Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (ntscus) (n64) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Character: Cornell] [1:22:32]
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Completion Date March 12, 2014
State Obsolete
Tag Character: Cornell
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Cornell's Main Storyline. This is a deathless run.

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Run Comments

This was the toughest speedrun I've done yet! I've been running this game on and off for the past 2 months! Although there are no large skips that I know of were found for Cornell in this game. I find this game challenging and rewarding after doing the speedrun deathless. Lots of my runs ended in very difficult levels playing through but hey, at least I did it!


My Speedrun Rules:

No deaths or continues!

Playing as Cornell (Obviously)


Cornell Details:

Cornell can transform into a man-beast (or werewolf). The plus side is that it doubles the damage output when attacking. The drawback is that you cannot change back into human form on command until all of your remaining Jewels have been depleted. Also you cannot use your Sub-Weapon while being in that form unfortunately.


More Details:

I will be jumping a lot throughout the run since it makes you go faster and also I will be picking up miscellaneous gold and food mostly along the way just in case I need it. The axe personally is the best sub-weapon in the game when it's at weapon level 3.


Short Level Details:

Foggy Lake

I lost some time trying to jump across the sail to get a Deck Key when I ran into a ghost. The bottom deck section went ok and I picked up some jewels and a power up before escaping the sinking ship. The boss battle didn't go as planned as I failed trying to jump over its hand when it grabbed me. I lost some time but I managed to get the quick kill on the boss before it goes into the water.


Forest of Silence

I travelled through the area activating switches to open up a new path and fighting through 2 Big Skeleton Battles before reaching the castle.


Castle Wall

The left and right towers each open depending on the time of day in game. I have to go through the right tower twice before going to the left tower to open the main gate. In each tower I enter I'm up against interesting RNG in the forms of enemies and platforms doing different patterns and such.



I fought against a few dogs before heading towards the mansion. I solved a puzzle in the front yard of the mansion before heading inside for later because I will be doing some backtracking to the Maze Garden and inside the mansion trying to cut down some time. After saving Henry in the garden I went to get my Copper Key from Mary. Also I purchased some sun and moon cards from the merchant because I will need them for later. I head back into the garden for one last time into the dungeons where Gilles De Rais waits.


Outer Walls

Climbing some obstacles through the level and fighting a Harpie Boss in the end of it.


Art Tower

This is a tough level to get through without dying. This is where the sun and moon cards are most needed for this stage. I tried to cut down some time in the tower sections by "risking it all" through walking up a narrow platform and suicidal jumps down. The worst section of all is walking on a rope from high above while dodging the chandeliers. Instant death if you fall from there.


Tower of Ruins

This is a puzzle stage. The first section there is multiple doors where you have to find 3 pressure plates each opening up a new area. The second section you will need to find the pressure plates to form a bridge to the next section while getting through tricky platforms and falling rocks from above. The third section known as the six pillars you will need to climb on the correct pillar to get through. Climbing on the wrong pillar and you will fall to your death.


Tower of Science

The first section was tough to get through while carefully avoiding any types of hazards that is in my way. The second section known as the seven doors each area contains a few sentries. Door VI needs a Control Key to open which you will find in Door V. Door V is a tough area to get through for the key while dodging a room full of sentries while being high up. Behind Door VI is a boss area where you need to destroy the giant crystal heavily guarded with sentries. The sentries needed to be taken out first to remove the shield protecting the giant crystal.


Duel Towers

This is a boss rush level. Hardest part of this stage is getting through some tough obstacles. The Werewolf ability is intended for this stage for the harder bosses but the ability does not turn off when you arrive at the next level. I thought I might need the jewels for later.


Tower of Execution

A brutal level of obstacles you need to get through.


Tower of Sorcery

Here's another brutal level of obstacles. Lots of RNG involved getting through this stage. This is where I took some time getting through.


Room of Clocks

Cornell has to fight his rival, Ortega. This is a tough boss fight. Whenever I get hit by his special effect my controls are reversed and it was very awkward trying to continue fighting him. This battle took a little longer than necessary.


Clock Tower

Here is a tough stage involving lots of climbing and jumping while finding some keys. I made a few errors trying to get through the level quickly and unfortunately lost some time here.


Castle Keep

The final walk to Count Dracula's Room

Count Dracula – I made some mistakes in this fight.

Dracula Ultimate – This is one of my worst fights. I had real bad luck trying to fight him and I got hurt way more than necessary. Transforming into the Werewolf in this fight was a bad choice because I was getting thrashed and didn't use its ability quite effectively. This fight shouldn't have taken that long.


The End – Post Run

This is one of my better runs I've done. Obviously there are a lot of improvements that needs to be done in some areas. I am not aware or find any sort of shortcuts or skips to get through the run faster during the time I was running this game. I will definitely try this run again to improve my time but that will take some time to get the run that I'm looking for.

My Special Thanks to SDA and the community for all of their support and inspiration which got me into speedrunning today. I'm looking forward to doing some more runs in the future.

Thank you all for watching this run!