Vampire Killer (ntscj) (MSX2) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:17:44]
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Completion Date Feb. 24, 2014
State Obsolete
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This is a speedrun for Vampire Killer on the japanese MSX2 with a record of 17:44

the timer start once the first stage loadout and it stop after beating dracula and the screen goes completely dark.

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Vampire Killer (MSX2) SS 17:44

Vampire Killer is the MSX2 version of the NES Castlevania, it was released after 2 weeks of the NES one. there is a lot of differences between the two versions.

- Unlike the linear style of the NES version, The MSX version has more exploration were you need to find the white key in order to progress to the next area of the stage.
- every stage consist of three areas, you need to find a white key to progress to the next one.
- There are other weapons on this game besides the whip, this include the knives, the Axe and the cross.
- There are only two sub weapons in this version, the Holy water and the Stop watch, they are both important.
- There are few equipments which you can collect throughout the game, some of them give you special stat like moving faster or jumping higher.
- All the items and weapons you got throughout the stage won't carry over to the next one, the only thing that carry's over is your hearts>
- You can freeze all the bosses on the game including Dracula with the stop watch and we are gonna use it on a glitch that will help us a lot.

So in this run I'm using a glitch called the Stop Watch glitch, and the way to trigger it is by using the stop watch after beating the boss at the end of the stage when the red orb show up DON'T pick it up, instead just wait and the stage will end by itself, before the transition to the next stage, use the stop watch. if done correctly you will freeze all the enemies and bosses throughout the game and they won't move until you use the stop watch again or die. why I'm using this cheap glitch? it's much much faster to do it this way, beside unlike the nes version the holy water won't stun lock the bosses here, the RNG for
some of the enemies and bosses like the mummy and Frankenstein are ridiculous.

So what is our objective on this run?
use the stop watch at the end of stage 2 after the medusa fight and Collect as many hearts as possible so we can buy the Knives weapon on stage 6 which cost 30 hearts with the white book and use the remaining hearts for the stop watch against Dracula

Stage 1:
nothing special, there is two tricky jumps, the first one is at the end of the first area with dog, you have to position yourself perfectly so you can crouch
and avoid him easily, the second on is by the fishmen, your jump need to precise so you can damage boost to the lower platform and get the white key.

Boss: The Bat
nothing special, hit him as fast as possible.

Stage 2:
the hardest stage on this run, you need to pick up a yellow key to get the stop watch from the blue box, which were gonna need it later for the glitch
there is a lot of tricky jumps on this stage including a pixel perfect one by the crushing spikes in the third area.

Boss: Medusa
use the stop watch when the medusa spawn in to freeze her, then start attacking her till she dies.

the Glitch: after you defeat Medusa, do not pick up the red orb, instead wait till the stage end by itself, when the music stop, immediately us the stop watch
before the screen go black, if you did correctly you should start the next stage with all the enemies frozen in their place.

Stage 3:
with the stop watch glitch, there is almost nothing to worry about, just pick up the hearts and equipments throughout the area.
when you reach the end of the stage pick up the holy water.

Boss: The Mummies
Use the holy water and we are done.

Stage 4:
just keep going through out the stage, pick up the holy water on the way.

Boss: Frankenstein
A glitched Frankenstein? burn it, burn it with holy water

Stage 5:
same as before, you can't jump over those axe armors, they have a huge hit box and the cause a lot of damage, so it's better to kill them fast.
pick up more hearts along the way.

Boss: Grim Reaper
beat the crap out of him with your whip.

Stage 6:
when you enter the second area, pick up the white book from the candle, this will increase the value of your hearts, pick you the shield which increase
your defense and pick up the stop watch because if you don't you will end up soft locking the game when you reach Dracula.
when you reach the third area buy the knives from the merchant with 30 hearts, keep going through out the stage, till you reach Dracula

Boss: Dracula
First form : use the stop watch to make Dracula so you can fight him, and keep using it freeze him and deal a lot of damage to him.
Second form: go to the top and start throwing your knives with the use of the stop watch, you should beat him easily.

I always wanted to do a speedrun for this game and I finally did it after I got myself an MSX2 computer. this run is perfect except for one minor mistake
on stage 6.

I would like to thank the SDA Crew, the verifiers and everyone who supported me and helped me to make this run possible