Oniken (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]
Run Information
Completion Date Feb. 17, 2014
State Cancelled
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

Estimate time : 19:35

I started the timer when i press start on the mission list and ended the timer on the last boss hit (when he start to blow up).

There is a small change on the last boss in a hot fix (they did not changed the version number) that remove unlimited grenade on the last boss (do not change lot of thing since the boss only take 6-8 grenade and you get about 23)

Posted in tech support as a quality test. Nate said the quality looked good as for the game play the closest time i found was 24:44 whit some death. So this is a Sub-20 Deathless run whit minor mistake.

I did not include Mission 7 in the run since that mission is whit another totally different character and is considered a extra mission (unlocked after you beat the game Mission 1-6 once)

If you want to contact me via e-mail my e-mail is Pcayou@gmail.com. I also lurk a lot in Puwexil twitch chat so you can contact me there too if I am not AFK.

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