up now come in handy.

8:05 2nd Serious Bomb to make sure I can get the Serious Speed now and charge forward again.

9:29 With Serious Damage and Invulnerability I can just charge through this part.

9:52 All I got to do here is being near the door as soon as Reptiloids spawn.

11:47 This part should be pretty self explaining. Its mostly just surviving and making sure there is a Serious Damage and a
Serious Speed for me to grab once everything is dead.

24:00 Grabbing Serious Speed first to get the maximum out of the Serious Damage to get Mordekai down as much as possible. I still
have to wait for 1 secret to activate before killing him.

Time: 00:25:40 / 01:20:00
Secrets: 7 / 7
Kills: 1081 / 1096
Saves: 0

Time: 02:58:55 / 10:40:00
Secrets: 149/149
Kills: 6200/6241

I know this run is far from perfect. For the most part every level could have been done about 10-15 seconds faster atleast. Still
I feel like this is a good example to begin with and hopefully it catches the interest of more people to run this game with 100%.

For any questions about the run or Serious Sam HD feel free to contact me
@ Steam
@ IRC #ssdq "Jimmieblack"