King of the Monsters 2 (ntscus) (snes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Normal] [Character: Cyber Woo] [0:20:01]
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Completion Date March 5, 2014
State Published
Runner Jay 'DeMoNFLiP84' Cabasag
Tag Character: Cyber Woo
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Cyber Woo is the monster of choice! The Woocopter Ability deals alot of damage compared to the other monsters thus making Cyber Woo overpowered in the SNES Version.

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Run Comments

Cyber Woo is the best monster to speed run in this game! Cyber Woo's Woocopter ability does the most damage out of the other monsters in the game. In comparison to the NEO GEO version, the duration of the Woocopter ability last longer and does an insane amount of damage in the SNES version. There is a few key strats when doing a speed run with Cyber Woo.

1.) Doing knock downs during the boss fights is key to winning battles quickly. It buys you some time to charge up your power meter and then unleashing the Woocopter ability on the boss to hurt them. Only downside to this ability is that Cyber Woo can get stun easily in the battle.

2.) Also trying to avoid the bosses from engaging grappling battles. Grappling with them takes some time away and it's totally RNG on who wins the grapple battle so it's not worth confronting them. On a side note, Harder bosses have a higher chance of winning those grapple battles.

3.) Jumping on top of Life& Powerup drops cancels out the "celebration" animation upon picking them up.

Now with that said let's get on with the details of this run. Most of these levels are short and going through a few waves of enemies before battling the boss of the level.

Battle 1: America City - Huge Frogger is a very aggressive boss. He likes to teleport and jumps around. Occasionally he tries to sneak in an attack to take you down. He was soon put away.

Battle 2: French City – Eifflelyte is another aggressive boss. He tried to put up a fight but he was soon put away as well.

Battle 3: Grand Canyon – Crawhead is a tough boss. He tries to keep his distance away from me but to no avail.

Battle 4: Dessert – Beetle Master actually put up a fight here. But even that didn't stop me. Not even the tiny brain insect.

Battle 5: Sea Bed – Sack Eyes is a tough boss. His attacks are kind of unpredictable. He had me mashing buttons but I managed to get through it.

Battle 6: Lava Zone – Lavicus is a very tough and aggressive boss. He likes to fight back. I had to try to keep him down for most of the battle while using the Woocopter to defeat him.

Battle 7: Hide-Out – Here you have to go through and fight all of the previous bosses again before confronting Famardy in this final stage. Lavicus actually gave me a hard time during that boss rush. Famardy cannot be grappled which is fine with me. His size alone is enough to hurt and trample any monsters that are in his way. When he's finally taken down he will break up into tiny pieces that you will then have to eliminate all of them before time runs out. Cyber Woo finally was able to escape the destruction and making Cyber Woo the King of ALL Monsters!

THE END? (However there is no more sequels after this game sadly.) Thanks for watching!